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FFFC 9/21

Be like Chunk and confess yoself.

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  • @echo-charlietango I know, right?!  Like a super bouncy ball...not turd-like at all!

    Good for you for sticking to your guns on the IL's!  Hopefully they'll get over it and get their immunizations.  And on them being racist, well, that's just gross. *thumbs down, yo*
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  • @clbness Honestly, I don’t blame you! I’m impressed it didn’t leave a mark, though!
    @echo-charlietango So they don’t have ANY vaccinations?!?! Also, good for you for spreading the word on that photographer!

  • @echo-charlietango oh hell no! Omg I'm so frustrated for you. I'll show you 'get over it'. Yeah that would just make me dig my heels in even more. And it's not like it's a silly issue. Ugh. 
  • @katy0990 Ha! Luckily their city is pretty inconvenient to get to, so maintaining minimal contact is e-a-s-y
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  • @scaredunprepared I’m sure they will get over it in time to meet the baby!

  • @echo-charlietango good for you sticking to your limits. The charming behavior is just extra special, but regardless, it’s about keeping your LO safe. 

  • "Bribes"/ "rewards" definitely a great tool. Don't let anyone tell you anything different. 
  • @CecilB93 your wedding sounds like it was lovely, and so special.  And practical!  A vow renewal will be a perfect way to have the celebration without all the fuss.   I'm thinking ours will be just the same.  Intimate, no frills, FREE, and just the way we want it.  Like @katy0990 says, they'll get over it in time to see baby. 
  • @morgantu YES!  Smart dude you've got there ;)
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