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The foods/drinks/activities I miss most right now are....


Re: The foods/drinks/activities I miss most right now are....

  • @Bear14+ thank you!!!! Yay! Small victory
  • DH finally agreed to let me have sushi and poke of our midwives allow it. Now onto convincing the midwives.. 
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  • hakelehakele
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    @julybaybay oh my gosh. That is all my feelings. I’m having. Not fun time. I said last night, “im glad we don’t want more than one because I don’t want to do this again.”  
    My hubs is an angel. I have my fingers crossed that we improve soon. That everyone says it gets better at second tri. Just two more weeks and hopefully! FX. 

  • @hakele it helps so much to have other people that get it. I am hoping for the same relief for all of us very soon. Yesterday and today have felt like an improvement and allowed me to eat healthier and cook a few things for the rest of the week. Hoping that helps me turn a corner, but I am not getting my hopes up. Next dr. appt is this Friday. Hang in there girl! We got this!
  • Margaritas!!!!! I’m traveling in Austin right now and there are so many new things I want to try, and I imagine they make a mean margarita down here.....o well. 
  • .... I more week of Pelvic Rest...
  • @scp2585 haha I know exactly the place you're talking about! their Mexican corn is freaking bomb and you're totally right, the outdoor grilled food at V sattui is to die for! I also miss wine in general :(
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  • Still missing wine. . .  :'(
  • I really want to take a week off and paint some of the interior of my house. I actually LIKE painting, I just don't have the time and now that I'm pregnant, well... I may do it anyway. If I take off a good week, and break it up by doing other things like organizing while the paint dries, it wouldn't be too bad, right?
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  • @foodislove - I think they sell paint that is supposed to be safe. You'd probably be fine if you used that, opened windows, and ran a fan?

    I miss alcohol today.... I had a rough day at work. 
  • @foodislove get low voc paint and keep the house well ventilated and you should be good to go! 

  • @xtinecatherine I hear you! We went out with friends this week and everyone had such delicious looking drinks! I almost cried into my boring ass water.

    Which leads me to a question... if we can't have much caffeine, do you ladies have any suggestions for non-water drinks to have at a restaurant/bar? I know 7 up/Sprite is ok, I just wish I could find something else. It feels a little less sad when I've got something other than water in front of me.
  • @cindler we have some cool
    hipster bars here with amazing NA cocktails. I don’t drink anyways, so I love going to those. 
    Punch Bowl Social is a chain that started here. 
    The above is a few of my favorites. But if a place can make a Pimms Cup, they can usually do a lot. I usually ask the bartender at nicer bars if they will make me something fun that is NA. They come up with really cool things! 

  • If the punch bowl is the same as it is here in Indianapolis it’s so cool! Arcade games, private karaoke rooms, bowling alley, pool and ping pong tables etc. 
  • @hakele where is that? If I remember correctly, you're in Denver. We go there frequently and that seems like a cool place to check out, especially if it's like what @bartonolivia described!

    Once the news becomes totally public, I will totally ask the bartender to make me something NA! I do that with alcoholic drinks, but never thought to do it NA. Thanks!!
  • Ask for a mocktail, if you're at a nicer bar. Another one that's slightly more fun than Sprite if you're at a place with a less-stocked bar is fruit juice and soda...
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  • @bartonolivia yes, it’s the same place. The original is here in Denver. 
    @cindler hit me up if you want to hang when you come. They have one down on B’way and one out at the old ATC tower at Stapleton. The food is also SOOOO GOOD. 
  • @greeneyedgirl12 I love a lime and soda with mint if it is a more simple place. If they don’t have any mint, I will see if they have pineapple juice and I’ll get that with soda! I don’t really drink regular sodas because I hate the sweetness. They are all so over sweet. 
    If any of you have had spindrift, it is proof that we don’t need these super sugary sodas In our lives! 
  • @hakele Also try Q Grapefruit, if you like things as tart as lime juice and soda! I can get it at Target here, so I'd imagine it's national.

