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  • @emeraldcity1214 Did you use a lot? I've never used the applicator - we just use a little like you would with regular lube. Maybe see if he hates it less if you just use like a pea/dime sized amount?
  • @emeraldcity1214 What does he not like about it? 
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  • @emeraldcity1214 tell him you went back to old lube he probably won’t know the difference 
  • @ruby696 I used half a tube with the applicator. I could ask him if he wants to try it like regular lube.

    @Spartanrd4 he says it feel too "different." Whatever that means. We have always just used regular KY so I'm not sure how it could be much different. 

    @Mack2342 he is the one that always applies the lube so it isn't something I could keep from him. I usually keep him in the dark about all my TTC stuff but I didn't want him applying our regular lube with the preseed. 

    He normally doesn't even know when my FW is open, that's how much I keep him in the dark. It's more enjoyable for him that way. He gets too anxious if he knows I'm ovulating. 

  • Mack2342  LMFAO... I love that you're recommending she lie to DH.  I also love that you're right because men probably wouldn't know any better if you didn't mention anything.  Bwahahaha....

    emeraldcity1214 TMI, but did you get teh applicator to stick it directly up your hoo-ha?  Cause uh, you could just be like "Baby, I'm REALLY wet tonight... :wink: " Also, could ask him to just put a drop or so on his member, JUST enough to make it more slick to stick inside... cause if you put the rest up IN you, he would prolly never know.
  • @dpchickens my DH has no clue when it comes to this.  I can tell anything and he believes me about TTC lol.  Even after I educate him, he still will ask same questions the next month 
  • @dpchickens he has basically decided we won't use anything now. Since he isnt planning to use extra lube I could try to get it past him. The only reason I told him in the first place is because he usually applies the lube so I didn't want too much. I also didn't want him mingling the KY with the preseed. 
  • TW* (child mentioned) I teach Stroller Strides and use a BOB stroller for class. Today my husband saw a double bob on our neighborhood FB and got it for us bc it was a good deal and he’s convinced we will need it. I thought it was really sweet and didn’t even think about our nosey neighbors at the time. Now they are asking if we have anything we want to tell them  :| Ugh 
  • @char245 Seriously! That is so unbelievably out of line. Do they have cameras pointing at your house watching your every move? How did they even see the stroller? 
  • @char245 First, I think that's super sweet of YH to do - it wouldn't even occur to many guys. Second, your neighbors are nosy and rude.😠
  • @emeraldcity1214 haha no they saw he bought it on the FB yard sale site. 
  • @char245 that is rude.  I hate when people ask things like that 
  • @char245 That is super cute of yh to do. I’d tell the neighbors to go stuff it. So rude.
  • @char245 Really cute that your husband did that.  Ehh...  about your neighbors.  In general, people should know not to pry about these things.  
  • OK, I know it's been a while since there have been discussions about how even though we're going through TTCAL and MC and all that, we're still expected to be happy and get over it, especially at work.  DH sent me this fake commercial today and I wanted to share it.  The end is the best (the "Warnings") and clearly I'm ineligible for this 'medicine' because I have the history they say. :shrug:  LOL
  • @dpchickens I'm pretty sure I'm ineligible as well. 😂
  • @dpchickens yeah I’m pretty sure I’m ineligible lol
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