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  • Has anyone used the stork conception aid?  I’m considering getting it for next month. 
  • No but I put softcups in after all our FW sessions. Just keeps things all up close and personal with my cervix 🤷‍♀️
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  • @prpl11butterfly I’ve not used anything like that but I think we need to.  It seems like everything just runs out lol.  
  • Same. Even after laying down for 10min, gravity. I try to slip it in as hes pulling out (sorry, tmi?). Then I don't get up at all until like midnight when I have to pee.
  • @Mack2342 Never heard of it, but going to Google it now! Maybe not on my work computer....
  • @bakerstreetboys not on work computer lol and @prpl11butterfly nothing is TMI on this board.  I lay with my legs up for what seems like an eternity lol.  I mean I’ve been pregnant 4 times so I know it works but lately it seems like all of it where before I felt like it was just some.  I figure it can’t hurt.  
  • @Mack2342 I definitely agree we are past the TMI issue over here. I mean, the first cycle where I just went to sleep instead of going pee I got a BFP. I shot for that again this cycle. Naturally I'm trying to do everything basically the same because clearly that will make this cycle succesful too right?
  • Crap I always get up to pee bc I’m afraid of a UTI!! Sounds like it’s just fine though... maybe I need to try this next time. 
  • @obsessedwithoranges I wait ten minutes then get up and clean up. I don't pee, but I also don't want to be a sloppy mess while I sleep (sorry). I figure that gives the good swimmers enough time to get where they need to be and cleans out enough of the extra to help avoid UTI's, which I'm prone to.
  • I know what you mean @prpl11butterfly I try and repeat what I did When I got pregnant naturally.  Only one cycle did I get pregnant with IUIs.  At this point I’m desperate since I don’t think we will try much longer.  
  • @obsessedwithoranges I have always, for almost 16 years, gotten up to pee after sex for fear of UTI. Absolutely every time. But that 1 cycle, I said nope. I'll risk it for this. And I was fine 🤷‍♀️
  • @prpl11butterfly haha same!! I will need to try this next time... 

    @ruby696 yup I wait about 5-10 min, but I’m wondering now if I could go longer and would that be beneficial... 
  • And honestly, the softcups keep the mess contained. There tends to be a little but not bad. I put a liner on before hand so when we are done, I just slip on my undies. I do have to take a baby wipe to my hands (after putting the cup in) but that's easy enough.
  • I have to pee after sex or a will get a UTI. I found that out the hard way on my honeymoon. I usually wait about 15 minutes before I get up. 

  • I usually lay with my feet up for about 15-20 minutes and then I put a hand towel under me between my legs to "catch" everything and then go to sleep. I've never gotten a UTI- I also use preseed and have been successful with that in getting the swimmers where they need to be.
  • I’m the same. I lie with my legs up and a pillow under my butt for 15 and then get up to pee otherwise it’s UTI time. 
  • I swear I feel like I have been waiting for my test results forever now. How long does it take to do a microarray? 
  • Who has read It Starts With The Egg?  What are your feelings?  Have you implemented things from the book into your own life.  
  • @kerco925 I have read the book and changed a few things.  Like the plastic, we went from using plastic storage to glass containers.  I couldn’t do everything in there.  I changed things that were simple to change.  I also added supplemental vitamins.  Not sure if those were from that book or another as I have read several different books. 
  • @kerco925 I am actually waiting to get it in the mail. Was it a good read? 
  • I haven’t read the book but I hear good things about it, maybe I should have...Along the lines of what @mack2342 said, I think people take away things that work for their lifestyle.
  • kerco925kerco925 member
    edited February 2019
    I think it's a good read.  I am pretty cynical, but the book is research based and really interesting.  Since I am turning 39 next month and chances are my egg quality isnt at it's peak, I have implemented some stuff.  I also ditched the plastic containers for glass.  I take supplements, especially ubiquinol. I figure it couldnt hurt.   
  • @kerco925 I've read it and implemented quite a few things. The hardest has been not touching receipts. 
  • @ruby696 Yes!  Receipts are seriously the hardest part.  I try to tell people I dont need the receipt at times.  But it's inevitable.  I just try to wash my hands after. 
  • @kerco925 I literally grabbed the target receipt this morning after my earlier post. I'm in CA and plastic bags are really frowned up, so it's even harder to get out of touching it when there's no bag for the cashier to put it in. I'm sure quite a few cashiers have thought I have issues. 😂
  • Someone please enlighten me on the whole receipt thing. 
  • I’m not sure about the receipt thing.  I don’t remember reading about it.  I remember the book basically saying everything we do, eat, use can impact fertility.  
  • Yeah, receipt paper has BPA.  A lot of cashiers have high exposure to BPA because of it.  I do think if you wash your hands, it shouldnt be a problem. 
  • I had to heard about the receipt thing but after reading this I had the cashier at the grocery store put the receipt directly in the bag so I didn’t have to touch it lol.
  • Well I just read the entire it starts with the egg book today. I’ll be implementing all of that lol. Not touching the receipt should be interesting.
  • @kbrown2385 it's a hard habit to break, for sure. And awkward when they hold it out to you and you ask them to put it in the bag instead.😂
  • @ruby696 I have noticed some places ask if you want it emailed imstead if printed. I’ll have to start doing that. 
  • Maybe I need to read this book. It must be a quick and easy read. 
  • Has anyone used preseed? I bought some so that when we DTD on days before my husband works a few nights the state of my CM isn't that big of a deal. So if I'm transitioning to fertile CM it acts like peak CM and helps the sperm survive and swim. 

    My question is, how much do I need to use at one time? I have heard a little goes a long way. 
  • @emeraldcity1214 I think they recommend a full applicator. For me, that is way too much. The most I’ve used is half an applicatorful, but I usually need to use a little lube everytime we hio. 
  • @emeraldcity1214 I use full applicator.  
  • @emerald1214 I use it, I usually use half to a full applicator because I don't always have the best EWCM and we need lube anyways normally so might as well be a sperm friendly one. 
  • Thanks ladies. I have a few days to get the amount right before he starts night shifts again. I told him I bought some new lube and he was so confused. 😂 
  • Well, DH hates the pressed. So I guess we aren't going to be using that anymore. 
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