    There's a restaurant here where I used to get their drink that was Q grapefruit and alcohol and IIRC had a sugared rim, but now I get it with a tiny shot of grenadine, because my tolerance for sour is decent, but not real grapefruit straight decent...
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  • I have a killer cold and headache- wishing I could take Motrin 
  • I’m traveling and the hotel has an awesome hot tub. I miss being able to submerge and relax in those.
  • I had my wedding reception party party on Saturday. I really, really missed drinking my white peach sangria!!!
  • Thank you for all the NA drink ideas! Next time we go to a bar, I won't be the boring person drinking just water!
  • Anywhere that makes a good margarita can make you one without the tequila, and it'll still taste really good if they know what they're doing (i.e. not using sour mix or a pre-made margarita mix).  I have been doing this a lot.  At other bars, I have been just asking for mocktails, and some of the bartenders seem to really enjoy being creative with the drinks.  I'll usually switch to a club soda with lime or a splash of juice in it if I'm having more than one to limit sugar.
  • @hinotes I never thought about ordering a virgin margarita! I guess it is because they are so hit or miss to begin with (usually heavy sour mix, pre-made mix) that the thought of possibly getting one that is 100% sour mix would have me puking right on the table. But I will keep this in mind the next time I am at a fancy/authentic place. Also, I usually get mine with Mezcal instead of Tequila which really makes them pop, given its smoky taste, and always with salt on the rim!
  • @julybaybay ; unfortunately, there's no sub for mezcal - I love that smokiness, too.
  • I saw all the information about pasteurized eggs, but I haven't seen them yet (other than liquid eggs in a carton).  I assume the package will say pasteurized on it, so that's what I'm looking for... Does anyone have suggestions?  It's not like I went to every store, but I checked Safeway and Whole Foods so far. 
  • @hinotes I guess you could add liquid smoke. But the thought of it just made me throw up a little... 
  • @hinotes I read a random article on MSN a few months ago about how US eggs have to be refrigerated, but overseas eggs aren't. The article said the difference was pasteurization, in that all US eggs are pasteurized, where they're not overseas.

    Not exactly a scientific source, so you might want to check me on that, but if you're finding a lack of the pasteurization language on the package, it might be because it's required for commercially sold eggs. Obviously, eggs from your friend's chickens likely aren't pasteurized. 
  • Former chicken farmer here :) I don't know about pasteurization, but I know that one reason US commercial eggs have to be refrigerated is because they are washed.  Unwashed eggs have a protective coating from the chicken that keeps the shell sealed.  That coating needs to be washed off before the egg is cracked open.

    We used to keep our unwashed eggs out on the counter for a couple weeks at a time and they were safe to eat.  But again, I don't know anything about pasteurization of whole eggs.  I've never seen them labeled that way in the grocery either.
  • @hinotes I'm surprised Whole Foods didn't have them. At my grocery store (Publix) there are a few brands and it says they are pasteurized on the carton...they also have a wax coating on them. I'd keep looking, are there any other stores around you? 
  • @cbeanz why does the coating have to be washed off? I was buying farm fresh, unpasteurized eggs until recently and we'd just crack them straight from the counter into the frying pan. 
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  • @mamanbebe there's chicken manure on the outside, so they need to be washed either by the distributer (like they do in the US) or by the consumer.
  • @Cbeanz Good to know! Glad none of us got sick last year  :s
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  • The whole thing with pasteurized eggs is they are heated briefly to kill any bacteria around the yolk. These eggs can be used in raw recipes, dressings, and consumed runny without any harm to a pregnant woman. Supposedly all commercial dressings, mayo, etc, and restaurants use pasteurized eggs in their recipes
  • nopegoatnopegoat
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    @Cbeanz is correct! There's a natural antibacterial film on eggs when they are laid. Once they get wet/are washed that protective layer is taken off hence why they have to be refrigerated afterwards.

    @mamanbebe we wash if there's any visible poo/dirt on them or if we are using them in a food that doesn't get cooked thoroughly. Otherwise we crack right into the pan/bowl. If fully cooked you are killing anything bad. Ours are kept on the counter for several weeks. No problems.

    The eggs you get in stores need to be pasteurized before sale because they are kept on the shelf much longer than farm fresh eggs and because they are washed.

  • Thanks, everyone!  Just learned so much about eggs :)
  • The things I miss the most are deli sandwiches, hot baths, and being able to take Advil for a headache. Also miss not having to worry about caffeine intake and constantly staying hydrated! I'm sure it will all be worth it though 😊.
  • Is it bad that I still miss wine? Like, really really miss it?  ;)
  • @cindler, I so miss wine, too. Briefly considered having a super small glass with my sister last weekend, but couldn't bring myself to do it! I'm counting down the days until July.
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