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JLaVO888JLaVO888 member
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Borrowed this idea from some of the other BMBs. 
Everyone should be able to access the spreadsheet through google docs and add your information. 

***If you make changes to the document while you are singed into your google account, your name may show up at the top of the spreadsheet. To avoid this, log out of your google account on the device you are using before you make any edits.***

Screen name
Other Children
Team Blue/Pink/Green (can update as we know)

If you are unable to access the spreadsheet, post your info below and I can update for you.
Also, you can leave out any information that you do not feel comfortable sharing (location or other children).

Re: March Spreadsheet

  • navetenavete member
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    @JLaVO888 Thanks for getting this started!

    @BumpAdmin sticky please  :)
  • @navete Are you able to edit it? I need a test subject to make sure I set it up correctly. 
  • @JLaVO888 my app is being weird when I try to get it.  So maybe you can just add my info?  Thanks...

    EDD 3/2/19 (need to confirm because went off the pill mid-pack)
    Age 35
    Santa Cruz, CA
    currently have four boys and 1 girl
    Team Green (haven’t decided if we’re finding out; might just be Team Green this time!)
    Laura, mom of:
    James (14)
    William (13)
    Elise (11)
    Zachary (5)
    George (3) [making the blog private.  PM me if you want to subscribe]
  • navetenavete member
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    @JLaVO888 I’m having trouble editing on mobile. Prompts me to use the Sheets app but then nothing happens when I click “Get the App” (SS in spoiler). Will try on my laptop and let you know.

  • @navete Same thing happened to me on Mobile. Worked fine when I was on my laptop though.
  • navetenavete member
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    @JLaVO888 OK, I was able to easily make edits from my computer. Would you add to the instructions that users need to sign out of their personal Google accounts before writing, if they want to remain anonymous? I can take SS from my phone to show how to do that.
  • Is my info shown? I didn't think about that.
  • navetenavete member
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    edited July 2018
    @JLaVO888 Just shows your screen name (JLa V0888) but it does link to your Google + page. Doesn't show any personal info except for your profile photo.

    ETA: SS of where to log out of Google account before editing. If you've logged out, it'll say "Sign In" as shown in the spoiler below. You can continue to edit as an anonymous user.

  • @navete Thanks! I logged out and then made some changes and now it shows edits made by anonymous. Do you think the directions I added are clear enough?
  • navetenavete member
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    @JLaVO888 Perfect; I think that's pretty clear!
  • @BumpAdmin A sticky would be wonderful! 
  • Thank you for organizing this! just updated my info! 
    11/2010 Diagnosed with PCOS 
    10/31/11 M/C at 9 weeks
    1/12/13 DD was born
    4/9/16 DS was born 
    9/17 CP 
    6/23/18 BFP EDD 3/4/19 

  • Hi can you please add me to the sheet? 
    S/n: cdub4292
    EDD: 3/5/19
    age: 28
    location: philadelphia, pa
    other children: DS-4yo
    gender: waiting until birth! 
  • Screen name: Sweetest116
    EDD: 3/20/19
    Other Children: 2012 boy and 2014 girl
    Team Blue/Pink/Green (can update as we know): team green!
    <3 Baby #1 BFP 6/10/2011-EDD 2/19/2012-DS Born 2/10/2012!
    :'(  CP BFP 1/6/2013-EDD 9/19/2013-CP 1/9/2013
    <3 Baby #2 BFP 1/3/2014-EDD 9/12/2014 -DD Born 9/10/2014!
    <3 Baby #3 BFP 7/8/2018-EDD 3/17/2019-Team Green!

  • Hello!

    Can you add for me please?

    EDD: March 3rd
    35 years old 
    North Andover, MA
    Erik 8/7/15 & Audie 3/28/17
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  • Add me too, please! (I can’t get it to let me edit, either)

    EDD: 3/5
    29 years old
    Fall 2016 DD
    Team: Finding out!

  • Can't get it to work on my phone. Can you add me too?

    EDD: 3/10
    31 years old
    DS - 18 months
  • From mobile it tends to not want to work but I got everyone added. If there is anyone else having problems, I don't mind at all adding for you as well. 
  • Twiggster
    29 yo
    DD:3 DS:2 DD: 10 mo
    IAmPregnant Ticker
  • Can you please add me, too?? 

    EDD: 3/11 on fertility friend (ovulation based) or 3/6 on p tracker (LMP based) - I'll update you after my first US! 
    27 yo
    This is our first baby! 
    Team finding out - as my mom says, it will be a surprise either way at this point! 

  • I'd love to be added as well! 

    EDD March 3rd
    Age 31
    Location New Jersey
    No Other Children
    Team "Finding Out"! 
  • I'd like to be added please.
    EDD: 3/2/19
    Location: Illinois
    DS:10, DD:8, DS:3, DS:1
    Team finding out
  • Thank you for adding those of us on mobile!!
    EDD: 3/13/18
    Location: Virginia 
    Team finding out
  • Quick question, what is the purpose of this spreadsheet? I'm very new here and new to all of this pregnancy business. If someone could explain I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!! 
  • Thank you for your help with mobile!

    EDD: 3/2
    29 years old
    Team: Finding out!
  • @valentynsi It makes it easier to keep everyone organized in your mind as we get to know each other. Then as due dates approach it’s really nice to see who is due and who has had their baby without having to keep asking that person all the time. The boards can get really filled up so it just makes it easier to keep track of who is who and who is having what when. 
  • I know you had it so organized, but my doctor updated me at my ultrasound yesterday, my due date is different than what I originally figured out, so I changed my due day :smile:
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  • No worries! I can easily sort the list with the click of one button! 
  • Please add me to the spreadsheet

    EDD - 3/9 (I expect this will change once I see my Dr)
    39 years old
    Norfolk, VA 
    No other kids
    Finding out
  • Can you please add me? 

    EDD- 8 march 
    A 2 yr old DS
    Team green

    Little boy due July 31st 2016

  • novelblessings
    EDD 3/3
    33 years old
    DD 4 years old
    Team Finding Out! 
    Dx: Non-IR PCOS
    Baby Girl K #1 Born 3/8/14
    Baby Girl K #2 EDD 3/3/19
  • @ADreamMrs Here is the spreadsheet 
  • So I’m on mobile and thought I’d have made it to my computer by now to update clearly that’s not happening ... can you add me please. 

    EDD 3/7
    32 years old 
    DS 16 months old
    Team Finding Out
  • Please add me:

    EDD 3/8/19
    Age 33
    Location-Oklahoma, USA
    DD 3 years old
    Finding out the gender eventually.
  • Please add me, thanks!
    Screen name zionsmama85
    EDD  3/17 
    Age 32
    Location --
    Other Children- DS (9)
    Team Blue/Pink/Green- TBD
  • @alalauren15  @cdiddy81 Something happened to your due dates on the spreadsheet. 
  • Please add me too!
    Age 34
    Other children: DS 11, DD 7, DD 2
    Team Green ALL THE WAY
  • Can you please add me? I'm having issues trying to update.

    Screen name - WhitePicketFence
    EDD - 03.03.19
    Age - 34
    Location - Pennsylvania
    Other Children - DD1 (8 yrs), DD2 (6 yrs), DD3 (4 yrs)
    Team Blue/Pink/Green (can update as we know) - Guess we'll find out!
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  • Hi! Would you please add me to the list?

    EDD - 3/8/19
    43 years old
    No other kids
    Finding out
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