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TTC after 35

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It looks like there are a few people on here so I figured I'd go ahead and put this out there.

I am 39, my husband is 40. I am new to this entire process as this is the first time in my entire life that I have actually tried to conceive. I have been extremely careful with BC up until now. We just finished our second TTC cycle and I am currently in the TWW. Got my fertility monitor, eating healthy/exercising, drinking lots of water, taking pre-natals and crossing my fingers! I figured we'd see if anything happens for 3-4 months and then re-assess getting more medical advice. My husband has had a semen analysis done though, but we're still waiting for the results. He does have low testosterone (275) so I'll be curious what his doctor says about that when he has his next appointment. I have very regular periods and no history of issues - but I am overweight (BMI 35). I have lost about ten pounds in the past several months and have been eating healthy.

I thought I'd share a bit about my mental processes too, not just medical. I know most people want children and the idea of not doing so is just unheard of, but I had the feeling that I really would be okay without one. Yet over time, I found myself unable to drop the subject and ultimately felt (after thinking and reading about a dozen books on the subject!) that I'd like to at least try. So a big part of me would be happy without a child, but I guess an even bigger part of me wants to pursue parenthood. Long story short we decided we actually really wanted to TTC - after deliberation - and I think the hard part for me now is to know how to feel. It's like an emotional tightrope. If I am going to conceive, then I want to be gearing up mentally for that path and embracing that, but if it turns out that I am unable to conceive - I want to be at peace with that too. I guess I should just embrace the process and let myself accept the excitement.

Thank you for reading - and let me know if your TTC too! 

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  • Welcome.  I got pregnant with my only son at 39.  I’m 43 and still trying for number 2.  You may want to Taking Charge of your fertility.  It has a lot of information in it.  I will try and start a new thread on Monday so you can jump in there. 
  • Great - thank you so much for the response. I'll definitely get a copy of that book.
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  • Hi Mack2342 - I thought I'd update you that I actually conceived on our first timed attempt using the fertility monitor and pre-seed. I am now 10 1/2 weeks pregnant and have had a successful first prenatal appointment (heartbeat). I was so sure that it would take months or years, or never happen, that I'm still quite shocked and having read over these boards I also realize I may in fact be extremely lucky. I guess you really have no idea what your body is and is not capable of until you attempt it. I was about 39 1/2 at conception and will be several months over forty by the time it is delivered (assuming all goes well). I did read that book you shared with me and was in the process of charting as well, but didn't end up needing to continue doing that. Anyway, good luck and thank you for your comments on this board. 

  • That’s great! Congrats.  I was 39 when I conceived my son and delivered him at 40.  We conceived him in 3 months and had no issues. I had a text book pregnancy too.  My issues started when we tried for #2.   I hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful!   
  • Thank you for post, keep us updated :) I can relate to your mental process. May I ask what fertility monitor are you using? Do you like it?
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