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How did this get here!?

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  • I KNOW!  But this December feels more exciting than any have in a long time - first holidays with our LOs!

    Catching up over the last few days - glad it's not an ear infection, @sgrn18!  On an unrelated note, how's everything coming job and day care-wise?  When do you start?

    @megpeg Glad your wrist is feeling somewhat better - I can't imagine how much harder that made all things childcare.

    @DDRRT1982 I hear you on the Facebook front.  I never formally deleted it, but I stopped using it for close to a year following my first MC.  I'm back for the same reason you said, to keep in touch with those people who do use it regularly, but I hardly ever post myself nowadays.
  • Nate keeps slapping himself in the face.. does anyone else's LO do that?
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  • @ashtuesday we are on 3 wait lists for daycares now. Im probably going to be working nights (unless they have someone leave day shift before I start) after my orientation so MH has to do drop off by 6/615 to be at work by 630.  Most of the daycares open at 630 or 7 so we've got pretty limited opportunities.  I start my orientation in the middle of February so ive still got time but its making me anxious for sure.  The super annoying thing is that my inital training is mon- fri 8-5, then Ill be precepted on days 7a to 7p. Then ill go to my shift 7p to 7a.  Total time is probably going to be 16 or 17 weeks before im on my shift. I found a great daycare right next to my work but they open at 7am and i don't want switch around as my schedule switches.  Wow that was long winded lol 

    @mccurleya LO hits his legs and stomach all the time but not his face...yet 
  • @sgrn18 He slaps his stomach too but just started the face. He doesn't seem upset though 
  • shoretobeshoretobe member
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    @sgrn18 good luck. It seems extra hard since you’re schedule is still moving around. It will all come together - but the anxiety of figure it out sucks. 

    @mccurleya not her face - but definitely hitting her legs. She’s also scratching at any texture (the couch, the rug, etc). She’s been grabbing everyone’s face too. I think they’re just figuring out how everything works/feels. 

    Edit: how is it December? We were just pregnant! @ashtuesday I’m excited to see the LO experience all their firsts for The holidays too. Totally agree it’s going to be special. I think wrapping paper will be the big winner this season in our house and get the most interest. 
  • Is it still hormones? I cried watching the thanksgiving parade with LO because it hit me how great it was to be watching it with my daughter. Today we took her to Seasme Place - I was expecting her to be “ehh” but she was so engaged and smiling and bouncing around that I had tears again. I’ve never been a big crier - but I’m loving these moments with her. 
  • Oh @shoretobe I am dyyyyyyyying to take N to Sesame Place!  Trying to wait until the summer (when hopefully she'll be walking), but you are definitely upping the temptation!  Glad your LO loved it!
  • @ashtuesday we can’t believe how excited she was. We did dine with Elmo and everyone there was great - pictures with Santa and Elmo and the characters all walked around the tables then did songs and dancing. LO loved it. Then we walked around the park - went to one of the shows and the baby was bouncing around. It all made my heart so happy.  My friend said Halloween there is fun too. I’m sure it will be amazing whenever you go!
  • @mccurleya. Yay!!! So much fun!!
  • Sorry I've been MIA We've been traveling a lot.
    Vinny started crawling at my mom's house the day before thanksgiving! Look out, cats! She doesn't hit herself but when her head bumps into something she bangs a few more times. sometimes I stop her. She's not hurting herself. I think just exploring what the world is like lol. 
    I can't believe it's December! But I also can't wait for her first christmas. :D 
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  • Welcome back @fatstagnation! I'm also excited for the first Christmas! Then Easter. Then I need time to stop. 
  • @mccurleya I don’t know if I am excited yet for Easter. That will be past their birthdays and I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact he will be nine months next week let alone one in three months....
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  • Yaaaay Nate and Vinny!
    @megpeg I’m with you - time is flying. its true the days are long but it’s all going so fast. 
  • DDRRT1982DDRRT1982 member
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    Sammie isn’t crawling yet.  It’s like she wants to, but is too scared to leave her booth for fear of not getting back to sitting.  All my other babes have crawled months before this.  We’ll see if she gets the courage to do it soon.
  • @megpeg I mixed up my months. Definitely thought March was after April 😂 I'm nervous for the birthday. They're growing too fast and I don't know how to host a birthday!
  • Speaking of birthdays.  I wanted to just have a small party with just the 3 of us and some cake.  Now im getting guilt trips from both my MIL and my mom.  I want to do something to celebrate his birthday but I prefer intimate and simple over extravagant with loads of people. 

