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  • megpegmegpeg member
    edited December 2018
    @mccurleya a little late on the birth story huh? 
    @fatstagnation she just put a birth story on from March 3.
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  • How is it that the new Duchess of Sussex is getting flak for cradling her baby bump?? Own it girl!! Our bodies do amazing things!!
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  • mccurleyamccurleya member
    edited December 2018
    I hope vinny feels better soon! 

    @knuttyplus2 I thought it was cute!
  • Lol i saw "wyatt" and thought "oh dont we have a baby named Wyatt in the group?"  So i read it. Its a birth story just dont know who she is.

    Poor Vinny! Feel better soon LO! 
  • Also just read the whole duchess cradles baby bump.  Like why is that news? I always had my hands on mine in public...mainly to fend off unwanted touches lol 
  • Sam smacked her face on a table and hit her tooth coming in and the gum.  She seems ok, but there is definitely a bruise on her gum.  Of course, now I am worried about her teeth.  My oldest daughter did the same thing twice and her front teeth were greyish.  Ughh!!!  I saw her and knew I should of moved her, but she looked so proud.  Poor baby.
  • @DDRRT1982 ugh! It’s such a hard balance, letting them do stuff and explore and trying to keep them safe. 
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  • So a family friend of ours decorates their whole yard in Christmas lights and it's a huge deal in the town we live in. Well they old us that Santa was coming tonight at 6 so we got Nate all dressed up and kept him awake (usually in bed at 5) and they tell us he's not coming until 7. Nate was already rubbing his eyes and burying his head so we had to leave. I am so upset. 
  • Hi mamas!  Sorry for being MIA - I keep up-to-date with the app but I only like to write on the computer, and between my husband being sick, drama at work, an extra-busy week at work, and all things holidays, life was even crazier than usual.

    @megpeg How are you doing?  I went through my files, but couldn't find the contact info for the new-mom-text-for-therapy thing - I must have thrown it out when we moved.  I'm sorry!

    @fatstagnation How is Vinny doing?  N was sick two weeks ago and hardly drank at all, so I know how worried you must be.  She rebounded after a couple of days, so hopefully the same is true for Vinny!

    @DDRRT1982 Poor Sam!  Like @megpeg said, it's such a hard balance.  I'm sure she'll be okay!

    @mccurleya That would annoy the heck out of me too.  Nothing is worse than having to compromise LOs sleep!!!
  • I’d be annoyed too!  Maybe next year!

    sam is definitely crawling now.  I don’t think it’s going to be long before she walks bc she can basically pull up already.  I can’t believed we are at this stage.  
  • Congratulations!!!
  • @sgrn18 congratulations on graduating! I start grad school in a couple weeks and am terrified! 

    Also, Nate is still army crawling just with a little more knees. I don't think he has an interest in real crawling. He pulled up to almost standing on the back of the pew this morning though. But I don't see walking in our near future. How crazy for y'all! 
  • @mccurleya how exciting for grad school!! Thats awesome! I will probably go back and get a masters too but im taking a break for a few years first. 
  • @sgrn18 this is my second year off. I figured now would be the best time before we start trying for LO #2 
  • @sgrn18 Congratulations on graduating!!!
  • congratulations @sgrn18
  • Good luck going back @mccurleya
  • DH and I are having a disagreement- he thinks buying our daycare providers Christmas gifts is not necessary. I’m not sure if it’s a different expectation because it is a privately owned licensed daycare ran by a mother and her adult daughter- they run it out of their private home. All together, they host between 10-15 kids (some kids are part time and they have extended hours, so they’re never out of state compliance) but the daughter mentioned that none of the other parents buy gifts for them. So now hubby thinks we shouldn’t either! Honestly, the gifts they get aren’t anything special. I usually stay around the $20-$25 mark for each person (which is mostly my holiday limit even for family). I would like to do more for them but it’s just not in the budget due to having a large extended family and secret Santa work obligations. 
    Firstly, I’ve always thought it was bad form to not provide a gift so we’ve been giving birthday and Christmas gifts since DD1 started 2.5 years ago. Secondly, they’re like family to the us (specifically to the girls) because we’ve been with them so long. Luna’s never went anywhere else. And throughout the week, they spend more awake time at daycare than with DH and I combined. 
    I can kinda see his point- they are employed by us and we pay them the agreed upon rate for the service they provide (which is more than our rent). And they’ve never actually asked for a gift exchange (they got me something this year for mother’s day and they get presents for the girls). But it just feels heartless to leave them off our list just because we pay them already. 
  • do they seem happy to get the gifts? To me if giving them something could make their day a little brighter then I think it’s worth it. 
  • To be honest I didn't even think about getting ours a gift....whoops
  • @maelily15 I would get the gift - all the reasons you said make perfect sense, and I'm sure they appreciate being thought of!
  • @maelily15 my sister used to work at a daycare and she always got little gifts from her kids parents. Usually something small (about $10-15) like a coffee mug or candies.   She always said she really appreciated the gifts but never expected anything.  The first gift she got she called me and was shocked that she got something lol
  • I'm glad to hear it! @megpeg
  • Apparently i have a child who thinks its okay to climb things now... he wasnt even a little unsteady he climbed that present like he had done it 100 times before....
  • Wow @sgrn18, he does seem like a pro and congrats on graduating!  Thank you everyone for the feedback- we’re definitely getting a gift this year and now just have to figure out what to get her that I haven’t already covered in years past. I’m glad you’re feeling better @megpeg!
  • I can I can’t believe how much they’re all moving and doing. Fearless little kiddos. 💜
  • How many naps are your LOs taking?
  • @mccurleya. We dropped the third nap a few months ago and are at two 1.5hr naps. 
  • Nate only takes 2 naps at daycare but for some reason at home he wants to sleep every 2-3 hours which ends up being 3 or 4 naps. I'm not sure if I should somehow make him drop a nap or just let it go 
  • N essentially takes 3 naps: two hours in the morning, an hour and a half in the early afternoon, an hour in the late afternoon/evening.  She refuses to nap at day care - or anyway, she gets an hour and a half at most over the course of the whole day.
  • LO dropped the nap on his own. If he wanted to sleep id let him but he just isnt tired. 
  • I think I’m essentially letting her lead. Some days are more naps or longer naps - some days it’s just a morning nap and a rest. She sleeps through the night so without thinking about it I follow her rhythms  during the day. She always takes a morning nap and has been sleeping on most car rides but afternoon is hit or miss and the nap between 6 and 8 is also hit or miss. 
  • Declan has been varying on naps and I am just going with it.
    these teeth next to his top front teeth are going to kill me. He was up for a couple hours last night screaming. I feel like a zombie and I have to get food made for Sundays Christmas party because we are heading to a water park tomorrow. My 5 year old has woke him up twice today from naps. 
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  • Give us more babies!!!
  • @mccurleya Yay!!  I remember you saying recently that you were feeling the baby fever yourself, so that is extra awesome!!!

    This is all making me think: have we ever really all talked family plans?  Like how many kids we each ultimately want, ideal timing, etc.  Or is that all too personal and up to chance?
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