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The foods/drinks/activities I miss most right now are....


Re: The foods/drinks/activities I miss most right now are....

  • @expectinginseattle Do y'all have Potbelly? They run all the sandwiches through the oven, and you can get them to do it twice if you're worried the first round isn't enough. I think all the other places who use the oven are gross (Quizno's, Jersey Mike's, etc.), but I love Potbelly.
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  • I miss alcohol. Lol. Like to the point I see pictures on FB/IG/etc. of drinks whose components I wouldn't even like and my mouth starts watering. Please note, I was NOT a heavy drinker before getting KU (2-4 drinks a week, and often less than that), I'm pretty sure it's just the forbidden fruit thing.
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  • I miss alchohol a LOT. I typically drink a glass or two of wine almost every night to wind down. I don't drink a lot at once, but do drink very often. I personally don't think a glass of wine every once in a while would hurt the baby, but I respect DH's wishes by completely abstaining during pregnancy. I know my sweet little squish will be so worth it, but right now it's killing me lol.
  • @shawnacrest Well I hope your husband is completely abstaining too, then! It's only fair!
    I agree a small glass here and there is harmless. I'm waiting until 3rd tri when everything is basically formed already. Honestly I've felt so sick I don't even want any wine right now.
  • @shawnacrest I have been (almost) completely abstaining too. I've had a sip of DH's here and there, but nothing more than that. Oddly, just the sip is torture and enough to satisfy me at the same time. It's torture because I remember how much I love it (I too have a drink or 2 almost every night when not KU), but it's also like after the sip, I'm good for a while!
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    @greeneyedgirl12 We do, I will have to try that!   B) 
  • @cindler Same! I'm not a beer drinker and that's mostly what DH drinks, so I'll usually have a baby sip if he's having one of the ones I like and that's enough-ish, considering it's not what I drink, but damn I miss the stuff I used to drink. I'm debating pulling it out of the main fridge so I don't have to look at it every damn day.

    @expectinginseattle YAY. I'd even say the one time they normally run it through it gets plenty warm enough enough, plus the bread gets overcrispy on the second time. DH brought it home the other day, about a 20 min drive, and you could still tell it had been warmed, despite the drive and having cold veggies/condiments put on it.
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  • We usually drink wine with dinner at our house. My first pregnancy I really really missed wine and felt hugely bitter that I was missing out (esp. over the holidays). This time I feel completely indifferent to alcohol and am not even craving it. I did have one or two sips when my DH insisted I taste a particularly good (or bad) bottle he was drinking. Last pregnancy I had to get all of the wine out of the main fridge so it didn't tempt me. I think each pregnancy is different in terms of moods/tastes/likes/dislikes. I never thought I would go months without caring for a glass of vino. 
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