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  • LO has been super fussy lately while trying to nurse. He’ll keep unlatching and then shake his head looking for it even though it’s literally there. Wearing other bras that are non sleep nursing bras makes it more difficult because of all the bulging under the boob. Then add on the nursing pads. It’s so frustrating for both of us and we end up soaked. Thinking of visiting the LC at the hospital on Monday. Wish i can go braless and not worry about nursing pads/leaking.
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  • @wildtot my daughter does that in the afternoons too, drives me nuts! I highly recommend the LilyPadz nursing pads, they’re soooo much more comfortable than the regular kind. I only wear “normal” nursing pads at night. 
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  • @comealongponds i tried the lily padz once but started detaching because it was just way too hot that day. I need to find a better statement with them because they wouldn’t stick well with my letdown and having to clean/dry them before reapplying was just too hard to deal with in public. Any tip?
  • @wildtot DD has been doing that lately also, she will also get frustrated while on the breast and pulling back/shaking as if she looking for it when its in her mouth. Sometimes I wonder if shes just wanting a letdown to happen because when it does she seems lerfety content and continues on like nothing. Interested to see what the LC says if you decide to visit on Monday
  • Milo does that too occasionally but I think it's when he is uncomfortable or readjusting. Frustrating because at times it takes a good 5 minutes just to latch.

    Question about nursing and bottle feeding. Should I assume it's a bad idea to top LO off with a few oz from a bottle? I could not handle cluster feeding this am and at some point I was so desperate I gave LO 2oz of pumped milk. It's not something I plan on doing every day, matter of fact I would like to Not have to do it ever, but do you think/know if it could cause confusion and potentially not encourage breastfeeeding? Am I being crazy?
  • Ugh my baby is having a tough time learning how to use his newly freed tongue. He’s nursed great earlier, then had bad swelling in his lip and was in pain, slept that off a few hours and was much better when he woke up, nursed well on one side, then I had to do those stupid stretches and when I tried to latch him on the other side he just refused and went to sleep. Fast forward to his first wake up of the night (2.5 hours later), and he suddenly forgot how to nurse. It took some time but I did finally get him to eat on both sides, it was not easy though. He couldn’t seem to remember what to do or how to latch, even though he was opening his mouth and had the nipple in his mouth. I am really hoping things get better,..I know it’s still very early and he needs to relearn how to nurse...but I’m scared I messed this up.  
  • @kissableviv what comes to mind about this for me is just that if it’s milk you didn’t just pump, you’re telling your boobs you don’t need as much milk as you do(if lo is interested in being topped off), The more you empty your breast the more milk it knows to make. 

    @wildtot my littles do the exact same behavior, it’s confusing and we both get frustrated so I’d be interested if you get feedback about what that means. I feel like it’s because they need a break or are trying to figure out if they are done. 

    @runsomewhere so happy to hear your journey has been more positive! 

    Im trying to nurse the boys at the same time tonight for hope of Better sleep. It takes coordination to tandem feed so I’m hoping I can do it and still be sleepy enough after to fall back asleep. Now if I can just get them moved into their bassinet without waking... haha 
  • @crabcake18 definitely a legitimate thought but this came after 4 hrs of cluster feeding :) so I want to think LO stimulated my boobs enough?? I'm producing well so I'm not too concerned about that although what you said definitely makes sense too...
  • @kissableviv I’ve been giving a bottle at least once a day during the time he either wants to feed every hour or part of his bedtime routine to get him to sleep longer. I usually pump one side while nursing on the other so I’m not too concerned in supply. I know that eventually it will taper off and not be an hourly thing. I can’t handle the hourly feeds sometimes. No nipple confusion here (bottles or paci) and didn’t have it with DS. 
  • @wildtot hm I’ve never had issues with them slipping in the heat...I clean them fully twice a day (AM & PM) with silicone sex toy cleaner, in between I just rinse as needed. I’ve had some leaking with letdowns but only while my supply was still regulating. 
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  • @kissableviv I’ve been introducing a bottle a day, so my hubby can feed DS and for DS to get ready when I go back to work in a few weeks. But I pump and then do that same bottle for the next feeding. I don’t think there is anything wrong with topping off as long as it’s temporary, so you your milk supply doesn’t change. 

