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  • @MRDCle it changed my username “yay”
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  • Hi all! According to LMP, I’m due on March 30, but last pregnancy I measured ahead a bit. Decided to join April 2019 because I’m kind of straddling the line. We have the first ultrasound on August 13. 

    I have an almost-two-year-old DD. I had GD last time, and lots of skin issues because my hormones went haywire. That looks to be happening again. Lucky me. 
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  • Hi! My EDD is April 11th. I have one DD who is 5. I got my BFP yesterday. My husband apparently knocked me up within an hour of getting my iud taken out so this pregnancy is a bit surprising
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  • Hello! Congratulations to you all!

    This will be our second baby and we’re so excited. Our daughter is 3 and we’ve been trying again for about 2 years, so I’m thrilled to be here! I think EDD will end up being around 4/13.
  • Welcome everyone and congrats!!! 

    That's crazy @whiterabbit646.  Must have been perfect timing.
    Me: 31
    H: 36
    L & N twin girls: 3yo. Born at 30 weeks. 2 month NICU stay
    BFP Aug 2018: EDD April 2019
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  • Hi everyone! I got my BFP a week ago after having no cycle for a month after my IUD was removed. Same camp as @whiterabbit646 I am thrilled it happened so quickly, but am still in a state of shock. I have a DD who is 4 and another DD who is 21 months. 
    Me (35) & DH (35)
    Married: August 2009
    DD #1 born 6/12/14
    DD #2 born 10/31/16
    BFP 7/26/18 - EDD 4/6/19
  • Welcome Everyone that’s new I’m new as well and Introduced myself earlier congratulations to you all!!
  • Due date is April 11th! I had an IVF transfer last month and got my BFP 4 days after. I’ve had both my betas and things are looking great!!!! 
    I have a 6 year old son and 2 surrogate babies, this being the third of it continues to stick! 
  • @50Wife we transferred on the same day!!!!!! Goodluck! IVF is rough!!!
  • Congrats and welcome to all the new members!

    Oh my gosh, that's crazy @whiterabbit646!  You guys had perfect timing.

    Yay to the IVF ladies! 

    Happy and healthy nine months to all of us :smile:.
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  • Hi! My due date right now is April 9th. 28 years old, TTC 2 years, early loss last year and finally a positive with first iui success! I feel so lucky and so grateful, I’ve been waiting for this every month and I just can’t wait to get past the first ultrasound- I’ll feel much better. Just trying to be positive and take it day by day, numbers are good so far though!
  • IUI success for me too! I couldn’t believe it! Congrats 
  • Hi Ladies! 
    My EDD is April 5th. Just found out this morning! Im so excited. My husband and I have a 2.5 year old. I loved being pregnant last time. I'm looking forward to the journey all over again!
  • @hcr0322 this was our first IUI success as well. So excited and so nervous at the same time. I keep saying "ill feel better when my numbers come back."... then "ill feel better when the numbers double"... now "ill feel better when I see him/he/them." And im sure this pattern will continue. Congratulations 
  • My EDD is April 4th! This will be our first baby ❤️ We have one angel baby so I’m nervous and praying for a healthy baby! 
  • @sespence217 hey! I'm due same day and same situation! 
  • HEY EVERYONE!!! Congratulations to us all❤️ I’m a STM have a DD (10 months old) and my EDD is April 10!!! So excited to begin this journey with you all 
  • Hi ladies! I'm 29 and have a DD who is almost 2. My EDD is April 8th!
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  • EDD 4/6/19, have a 2.5 year old lil girl! So excited!!!
  • Hi everyone! EDD April 16th. I have a 2 year old daughter. Got my BFP on Wednesday and am very excited about my little diamond! 
  • Hey y’all! I’m Ashley. I am a dermatology nurse from Kentucky. I currently have 3 girls from a previous marriage. They are 6,3, and 2. My boyfriend and I found out this week we’re expecting our own little bundle of joy April. Edd is 04/09/2019. 
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  • Yeeee!! I can't actually believe I'm posting in here. Due sometime mid-April with our first!  :o 
    DH doesn't know yet as he's traveling for work for another few days and I want to tell him in person. I'll update my actual due date once I have an appointment, here's to a healthy next few weeks!
  • Congratulations ladies!!! 
  • Welcome and congrats to all the new April mamas!
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  • Hi all! EDD is April 3rd, I have a 2 year old son. So excited to be with you all on this journey. 
  • Hey everyone! Congratulations on all the BFP! 

    Im jess! I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter & are expecting our baby number two April 16th! So excited to be back on the bump boards! 
  • Hi! I’ve been on here for a couple days but it only just now is allowing me to respond :smiley: I’m becca, this is my first pregnancy and my pets can totally tell! I think they know because they’ve been really clingy! Anyway, according to LMP (and the days we dtd) I’m due April 6 :smile: I’m so happy so have this community! It’s fun seeing everyone’s introductions! Congrats to all! 
  • Hi all!
    So excited to be here! This will be baby number 3.  I have two girls at home, ages 2 and 4.  My eldest was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 2 and has an MRI scan coming up that I’m trying not to stress about.  I’m not entirely sure when I’m due because I have irregular cycles.  I would be about April 15 by my lmp but I’m positive I ovulated later because I just got a BFP yesterday after many BFNs last week. Excited to meet you all!
  • @heim0117 Welcome and congrats!  We have the same age daughters.  I have two as well - age 4 and 21 months.  I'm so excited (and frightened) to be adding to the clan.  Good luck with the MRI, I can't even imagine how stressful that is.  We'll be thinking about you!
    Me (35) & DH (35)
    Married: August 2009
    DD #1 born 6/12/14
    DD #2 born 10/31/16
    BFP 7/26/18 - EDD 4/6/19
  • Hi everyone! I’m Courtney and this is my first pregnancy! EDD is April 4th and I’m so excited but incredibly nervous! Every little twinge makes me think something is wrong so it’s nice to be able to chat with other moms who are about as far along as I am!
  • Thanks @socks2819!  The MRI is so stressful but trying to stay positive! So fun that our kiddos are all the same ages!!!
  • @heim0117, I can't even imagine how stressful and scary that would be.  Fingers crossed for you.

    @Cmeise31, congratulations and welcome!  The April 2014 board was so helpful to me when I was pregnant with my first.  I hope we can be a good (and reassuring) resource for you!
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  •  Hi! My name is Jodie. EDD April 2nd. This my 2nd pregnancy but first ended in miscarriage so we are hoping this time around goes better. Im looking forward to the support from everyone and journey all going be on for next 9 months!.

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