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GTKY 9/28

What's your current job? 

Favorite way to relax?

Any hobbies?

Favorite way to spend a Friday night? 


Re: GTKY 9/28

  • chloe97 said:
    What's your current job? 
    I work in child health advocacy. Best way to say what I do is I work to pass laws to keep kids safe and healthy. 

    You're another one I have so much respect for! Thank you for your public service. 
    Damn, girl! You got back to the 1500's?! That's so freaking amazing. Unfortunately, I can't do that because I'm a first generation American and well my motherland does not keep good records of anything. 

  • @expandcontract nursing, postpartum in particular
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  • Nurses.....that's such a tough job. I've been in the hospital one too many times and I have to say, nurses bear the brunt of the work and they've been so incredibly helpful to me (all but one time). Not to scare you, just sayin. You really have to love the job. 

  • @expandcontract for sure. I’ve been wanting to do this for five years. I was slowly chipping away at it for a while but then I would find a reason to stop - because I wasn’t ready to give up finance, because I liked my cute work clothes, I liked the schedule, I liked being able to sit in my office and have coffee without anyone bothering me, etc etc. Lots of reasons and I’m glad I didn’t rush because I definitely wasn’t ready then. When I was pregnant I kept thinking about how bored I was and how I didn’t like coming to work which was weird because I worked for a great company that treated me really well. I realized changing companies wouldn’t make me feel better either, I needed to change careers. When DS happened, the switch completely flipped and I was done. I get excited when I drive by hospitals thinking about how I could work there one day so I think now is the right time for me to be pursuing it!
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  • @DuchessOfCambridge omg, I'm so glad you took your time to make the switch and that you were completely done with Finance. I know so many people who went into their fields and totally regret it. Good luck to you in nursing!

  • I have to say, I'm so jealous of all the SAHM. I love what I do but ever since I got pregnant with my daughter, I'm so ready to just retire. My heart is always with her and I miss her all the time. 

  • @expandcontract I do feel very grateful to be a SAHM. I begged for months and months but we didn’t think we could do it. My H made more than me but I contributed significantly to our income and we were used to our lifestyle. It ended up working out and I’m still thrilled I’ve been able to do it but it’s been kind of a shock. It’s great for right now and I’ll forever cherish that DS and I have had all this time together, but I don’t think I could do it long term. I didn’t realize how much making an income meant to me (independence) and I really struggle with it. Definitely a first world problem but it’s funny to me how badly I wanted this and it turned out to be like any other job - good days and bad days, fun parts and not fun parts. I’m happy where I am but I also miss my job even though I’m glad I don’t ever have to go back...if that makes sense 😂
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  • @DuchessOfCambridge Yes, that does make sense, actually. My husband always tells me "I know you're saying it right now, but I know you won't be happy staying at home." Just because he knows how passionate I am about my job. 
    I think for me, the best setup would be SAHM until all kids are above 5 years old and then part-time position. I know I'd get bored if I stayed at home forever. A perfect balance would be perfect. 

  • @expandcontract that’s my ideal also. School will be nice because it’ll be a few evenings plus one day of full clinical (plus summers off) so I still get to be with DS and baby 2 but I can get away and do something that’s just for me and use my brain in a different way than I do when Mom-ing. Part of what I like about the nursing schedule is 3-4 shifts/week. Long days but more days off and there’s always part time or per diem options. I have pretty far reaching career goals but kids are my current goal and I’m okay with working towards my career slowly and focusing on them while they’re little. 
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  • @expandcontract It definitely has it’s ups and downs, but I love staying home. The hardest part has still been maintaining my own identity outside of being a Mom. I have zero plans to ever go back to work; I’m hoping to spend the time they’re in school to work on my own hobbies. 
  • edited September 2018
    @DressageDarling I know the identity thing is very important. I had a bit of a nervous breakdown when I was on maternity leave with my daughter. But now I know better and I've set boundaries where even while working full time,  I still need time alone away from husband and daughter.  

    ETA: @DuchessOfCambridge the 3-4 shifts is pretty awesome.  I know some nurses who are still single and they go on so many freaking vacations.  

  • What's your current job? Currently a SAHM. But my youngest just started kinder and I have been so bored at home. Hoping to soon sub a couple times a week before this next ones arrives. 

    Favorite way to relax? Watching tv or spend the afternoon swimming at our friends house.

    Any hobbies? I like to read. 

    Favorite way to spend a Friday night? We always do family movie night on Fridays. We are watching Sandlot right now. 
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  • What's your current job?
    1st grade special education teacher

    Favorite way to relax?
    Love sitting out by the fire or reading a good book, I also love doing anything out doors. 

    Any hobbies? 
    Cake decorating, cooking, baking, studying languages 

    Favorite way to spend a Friday night? 
    Out to dinner with dh, but that happens very very rarely, I also like catching up on our shows Friday nights after the kids are in bed. 
  • @lappymom2019 I don’t think it’s weird that you find cooking relaxing. I do too, but conditions have to be perfect, which rarely happens these days. And I hate grocery shopping. 

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  • @k2k2tog I agree that conditions do have to be perfect and they haven't been too much here lately either. I had injured my thumb and couldn't cook for awhile and now I am too tired and apathetic about eating to really care. Oh well!
  • @kvh22 I am so jealous of your interest in cooking! That’s such a great thing to enjoy. 

    @k2k2tog your relaxation sounds Lol! That’s been happening to me just about every night now too. 

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  • I'm so jealous of those that love to cook. I really try to love it but I just don't. 

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