    My mom threw my nephew's birthday parties and there was always a ridiculous amount of people and presents.  They are usually fun but it stresses me out thinking about hosting something like that. I want to be happy and stress free when we celebrate his birthday. 

    What are you all planning for birthdays?
  • We always have parties with grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. There are usually anywhere from 15-25 people. My problem is that my other kids have warm weather birthdays and my house is smallish. I guess they can all cram in.
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  • I'd like to have immediate family at our house for N's birthday - between both sides, we're probably looking at about 15-20 people.  We'll order in some food and do a Sesame Street theme - that's the extent of it!  I hear you on the family pressure.  My mom wants it at her house, which in fairness is much bigger and better for entertaining, but it's my kid - her party will be at my house!  My mother-in-law wants to invite every random relative so she can show N off - I am adamant about limiting it to the people who are actually active in her life.  You do whatever feels right for you and your LO!
  • @DDRRT1982 Maeve isn’t either. She does a Superman pose with her arms and legs stretched out - I keep telling her that’s not how crawling works 😂 they’ll figure it out.

    Like most - I was planning the three of us, my mom, dad and 2 sisters and her godfather and her aunt (who watch LO 2 days a week). I’m not sure if my in laws will come up for it. I’ll invite my sister in law and her boyfriend too - so maybe 11-13 people.
    We never had a housewarming so maybe a BBQ in the summer instead of a big party in March because my family is just too big to fit in our house. Plus I get super overwhelmed by a lot of people. 
  • @sgrn18 you should just do you 3 if that's what you want. If anyone else wants a party, they can host it if you want to even allow that. 

    I was planning on doing family and 2 close friends of the family with cake, pizza, and hot dogs. But now that you mention it, I kinda want small too. Idk. If I invite parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins, I come out to about 50 people because my husband's side is so big. We are doing it at my MILs though because we don't have the space. I bet only 2 of his cousins would come though. Idk, I'm just gonna go with the flow and see what happens. 
  • Sorry I’ve been MIA- work and life troubles. Haven’t had an off day since Thanksgiving plus my little brother moved to my state (NC from IL) early this month. Luna started crawling just before turning 8 months. And she tries to stand- I call it her downward dog yoga pose....hehe. She doesn’t hit herself much but does grab at literally everything (my hair being her favorite). 
    For her birthday this year, I’m thinking we’ll have two celebrations. Luna is 3/21, anniversary is 3/26, MIL is 4/4, and Lily (DD1) is 4/5. So my MIL will definitely host a joint party at her place, likely the weekend closest to her birthday. But I think we should also do something separate for just Luna- turning one is special. I’ll probably rent out either Monkey Joes or the party space at my movie theatre (they’ll waive the fee since I work there) and invite her daycare friends, my brother, in laws, and some of our friends and coworkers. 
  • Vinny does downdog too. hahaha so funny. 

    I haven't figured out her party yet. We live so far away from family. I have to look up DH's schedule. If her bday falls over his spring break, we could make the drive out to family and have a party with the grandparents. If it's not during a break we'll have to do something here. I'm debating asking mom to drive here, but then I feel like I'm playing favorites with the grandparents (My mom's divorced, twice. So I have dad and stepmom. Stepdad and his partner, and Mom and her partner. UGH) 
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  • Declan does downward dog too- DD who’s five loves yoga nd thinks she taught him. 
    He has been saying mama for like a month but started with dada like crazy tonight when DH got home at 10:30 after being gone all day and having a really terrible day at work. It helped DH to feel better. 

