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  • So AF came Friday afternoon and it was a real let down. I don't think they negatives or failed rounds ever get any easier. We will start a new round tomorrow and I honestly just don't feel very optimistic that this is going to happen anytime soon. I don't know any who, I hope you other ladies are having a good month and we get some BFPs!
  • @wine_mama16 I'm so sorry! But I am so glad you're trying again! Hopefully the next time you get that BFP. I'm on 8dpiui so I'll find out soon. Sending you tons of hugs and loves. I'll be checking the message boards!
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  • @wine_mama16 I am so sorry to hear! What number try was this for you? These rejections are so hard, but keep your spirits up. That is good news that you can immediately start the next month. I usually get benched. Hope the next one is successful. 
  • I had my IUI 6 days ago and it is killing me to not take a pregnancy test!  I have had some cramping and some nausea but nothing other than that...  This waiting is driving me crazy!
    Me: 40, AMH 0.4  DH: 32
    Married: 7/30/17
    TTC since: 4/2017
    IUI #1: planned for 4/2018 - cancelled due to insufficient follicle size/growth.  :(
    IUI #2: 5/22/18 - BFN
    IUI #3: 6/22/18
    BFP: 7/4/18
  • @jules3978 Me too! I wanted to peak today since it is DPO10 and my wedding anniversary tomorrow (7 years... whooo) but my husband made me promise to wait until DPO14. I usually get AF on DPO10, though Clomid can push it to DPO12. I have a bad feeling this month didn’t work out though, since I don’t feel anything in my uterus. 
  • torrentwavetorrentwave member
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    So I gave in and tested at 10dpIUI  this morning I got 2 lines but I don't know if it is a bfp or if I still have the trigger. But I am going to test Thursday and Saturday and do a beta if the line is still there.My DH doesn't want to get his hopes up so we aren't 
  • @torrentwave That is auspicious!!! Hoping it stays that way. 
  • Thank you I hope so.  I've tested on a 10diui last time and I got a negative. So hopefully I'm wanting this more than anything. I need the support @scully127
  • Whelp. I am out this month too - and on my wedding anniversary of all days. Only got to DPIUI 11. Though I am sad, I managed to avoid crying, since I am now planning a trip in November to New Zealand to get my mind off this stuff (at least now I know I won’t be in third trimester). My husband also shared wise words with me. My husband and I got past some amazing odds in life to be together by God’s grace, so he reminded me that He isn’t going to abandon us either on this struggle. Wise words. I sometimes wonder why everything needs to be a struggle and a fight for us, but life is a mystery. 
  • @scully127 I am so sorry you found out on your anniversary!  But if you try again let me know,  I know a friend of mine lived there for a year in NZ you'll love it. Stay strong and be safe. I hate that wonderful women have to be so strong for something that shouldn't be.  Sending loves and hugs. Your DH is super wise don't give up! 
  • @torrentwave thank you and I hope your BFP stayed and this is your time!

    @scully127 This was the second cycle I've done and I'm entering into my 3rd. I turned 30 yesterday and I was really hoping to get a BFP before my big birthday! I'm so sorry you got bad news on your anniversary, but Happy Anniversary!

    I'm trying to stay positive, but it's getting harder and harder. We are going to a wedding in St. Louis, flying there tomorrow and be out of town all weekend. I'm hoping this break from reality will help me relax a little and maybe this will help my chances this time! My dr put me on clomid and dexamethasone with no femara this time in hopes my follicles grow this time! in the past two cycles he believed femara stunted the follicle growth. I dunno time will tell.
  • Hello Everyone!

    I'm sorry we've all found each other here, but overall I'm glad to see the support!

    My husband and I are 13DPO after our 2nd IUI. Last month the IUI was obviously negative, but before that we also did IVF. I was pregnant and then miscarried at 7 weeks. We have been working through male factor infertility, which is why we had to jump right to IVF. However, this year his numbers started getting a lot better, which made us candidates for IUI! Overall, this is awesome, because we don't have to pay for another IVF. My fingers and toes are crossed to see positives for not just me, but many people on here!

    Symptoms so far are all very scattered. Most of the time when I'm moving I don't notice a thing, but when I'm laying still or sitting down, I become very aware of my uterus. Almost like the dull "full" feeling you get in your lower abdomen when you have to pee. My boobs are tender, a bit, but holy cow I have mood swings!! Emotional all the time. Not sure if all of this is the progesterone tricking me into thinking I'm pregnant. 

