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  • So she was head down for the longest time and I knew that based on where I felt hiccups. I also know that her feet were bent the right side because of where I felt kicks. I have a sneaking suspicion that she's moved (after like 3 weeks in one position) because 1. I haven't felt hiccups in 3 days so maybe wherever her head is makes it so I can't feel them anymore and 2. the movements are now equally on both sides AND in the middle AND down low rather than more right sided. I'm very confused which way she's positioned and am hoping the midwife can tell me. Maybe she's got a bunch of energy and is spinning around a bunch? Ha!
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  • I'm here to say she is slowly but surely moving head down as of a few hours ago.
    I've been so insanely uncomfortable the last half of today and couldn't figure out what it was. I drank water, rested, etc but nothing was working. Finally, I felt a foot under my right rib and realized she's been moving herself from transverse to head down. Are we in Dec yet? Lol
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  • Had a 29 week appt yesterday and she said baby is head down with his/her back along my left side. Which is why I’ve been feeling hiccups down by my left hip, and kicks all along my right side. Yay for head down babies! My last one was breech in the early 30s weeks. 
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