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  • We'll have one set of grandparents join us for our boys' birthday bash...we were going to Hawaii for the week, but it falls on a week where I have to be at work.  Meh!  I am super excited to make smash cakes though!  Perhaps carrot cake to feel like I am giving them something healthy?! Lol!
  • I have not been thrilled with the pulling up to stand business lol. LO has toys to stand up on but prefers window sills and other hard unforgiving surfaces.  He fell and smacked his chin a few days ago and had a nasty bruise.   Its just fantastic 🙄
  • I think I may have PPD. After I stopped BFing I feel really off. I feel like crying a lot and feel really overwhelmed. Sometimes I can’t get up in the morning to take my oldest to school because I feel exhausted but can’t sleep at night. My house used to be spotless but not it seems like I can’t catch up. DH is gone for work stuff a lot and is overwhelmed himself. I feel irritated a lot and can feel myself getting angry but can’t stop. I am not sure what to do. I cried for like an hour today and couldn’t stop. I feel like my kids deserve a better mom but don’t know how to get there. 
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  • @megpeg call your ob and see what they offer or what referrals they can give. 
    Talking to someone helped me so much because they gave me skills I wouldn’t have thought of and helped me remember to take time for me. I didn’t bf but have heard that when you stop it can do a lot to your hormones. We’re here for you of course, and I thank you for sharing this because it can all feel so big and overwhelming - but I would call your doctor when they open today. Sending lots of love your way. 
  • @megpeg.  Absolutely call your dr! I did and ended up talking with a counselor who assured and helped me thru the hormonal mess.  Whatever it is, it helps to talk and get help!! Hugs!!
  • @megpeg it's good that you recognize it and can get some help now. I hope you find the help you need and get better quickly ♡
  • @megpeg good for you for recognizing it and allowing yourself to feel.  I am sorry you are dealing with thus and I hope we can be an area of support.  Definitely call your doctor.  I would also try to get lab work to see how your thyroid and adrenal gland are functioning.  The combination of everything can really make you feel run down.  
  • I'm with everyone else, @megpeg - reach out to your doctor, and be proud of yourself for recognizing what you're going through!  I know you have a relatively big family and so many responsibilities at home - when I was pregnant, my doctors had mentioned some talk-via-text therapists that specialize in PPD/PPA.  When I get home tonight, I'll look through my files and see if I have the company name for you - just in case being able to communicate with someone from home makes the idea more manageable for you.  And give yourself some grace right now - a clean home is not the only sign of a good mama.  Take care of yourself and take care of your family - the rest will fall into place!  <3
  • Thanks all! I feel better today after crying a telling my husband he has been more helpful already. I will call the doctor- I just had labs done last week for some things. 
    I feel bad because DH is already having some issues at work and then one of his staff doctors gave his notice this morning. He thought they were in a good place but apparently not.
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  • @megpeg good for you for recognizing what was happening and reaching out!
  • @megpeg I’m glad you talked to your husband. He may have a lot going on at work, but I think it’s important he knows what’s really going on with you. So very proud of you for all the steps you’re taking. Thinking of you and still sending lots of love your way. 
  • @megpeg hugs to you. there's nothing else I can say that the others haven't covered already, but I'm thinking of you. BF never really worked for us but I was still a hormonal mess when I completely stopped. Glad you're taking care of yourself.
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  • Uhhhhh, is this mrs sellers person a scam? Im so confused. 
  • fatstagnationfatstagnation member
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    poor vinny is sick. She had vomiting and diarrhea after we went to a birthday party at the children's museum. So sad. breaks my heart to see her so miserable. 
    luckily the vomiting has stopped and she's not dehydrated. we went to the doc just in case today, anyway. 
    Hope everyone else is happy and ready to celebrate the holidays. 

    ETA: I don't know who Mrs. Sellers is.
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  • Feel better soon, Vinny!
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