    I go in for blood work on Friday morning, and I will listen to the voicemail Friday afternoon, after work. 

    Good luck everyone!
  • @wine_mama16 I was put on femara 3 times a day and trigger the day before the IUI in the morning instead of 2days the night before so I went in 24 hours after indmstead of 36 and it helped my follicles, but I think it depends on the body as well. But I HOPE SO MUCH IT WORKS FOR YOU. I want to do a pt tomorrow (doing it every other day) to make sure it's still going. This is the longest time HCG has been in my body so I really want it to work. Thank goodness I started 2 more classes in school to keep me busy, but I wanted to check in on you guys! 

    @laurenray91I hope this is your time! My official day is Saturday so crossing my fingers for you.  You have been through so much already as well. I want the best for everyone it helps to bring some positivity. Keep us updated
  • jennylorensonjennylorenson member
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    Good Morning!

    I am so sorry to hear of the BFN's this month.  I know too well the cautious optimism you employ to keep yourself sane, but the hope sneaks in and cripples you.  This journey seems so unfair, but I keep searching for the silver lining and the strength I know I can take from it.  

    @scully127 your DH sounds wonderful and also sounds like you have a similar story to ours.  I said that very thing to him, "Why must every path be so difficult for us?"  We have certainly learned a lot about each other and the strength of our relationship (as well as the weaknesses).  I am sending you the absolute best!

    @wine_mama16 I'm so sorry for your pain!  Hang in there, you are strong and doing all the right things!

    Sending strength, comfort, and hope to all of you!

    Not sure how to do this, but I did receive a BFP this month!  I am currently 5 weeks and go for my first ultrasound on June 20.  This was our 25th cycle of trying, one month after laproscopic surgery, 6th IUI, and first IUI with clomid, menopur, and a trigger shot.

    I am struggling because I want to be excited, but I am SO SCARED!  I know the early risks and I just can't seem to chill out.  I am so happy we got this far, and not sure how we will take it if it doesn't stick.  RIght now, I am trying to stay relaxed, exercise, and sleep.  :)

    Thank you for all of your support!  It has helped tremendously and I hope I can be there for all of you, too!  Sending so much love and strength your way!

  • @jennylorenson Congrats!!!  I am sitting here at the doctor’s office waiting for my Day 3 ultrasound, so reading your post made me so happy and gives me so much hope. You went through a lot. I hope the pregnancy continues to go well, and that we won’t see you on this board anymore (though you are always welcome to come back and commiserate with us, hehe). 
  • @scully127 Thank you so much!  We did the day 3 ultrasound this month and had really great luck!  We didn't have ultrasounds when we were just on clomid, but once we did clomid and injectables, they checked my follicles.  Hoping this does the trick for you and sending so much positive energy your way!
  • Thanks. Unfortunately I was benched again this month due to three cysts based on today’s scan. I went to the office with that news and a partner asked if I was okay as I looked upset. I started to cry, so I told her privately about my struggles with infertility. She is 8 months pregnant, so she told me that her baby is an IVF baby! She was also a bit emotional thinking about her journey, so it was nice to find someone else who struggled with this. 
  • 14 dpiui took a test this morning and it came out negative. Guarantee tomorrow AF will start as it always does. I just am so disappointed that an allergy can keep you from doing this the way it was intended. I feel so let down.
    @jennylorenson congrats and good luck on your pregnancy

    @scully127 I'm benched as well but it's more due to financial issues so maybe we can try again later. IDK when but hopefully.
  • @jennylorenson  Congrats! I understand the fear in the preciousness of a pregnancy! Keep moving forward and stay confident!

    I'm so sorry for those who have disappointing news this month. It always feels like there are so many failures an struggles until there is a light. It's hard to keep motivated, but let's try our best to!

    We had a BFN for our IUI. Pretty disappointed, but I am hopeful for another round. I am going on the BCpill this month so I can "time" my Day 1 of my cycle in July, then we will do another monitored IUI. In the past 2 IUI's I've just done an OPK and called when I got a smiley face, then they'd do the IUI in 24 hours. I advocated to move to something a bit more precise and aggressive. From what I understand, I will be on injections to stimulate a couple follicles, and then ultrasounds and bloodwork to monitor the progress, then a trigger shot when a few of them are big enough. Any tips or suggestions I can make to my doctor to give this the best shot we can get?

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