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Hospital Bags

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It's almost time to start packing those bags! What will you be packing?

STMs, what are some items you think should definitely be in those bags? Anything you packed but could have skipped?

FTMs, do you have any questions about items you want to bring? 

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Re: Hospital Bags

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  • Travel size toiletries, fresh tooth brush, hair brush, coming home outfit for baby, underwear, pajamas for me, coming home outfit for me. I'll also add extra phone chargers in there.

    My "maybe" items are long wrap and a book.

    I highly suggest you don't take anything that you are worried about losing or getting blood on. And ditto about skipping post partum supplies and diapers. 
  • Oh good point @arbell615! I’ll definitely bring a nursing pillow this time. The hospital pillows are not at all supportive!
  • @jhjocelyn I definitely didn't wear pants for days! People kept coming in to check on my incision and other things, and they would have been a big hassle to deal with. 
  • I can't remember what I brought last time but this time here is my plan for this time

    Me: basic toiletries, 2 nursing tanks, gym shorts, maybe some sort of dress for labor? I really hated the gown (I'll check with the doctor), music didn't really work for me last time so I'm going to try and watch a movie, flip flops, phone charger, camera

    Baby: a newborn outfit and a 0-3 mo outfit, blanket for the car

    DH: he is on his own ;)

    Hospital gave us: everything baby needed while staying (plus stuff to take home), post partum care items for me, food for me and DH
  • I tried to be minimal the 2nd time around, and I’ll definitely do the same this time!

    Pretty Pushers delivery gown (this was gifted to me and was AWESOME for delivering DD2!)
    Robe (I splurged on a pretty one this time!)
    flip flops
    basic toiletries/make up
    hair ties
    nursing tanks (I wear tank, robe and mesh unders during my stay)
    pillow in a recognizable pillowcase (I don’t actually remember if we brought our own pillows, but they are nice to have!)

    Going home outfit

    Swaddle (mine matches my robe)
    Going home outfit with head accessory
    Mini baby soap (I don’t use Johnson & Johnson)
    Boppy pillow

    (mine isn’t a snacker, so we didn’t bring snacks, and he found going to the cafe a nice distraction if needed)

    Long charger
    Photos of big siblings to have displayed when they meet baby (we taped ours in the bassinet)
    Big sibling gift (sticker books they can do in the hospital are awesome!)
    Headphones (because one of you are usually awake and that way you can hold your new babe and quietly watch a show while your partner sleeps!)
    Extra bag for all the supplies the hospital will give you!

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  • Where are y’all getting these mesh undies? Are they like hiking ones? 

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    RE Dx: MFI, Unilateral Tubal Blockage
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  • @SkilledSailor think disposable. The ones they give you in the hospital stretch to fit you and you just toss them when they're gross. Also some women use depends as an option too.

  • yes! re: mesh undies.. can a STM mom pls fill me in on this? I want to be as kind to myself down there as possible and if they are tolerable after birth I must have them! 
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  • The mesh underwear was provided by my hospital.

    Anything "consumable" that is put in your room and opened (diapers, wipes, tucks pads, regular pads, mesh underwear, etc.) cannot be given to another patient so I took it ALL home. A friendly nurse will usually bring you extras too if you ask.
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  • Note to self: ask birthing center if they provide these magical mesh underpants

    Me: 28   H:30
    TTC #1 Since 5/17
    BFP 7/14/17 - CP
    RE Dx: MFI, Unilateral Tubal Blockage
    12/17 - Clomid + TI
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    Ladies, if you're so inclined, pack some treats for your labor and delivery nurses. My husband came up with that idea first time around. He brought big bags of candy. Offered some to every nurse that walked in the room. He really shmoozed. It doesnt hurt to suck up to the people who you bother constantly while in labor.
    Are you a nurse by chance? :lol:
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  • Mesh undies are provided by the hospital. 

    I only wear them in the hospital. They make my skin itch the longer I wear them. I thought I’d be in them all the time after DS. Nope. I lasted one day at home before I just wore my own. Same after DD. They made my skin itch. 
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  • I'm delivering in a birth center that's thankfully a straight shot down the highway from us, but quite literally across town. The midwifes said if all goes well we could be headed home in as little as 3 hours after birth if I want, but also said we're welcome to stay and nap and shower if I want to. Knowing myself, I'll want to go home ASAP (boyfriend has no say in this matter  :D ) So with that I'm planning to be a minimalist, but still avoid any stops at a store or having to run back home. And we'll still prepared if (worst case scenario) I have to transfer to the hospital. My last one was in a hospital and I over packed for myself, but was so thankful for the extra newborn clothes I had. He was so little and the diapers the hospital provided weren't fitting him well, every single one leaked.