    My LO was BF this morning just fine, then he pooped. (This happens about 99% of the time) only it was a really loud poop and he then vomited all the milk he just drank. He was nearly done with the feeding so it’s was somewhere between 2-3 oz. It scared the hell out of me because I didn’t expect it, and then I didn’t know what to do. I was covered, my bed was covered, LO was covered! After determining he wasn’t chocking, or sick. I took off Lo wet pj’s and continued feeding him after the initial shock wore off. That was a little intense. Anyone else have this with your Little’s? 
  • @catftm2018 DD hasn't done that to me yet but my twins had some epic projectile vomiting episodes when they were small. Straining/bearing down to poop increases pressure in the abdomen which can result in pretty awesome vomit fountains if their tummy is full!
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  • @catftm2018 my LO pukes up her feedings often. Its A LOT and I keep a towel on my bed because it happens so often, she has mild reflux though and never seems fussy so I clean her up, change her and then put her back on the breast. Her pedi said that while it looks like the entire feeding to us it's likely not and they actually did keep some of it in there, but to allow her to nurse if she is still interested and hungry. She takes the breast every time after and keeps going like nothing happened. We burp her then keep her upright for 30 minutes after her feeding and that has seemed to help a lot with the vomit although we still get spit up. I think it scares us more than it does them lol
  • @catftm2018 yup! Both of my babies have been big spitters, DS was even more projectile. It’s very scary the first few times- then it’s just messy! 

    @kbernal2021 your LO sounds like my DS! He would soak a spit rag every feeding, and we used prefold diapers 
  • @acunamatada I need to invest in the prefold diapers as burp clothes. DS never spit up as a baby so I didnt get many burp clothes this time around thinking I may never use them. Boy was I wrong I go through those things like nobody's business. For having reflux im just super thankful DD isnt fussy as a result!
  • @catftm2018 totally normal! My son was a “happy spitter” (pediatrition called it that lol). He would do it once every few days and OMG the mess was terrible! He only did it for a few months, thank goodness!

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  • @kbernal2021 they’re game changers! 
  • Yes, I love the Gerber thicker prefolds too for burp cloths! Only the double thickness ones though, I didn't like the singles.

    @catftm2018 I remember that my DD did something like that once.  She was so distraught/hungry that I ended up nursing her while she was in a diaper and I was only in my undies.  I was sitting in the chair in our bedroom, looked at DH and said something like "This is not how I pictured motherhood".  

    @kissableviv I wouldn't say there's anything wrong with topping off with a bottle.  Definitely keep in mind the potential supply impact (which adjusts all the time, so it's not "set") and also that the whole "you can't overfeed a breastfed baby" thing only applies when they're actually at the breast - they can overeat from a bottle, regardless of what's in it.

    As someone who pumped for 12 months, I'm not looking forward to breaking out my pump soon so that we can introduce bottles to LO.  
  • @catftm2018 I’d like to think you and I were experiencing the same things at the same time this AM.

    Ours was around our 3 am ish feeding, she was nursing well and I had just about stopped burping her and holy spit up. It went down my shoulder (thankfully covered with burp cloth), slid down my stomach (I was in nursing bra and shorts) and along my thigh and our recliner. I’ve been letting my DH sleep through these feedings since he’s back at work and we are currently exclusively BF, but I almost woke him because I didn’t know how to move without making the mess worse. The LO went straight to sleep after the episode so I didn’t want to risk agitating her as she seemed at peace. I thought she’d wake shortly after being put down since that for sure emptied her stomach, but she woke me up in her normal night 3 hour increment as though nothing had happened. 

    The first time mom in me was freaking out though because cause it was just soooo much! She’s been normal all AM and based on these comments it may be more normal than we thought. I love checking here before Google though, way more reassuring and positive. 
  • +1 for prefolds as burp cloths. That’s all we use 
  • Thank you all for telling me it’s normal! 
    @comealongponds @kbernal2021 @kmac103 @MichelleAG05  I had the same thought! Lol

    @natalie_1989 Glad to know it happened to you too. Fellow ftm here lol every day we learn something new!
  • Hi everyone! sorry ive been distant for a week, LO and i had a few medical issues after birth, but all good now.  theres 500 comments on this board and i havnt been able to catch up so apologies if this was asked but does anyone have a recc or use milk savers/breast shell collection cups? for the other breast while nursing or pumping? there are so many. i tried the avent ones and they were awkward.
  • @babygagnon2018 I’ve been using the haakaa and works pretty well 
  • I am having a hard time not being super worried and trying to decide if I need to supplement formula. I have no one to call because its a damn Saturday, though if it comes down to it I can probably call the hospital and be like, HELP ME. 

    My 3 day old hasn't pooped since 4am yesterday, so 4am Friday morning. He pooped a TON in day 1, so technically he has pooped one diaper for every day of his life. But they were all meconium. Since my milk came in yesterday afternoon, no poop, and just 1 pee diaper. I'm worried our latch is so bad that he's not getting enough milk, even though my boobs went from full to not full and he still woke up every hour to feed from 3 am on, giving me a break at 7 and going a stretch of 3 at that point. I pumped at 10 to give my tore up nips a break and only got a 1/2  ounce between two boobs, and after I fed him that I still had to give him the one boob, and I did see some swallows. The internet says that I should call the doc if he goes 3 days without pooping because it might mean he's not getting enough to eat. But he's also not peeing. He lost 8% of his body weight before leaving the hospital (on day 2) and only 3% of that was the second day, so his weight loss slowed.  

