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  • mrskoz428 said:
    @nopegoat I am a huge introvert! My biggest reason to not go places is because it could be too “peopley” out! 🤣
    Yes! Me too, which is quite ironic with all the kids I have lol. 

  • What's your current job? 
    SAHM.  I quit working the end of my last pregnancy. The job was too physically demanding for me to continue. 

    Favorite way to relax?
    To go thrifting with no kids

    Any hobbies?
    Keeping up on current horror.  I can't think of any others that I really have. 

    Favorite way to spend a Friday night? 
    In bed napping.
    Pregnancy #1 DD 08.30.2007
    Pregnancy #2 Natural Miscarriage at 6 weeks 03/2014 Due date 11/9/2014
    Pregnancy #3 DS 02.23.2015
    Pregnancy #4 Missed Miscarriage at 11 weeks 11/2018 Due date 5/22/2019
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  • What's your current job? I’m a medical receptionist for a vein clinic 

    Favorite way to relax? Reading, listening to podcasts, binging on Netflix. 

    Any hobbies? Sewing (I’m not great but I like to try new projects), cooking, camping and reading. 

    Favorite way to spend a Friday night? I’m a fan of spontaneous date nights or just staying in and relaxing with my loves. I’m an extroverted introvert so it depends on the day/my mood. 
  • @nopegoat and I’m a teacher. 😂 Oops!
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  • @keighty80 I call myself a “social introvert” haha
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  • I love cooking until it's time to clean 🙅
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  • What's your current job? High school math teacher, primarily ENL students

    Favorite way to relax? On the couch with the trashiest tv shows

    Any hobbies? I used to be an award winning homebrewer. Now I crochet and cross stitch, haha. 

    Favorite way to spend a Friday night? Happy hour with other teachers then in bed by ten. 
  • @keighty80 I love podcasts, what ones are your faves?

  • What's your current job? 
    I work in IT

    Favorite way to relax?
    Typically going out for a drink with friends after work or crocheting with a cup of tea and a movie. 

    Any hobbies?
    Geneaology research and crocheting. @chloe97 - getting back to the 1500s is awesome! I’ve managed to get one line back to 1480, but can’t get further back than the 1800s on others. 

    Favorite way to spend a Friday night?
    We like to do a family night out. Dinner, movie, shopping, or walks to one of the nearby parks. Right now, all I want to do is sleep though. 
  • @keighty80 I love podcasts, what ones are your faves?
    I’m super in to My Favorite Murder, The Way I Heard it and Casefile. I guess I like true crime the most! 
  • What's your current job?  I am WAHM- am a realtor but haven’t done much since having my 5 year old.  I had another part time job from home for a couple of years but finally decided to quit before the summer to spend more time with my daughter and have less stress while going through 2nd round of ivf.  Before moving to IL and having did I worked for a not-for-profit.

    Favorite way to relax?  Watching tv- movies-great Slice of cheesecake 

    Any hobbies?  Board Games/card games/puzzles, I love genealogy but only dabble.   I wish I knew how to cook and enjoyed it. 

    Favorite way to spend a Friday night? Add me to the list- love just hanging out at home catching up on tv shows. 

  • @MaggieG183 Props to you for teaching 8th grade! I love teaching 6th grade, and last year they needed me to take on one section of 8th grade...there's no way I could teach 8th grade full time. That one 8th grade class was my challenge all year long. Though the be fair, this particular 8th grade class was a doozy; DH taught at the high school our middle school fed and his buddy there told him yesterday that during their freshman meeting this year they had to call a second meeting, during which they had to kick out four students for misbehaviors.
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  • @liliumstargazer13 what brews did you win awards for? (That’s so cool!) 
    DH used to be really into homebrewing but since we had D1 and moved across the country for his career he hasn’t done it much at all. I think maybe one batch in the past 5 years. 
  • @imrachellea Isn’t it amazing how whole classes can have “personalities”? This year’s class is so darn nice but they are easily the chattiest kids I’ve ever met. They literally cannot stop talking.

     I just love teaching middle school, 8th in particular. I initially was in 6th and looooved it and when I chose to move to 8th I thought I would die! But, man! I love it even more! They need the support and guidance so much before they head to high school and I am happy that they look to me as a “big sister” for that support and advice. I’m the youngest teacher on my team (at 35!) and the kids gravitate to me for that sort of support. I’m glad I can be there for them.
  • @imrachellea I feel the exact opposite! I used to teach 8th grade in NYC, and I had to pick up a section of 6th grade one year. It was torture!! They are so young and whiny and have almost nothing interesting to say, haha. But it takes all kinds to teach all ages. 

    @MaggieG183 I feel ya! We had open school night last week, so the team went out for dinner/drinks between the end of school/start of open house. Luckily this wasn't the normal drinking, so I could sip my one beer. When I used to teach in the city, we would go out for hours with pitchers and drinking games. My current team couldn't keep up, haha. 

    @stringofhearts My big winner and favorite is a rye ipa, dry hopped with Citra and Centennial hops. It tastes a little like an unpeeled grapefruit, very delicious.
  • keighty80 said:
    @keighty80 I love podcasts, what ones are your faves?
    I’m super in to My Favorite Murder, The Way I Heard it and Casefile. I guess I like true crime the most! 
    I’m a true crime junkie myself! I actually went to the live show when Karen and Georgia were in Minneapolis!! True crime garage is my current fav. 

  • Suuuper late to this, but work has been insane this past week so I had to actually be productive! 

    What's your current job?  Operations Manager at a cyber security company.

    Favorite way to relax?  Snuggle up on the couch with my husband watching TV. I look forward to it every day. We watch through all kinds of different shows together. We finished Chuck not too long ago and now we're watching The Office. We'll probably start Parks and Rec for the 7th time after we finish it lol. Something just for myself though, I love taking a bath with a Lush bath bomb and beer/wine or a hot cup of tea. 

    Any hobbies?  I love to read and make it a point to try and read a few pages every night before bed. I also made myself a little reading nook in my loft office that's a cozy spot to relax! 

    Favorite way to spend a Friday night?  I like going out to dinner, spending some time with family and then relaxing with a cozy blanket and a good show or movie. I used to love going out, but I am such a homebody now. 
    Me: 31 │ DH: 34 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 EDD 9/5/19 Please stick little one!!

  • @zuuls_mom ah Chuck!! My husband and I used to watch that all the time 
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