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  • @hannelorre yay!  Congrats :) And thank you and @Hollyyyyy for the good thoughts.  I have no idea when I'll even be hearing my results!  No one told me :/
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  • Welp, I most likely have gestational diabetes. The test was sky high - but you all know that I'm fairly low-carb/no added sugar/stay away from processed foods in general. There's some anecdotal evidence that folks who are low-carb/paleo have many more false positives than those who eat the standard American diet with 50-60% of calories from carbs a day. (I'm basically paleo + full-fat dairy.) I've relayed this information to my midwife to see what she thinks (we have my baseline HbA1c numbers from the first trimester which were normal, so it would be interesting to see where that is at now). I'm assuming either way she'll diagnose me and I'll be checking blood sugar levels. If it happens to be a false positive, it'll just show itself over a few weeks of readings... since the meal plan for gestational diabetes is very similar to how I already eat. Not fun to deal with blood sugar reading, but I also know that in general I eat super healthy and exercise, so I can't imagine my normal blood sugar readings are that bad. Anyways, hope everyone else's test results were better than mine!
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  • @omnommer I’m sorry. That was the 3 hour that you took?

  • @katy0990 Nope, the 1 hour. But it was so high they don't even recommend the 3 hour. Which is a total bummer! (Anything over 180 is just diagnosed straight away, and mine was 202... I'm super confused based on my eating and exercise, but hey, it can happen to anyone.)
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  • @kadeephd That's good to hear! Because the reading was so high, I assume I'll have to go to the diabetic counselor. I'll be super interested to see my readings once they give me the monitoring device. Either way, they may just want me to track it for the rest of the pregnancy, but it wouldn't change things a ton because I already eat the way they recommend (like no pasta, not over doing the fruit, etc). I'm just worried about all the extra appointments that I might have to go to and how that will affect my work schedule. If I have to prick my finger 5x/day, whatever, that's fine.
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    @omnommer The finger pricking gets old fast.  As long as your readings are fine maybe they will let you stop after a while.  I did figure out that if you wash your hands in hot water for a while and rub them a bunch, it's much easier to get a sample to test on.

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  • @kadeephd Thanks for the tip! I also have slightly low platelets, so I'm thinking it may not be too hard to get a sample on. If I nick myself in the shower, it seems to take forever to get it to stop bleeding. :D Something else I get to be aware of and make sure it isn't too out of whack in the last month or so.
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  • @omnommer If it makes you feel any better, my friend, who is the healthiest eater, had GD with both of her pregnancies.

  • @omnommer so I failed my one hour. It was about 170 and I was super worried (@kadeephd I think I had 50% chance of GD according to your chart) but had normal 3 hour test. I don't understand it. I've still been trying to eat more low carb since then bc it really scared me but hopefully it's just one of those weird things and your glucose readings look good on your normal diet! 
  • @hannelorre That's interesting! Yeah, since mine was just over the edge of their limit, they are sending me straight to a diabetes educator to learn how to test my blood sugar (rather than take the 3 hour test). So I'll be super interested once I start testing to see where my levels are at. 
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