    Basically, questions are: Anyone else have some anecdotal experience with this, the lack of dirty diapers? And shouldn't I be getting more than half an ounce between two boobs for 10 minutes of pumping on each side? After THREE HOURS of no action? I'm just worried and frustrated that I can't really call anyone and we don't see a pediatrician til Monday afternoon.
  • @SmashJam we had the EXACT same problem. LO pooped 4-5 times in the first 24 hours, then went 72 hours without pooping. I spoke with the NP on call at our pediatrician and she said that as long as he was having pee diapers, that it was okay. Baby's tummy is only the size of a cherry so don't stress about pumped volume. 

    My milk came in about 72 hours after birth and he finally pooped again about 24 hours later. He emptied himself so much in the hospital that he needed that extra fluid (other than colostrum) to be able to pass more.

    Send me a message on Facebook if you have any questions! The app doesn't notify me about PMs ....
  • @SmashJam I would call the hospital and ask for the LC. Here you can call anytime after discharge and speak with them if you have any questions or concerns, otherwise I would call your on call pediatrician. DD slowed down on her poops also a few days after birth but didnt go 24 hours without one. As far as pee diapers go I believe the rule of thumb is 5-6 wet diapers a day once your milk is in, before that I think one a day is considered normal. My babies always had more than that though so for me I would probably call.
  • @smashjam if you’re worried you should be able to call your pedi’s office and speak to an on call doc or nurse. Otherwise I’d see if there’s a lactation consultant you can see this weekend, they could do a weighted feed and put your mind at ease. I’d say watch to make sure he isn’t looking yellow, and I’d probably call tomorrow if still no pee or poop diaper. My baby took a whole day after my milk came in to finally pee, but once that happened he became a pee machine very quickly. I think on day 3 you just need one pee and one poop. And his tummy is tiny so don’t fret over the amount you’re pumping. Go by diapers at this point. 
  • @SmashJam I would call the on call team and see what they say.

    @zande2016 we started with our new LC yesterday, she was a referral from the doc that did our tongue tie and she showed me a way to do the main tongue stretch in a much more gentle way when LO is sleeping. So much less stress. I need to get some video of it to share.
  • Agreed about not worrying about how much you are pumping and go by diapers. My LO also pooped a lot of meconium in the beginning and was a bit slower to catch up on the diapers but he did. Seems like the pp advice is great, just see if the hospital will help and at the same time think of calling the on call pedi. Hugs mama!
  • @noideawhatshesdoing oooh yes I’d love to see. I hate the stretches and always questions if I’m doing it right. If I’m genetle enough he doesn’t cry, but then I’m paranoid I’m being too gentle. 
  • Yes @wildtot! Little guy pulls and wiggles like a worm. Hurts like hell!
  • Thanks for all the replies guys! I called the nurse hotline and the LC is supposed to call me back, but I did chat with the nurse a bit. The nurse said nothing about supplementing but said I should do what I have to do to make it through the weekend and make me feel better. @MichelleAG05 thanks for sharing that info, it makes sense. I would say in his first day at the hospital he had like, 6 meconium diapers and several pees, and it hasn't been 24 hours since my milk came in yet, so maybe its the same story. He peed at 11 last night so I guess that was yesterdays diaper that just means he hasn't had one yet today, with plenty of time to go. So I guess if he poops I can be at ease, here's hoping the LC says the same when she calls back!
  • Glad you called and I hope you hear back from the LC soon! And hopefully he poops soon for ya too.

     My LO will still (at 3 weeks) occasionally go 1-2 days without pooping and then will have 3-5 dirty diapers a day for several days. Freaks me out but his pefpediatric says there's nothing to be worried about.
  • @smashjam I believe it’s normal for BF babies to go several days without pooping.  I think it’s worth checking in with the LC since you’re concerned but I wouldn’t worry about it.  Just keeping putting baby to breast as much as possible.  Also, how much you’re pumping is not necessarily reflective of how much is there. Babies are usually much more efficient at getting milk out than a pump
  • @SmashJam my baby transferred about 1 oz at 5 days old so that pumped amount sounds good to me. I’m sure everything is ok. 
  • @SmashJam one thing to watch out for is orange crystals in babies diapers. It indicates concentrated urine. In my experience, it’s fine for days 1-3 but day 4, it should go away. This was a huge dehydration indicator that I didn’t know about. My LO ended up back in the hospital day 4-5 because he was badly jaundiced, my milk came in late, I didn’t know that it was supposed to come in by a certain day. But we also had the RH factor and LO started not latching or waking up at all for feedings (so bad we would use ice cubes to make him uncomfortable and he still wouldn’t wake up) so it was the perfect storm. 

    It sounds like your LO is still eating so as long as you are getting pee diapers you should be ok. 
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