    I'll pack 1 bag for baby and I. 
    So for myself I'll have:
    -extra nursing bra (I'm already wearing them because comfy)
    -swim top for the birthing pool
    -nursing tank/shirt to go home in
    -robe for labor and post delivery
    -high rise yoga pants/maternity leggings. With my last anything that sat low around my midsection was uncomfortable for a few days. 
    -snacks easy on the tummy (with previous labor I was super nauseous, so be mindful of what you bring!)
    -32oz shaker bottle for water and protein powder
    -possibly essential oils, I need to check what my midwife and doula have on hand for births
    -mesh undies and pads. May go the depends route if Amazon doesn't have what I'm looking for
    -phone charger & headphones (I always have one in both vehicles so not a big concern)
    -CAMERA! I love my Canon and it'll be handy for those first few photos. My doula is also a professional photographer and said she'd be happy to snap a few nice photos with mine. 

    For baby:
    -2 onesies, 1 body suit for the trip home, 1 hat, and blanket for swaddling. 
    -diapers & wipes

    And for the super low maintenance boyfriend:
    -extra change of clothes
    -snacks, snacks, snacks
    -shaker bottle

    I really like the idea of having snacks for everyone else involved! In our case once we're at the birth center I'll have the same 3 midwifes + my doula, regardless of how long labor and delivery take. I might have to prepare something ahead of time for them. Any ideas?!
  • I haven't really thought about my hospital bag, but that's one of the reasons I'm so thankful for this board! Do you guys think it would be reasonable to register for the hospital dresses/gown like the pretty pushers that @MrsBigTime referred to? If you think it's tacky, maybe I'll just order it myself, but on Amazon they advertise it as a good baby shower gift...
  • @MrsBigTime I’ve seen some people say they preferred the hospital gown because birth is messy. Did you keep your pretty pusher? Any issues getting it clean? I feel like I want one, especially so I am not in a blah hospital gown through labor if it is a long labor. Plus, sometimes just being in something cute can make all the difference in how you feel in general.
  • If I end up with a hospital birth I'm at least bringing a cheap nightgown I don't care if needs to be cut up, but I hate hospital gowns with a passion.They're uncomfortable, hit me in throat which makes me gag, and just so...demoralizing. But I'm hoping to just wear what I want at home for birth, so I'm not investing in a pretty gown now.
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  • I wore the hospital hounds through labor, and then my own clothes in recovery. My (induced) labor lasted days before it ended in a c-section and I had no issues with the hospital gowns...there were a million docs and nurses checking things and tubes and monitors everywhere and I was just generally gross...I would have felt grosser in my own clothes. 
  • @arbell615 I love that you’re a musical therapist! Music plays a huge role in my life as well. Would you mind sharing your playlist? I put H on that for labor, but would like to have a couple options since who knows what I will want to listen to when it’s actually happening.

    About the mesh undies- Has anyone watched Ali Wong’s new Netflix special? She was talking about the mesh undies and how the hospital is the ONLY place that has them. I plan to take as many as I can. But if anyone finds something similar, let me know. I would like to just wash once maybe and then throw them out. (That’s assuming I have that many!)

    Regarding the pushers, or any new robe.. they sound nice and comfortable.. but I would have a hard time getting one and then bleeding all over it and possibly ruining it in the first 24 hours.  

  • stothi said:
    Ladies, if you're so inclined, pack some treats for your labor and delivery nurses. My husband came up with that idea first time around. He brought big bags of candy. Offered some to every nurse that walked in the room. He really shmoozed. It doesnt hurt to suck up to the people who you bother constantly while in labor.
    Snacks, gifts, whatever for the nurses sure, but "suck up to the people who you 'bother' constantly while in labor"!? F*@$ that noise. We're in labor and it's literally their job. You aren't "bothering" your labor and delivery nurses by asking them to assist you during labor and delivery. They aren't doing you a favor. You don't owe them one. It's nice to be nice and I totally support that, but hell f-ing no I am not going to feel obligated to bribe them to do their job nor do I accept that my being in labor at the hospital in the labor and delivery ward is a 'bother' to anyone. It's literally the only reason that place exsits. For women to go there and have babies.
    So yes, snacks and gifts are nice but no you are not "bothering" the nurses.
    P.S. I also think the 40k+ check that my insurance company cut the hospital was a pretty good thank you all on its own.
    Totally agree. You shouldn't have to bribe your nurses to be treated well.

    I was nice to my nurses. I was polite and respectful. That's all I needed to receive excellent care. Except from that one nurse who I think was having personal issues take over her work life because they apologized and sent her home early.
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    @arbell615 I love what you're describing with your playlists. If you use spotify at all, do you have any playlists you can recommend for active labor and pushing?
  • I wasn't even thinking about the pretty pusher for labor. A lot of the reviews say people wore them after giving birth while they were still in the hospital because it gives easier access to the baby for skin-to-skin and nursing, and to the doctors to check any incisions/wounds, while still providing some modesty while you have guests. Maybe a regular nightgown would be just as good?
  • @runninginva I think a regular nightgown, especially a nursing nightgown, is good for after labor. Still easy access for docs and nurses to check the bottom half, and for you to access and bare your top half! You can also wear it after you leave the hospital. 
  • Silly question bc I know everyone and every birth is different. But ideally, for a textbook birth, how long would someone have to stay in the hospital? In the grand scheme of things this is not something I should be worried about but I hate hospitals and I’m really terrified at having to stay overnight in one. 
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