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Mother’s Day plans with grandmothers

I’m just curious. Do you all include both mom’s on mother’s day plans? My mom and I usually have a daughter/mother day the Saturday before, my husband always takes his mom out for dinner on a Saturday evening the night before too. We get our own dinner on mother’s day together with just our own little family, husband kids and me. My husband visited his mother today w the kids after we were done with our thing today. My goal of the day was to do nothing, just relax and watch tv. My mother in law seemed sad and said maybe next year we have a cookout on mother’s day. I don’t want a cookout. She has 2 daughters who don’t step up. I feel it’s up to them to do something. I feel bad but I also want to enjoy my day myself. 

Re: Mother’s Day plans with grandmothers

  • i’m with you. mother’s day has turned into just another exhausting over-hyped holiday that is basically miserable for moms, most of whom would love nothing more than one day of peace without everyone pulling them in ten million different directions and getting mad at them for not doing a good enough job balancing it all! oops, did i just go on a rant? to answer you question though: no, i don’t do something with my mil on mothers day. my husband goes over to his aunts house and she prepares a ham for their side of the family and i make a plan with my mom and our kids. but his side of the family does indeed hate on me for it
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