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  • @nawmin I try not to think about Christmas lol... I know it'll all get done between Amazon and DH and otherwise I guess I'm just planning on winging it. Christmas will either be at my dads and he'll do all the cooking, or just us at home so no pressure. As far as cleaning and dinner, I'm not going to worry too much about it. We usually do pretty simple dinners anyway and god bless grocery pickup/delivery lol

    This is honestly worlds apart from my MO when I had DS... I think things will start hitting me within the next couple weeks and hopefully I can get more of a plan nailed down. 
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  • @mrsm224 If it helps, every pregnancy may not be the same. Last time, I had tons of complications and was miserable. This time, I have my rough days, but it’s going pretty well. *knock on wood*

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  • @krob I’m feeling the same way. I feel like I hit a wall this week with being uncomfortable. I’m hoping the next several weeks aren’t  too bad!
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    “Questions: Is anyone else stressed out about how they’re going to do holiday shopping/cooking/prep this year while recovering and marathon nursing and chasing around a toddler? I am torn between opting to take a pass and wanting to be a superwoman . . .”
    @nawmin yes, I hear you! My due date is 12/26 and we like to have an annual holiday open house, but it’s so much cleaning, cooking and more cleaning!
  • @nawim Usually I am on top of things and I am done shopping for at least 2-3 people by now but not this year. This year I have gotten ONE gift for ONE person, and that's it. I am so behind but I am trying not to stress about it. Money is tight and we can't do much this year anyway. As far as actual Christmas Day... we can't travel because I am due the 29 and my mom lives and hour away and where everyone on DH's dad's side of the family goes is an hour and a half, so we will likely spend the day at MILs.

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  • Honestly we are opting out of holidays this year. Holidays are hard for us anyways because mh is a police officer, so hes always working. This year we arent doing thanksgiving because ill be to pregnant to travel and def am not hosting. For christmas im decorating hella early, like beginning of nov., and we are only doing a few gifts for ds. Also again no travel because im due dec 18, so ill be recovering or still very pregnant about to deliver.
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