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  • @sonicearplugs welcome! DD is a December baby and I definitely appreciated the cold weather "excuse" for being home bound while I recovered from a CS and learned the ropes with a newborn! I am an introverted homebody though so there's that.
  • @sonicearplugs I’m another central/western NYer, and I think we have one more too, but can’t remember who it was. I work 45 mins from home/the hospital I want to deliver at and am terrified I’m going to go into labor at work in the middle of a snowstorm! Fingers crossed it all goes according to plan and the weather is just a positive!
  • @sonicearplugs I’ve had 2 baby in January in New York one in Rochester one in Buffalo and I loved it!! Crockpot meals and suggling. 
  • @wrensnest great name! Wren is my mn so I’ve always loved them!
  • @emmy_wren Your name stood out to me right away because of the wren! It’s our DD’s mn too!

  • @sarahmpress there’s actually a thread with lot of ladies’ experiences with that. Check out “Pregnancy in the Workplace”. Welcome! 
  • Hi and welcome, @sarahmpress! There's a thread called "Pregnancy in the workplace", definitely worth a read. Lots of different reactions from bosses and coworkers! If you haven't told your workplace yet, it's definitely a good place to ask for advice! 
  • Lol @madreofdragons! Why doesn't this board have a notification system for if someone posts while you typed up your post? Every other forum I've been on has that!
  • Hi Everyone, I & hubby are first time parents. It's good to be here
  • Hello! First time mom! Just starting the 3rd trimester and my glorious second tri feels like so far gone. Now I’m feeling all the discomfort and really getting ready for the reality of this baby! Looking forward to the advice and support from you ladies! He’s due February 4- it’s coming soon! 
  • @oaktree6 welcome fellow Canadian :) jump on in so we can get to know you!
  • Hello. I'm currently due in Feb. This is my 4th child, first with my second husband, and 7th between the two of us. I'm extremely excited to have our baby girl. 
  • hello...on 4th n last baby. due Feb 4 
  • Hello all, I added this app the moment I knew I was pregnant which was as soon as anyone could ever find out lol so the forum hadn't even been started at that point and I just never looked into it until now. I'm due February 1st with our first baby, a little girl. My husband and I have been married for 6 years today actually, we met while both serving in the Marines. We are both very excited and so nervous lol. Wish everyone the best ♡
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