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  • @zombiehoohaa I was all excited the pre preggo panties that I had were still fitting, just chalking it up to me having bought a different style or whatever...now they don't fit. So I am wearing the maternity granny panties which I truthfully never stopped wearing from last time and it is AMAZEBALLS. I only have 6 pairs so in order to avoid the too small ones I'm gonna have to go buy some basic granny panties myself!

    @zande2016 not eating enough is no joke. Not pregnant I am such an asshole and debbie downer when I don't eat, pregnant me is a MESS. I'm glad the day got better!

    @zombiehoohaa remind me...you aren't buying it right? Is it a rent and fix up while you are there kind of situation? I'm guessing bro won't be any help?
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  • @zande2016 I’m sorry it was a rough morning. I’m glad it got better though. It’s ok to be grouchy about life sometimes. 

    I’m also on team granny panties. They’re the best!!

    im a little stressed about baby’s movement today. He’s moving in there but I feel like it’s kinda not as much as it usually is. I’ve felt lots of smaller movements but not as many really big ones. I’m also pretty sure he’s breech still so idk if that has any bearing on how I’m feeling him. I have an appointment on Tuesday so I figured I’d bring it up then. Idk if not feeling him “as much” warrants a phone call on a Sunday night since I can still feel him. 

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  • @hillbillywife I think if you can lie down with a cold drink and count 10 movements in an hour or two, you're fine, but I understand the stress and anxiety. I hate questioning calling vs waiting, I've totally been there, but I say if your gut is telling you to call, then just call. There's someone on call anyway, this is what they're there for. 
  • wildtotwildtot member
    @hillbillywife are you getting the recommended kicks per hour? Maybe call them in the AM? I’ve been having less of the usual painful movements which is a bit concerning but maybe baby is facing a different direction? I have my appointment tomorrow afternoon with one of the rotating doctors. I might ask her to check my cervix too because i had two full days last week of cramping and contractions. Lots of discharge too. 
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    @zande2016 @wildtot probably part of the problem is that I’ve been busy most of the day so I haven’t been still enough to notice them (or lay down to do a count) I know there are lots of hours that I didn’t feel anything but maybe he was sleepy? I’ll try to do a count this evening now that my kiddos are in bed and make sure I get enough. 

    ETA I did get a bunch of good ones since I posted the first time though so that’s good!

  • @hillbillywife and @wildtot, I've never been told that I have to feel 10 movements per hour every hour of the day, if that helps calm nerves. I think that would be too much for any lady to keep track of. Also, baby sleeps a lot!

    If you're moving around a lot during the day, that keeps baby soothed and sleeping I think because you moving = rocking baby to sleep. If you lay down on your side, drink cold water or juice, and wait for a while, baby will have time to wake up (maybe about 10 minutes in) and should start rolling around. Rolls, scratches, bumps, kicks, and stretches all count towards movement.

    I felt very faint hiccups for the first time earlier today and was happy that they were low because I am pretty sure that means baby's head is down. They don't get hiccups in their butts!

    Today was another beautiful day outside and I was super stoked to see more vegetable garden sprouts coming up! The kids were not as excited as me, but they will be later. DH also went to TRU today to pick up one of their swing sets for 35% off! So he's going to build that...maybe start it next weekend and have his friend come over the following weekend to finish it off. We're so excited to have this playground set in our own backyard. 

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  • wildtotwildtot member
    @hillbillywife I’ve been pretty active these days too so i get distracted from the movement. Babies do sleep majority of the time so maybe it’s just more soothing that i move around. This kiddo doesn’t wake me t night yet like his brother did. 
  • @hillbillywife My nurses always reccomend drinking fruit juice or something sugary it can help jumpstart movements and is often a reccomendation they give to try if we call about lack of movement. also I found eating can do the same thing. babies sleep the majority of the hour and as they run out of space the movements will change and feel less at times but it is more so just different. I know when baby is hanging low I feel her less but I feel every little thing when she is up by my ribs. 
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  • @hillbillywife I don't feel him every hour for sure but he is nowore active than before during the day. When I'm active, I can barely feel him so I'm pretty sure he is rocked to sleep. I was also advised to do the 10 kicks per hour but I'm not too strict about it I'd say if he gives some good kicks a few times per day I don't worry - hopefully I'm doing this right!

    Someone mentioned how baby didn't move much when we're anxious, and I've actually experienced that too! I don't know how scientific it is but if I'm stressed out it's almost like he is quiet. 

  • wildtotwildtot member
    Potentially booking a mommy and me session photo session this month. Hopefully they have the date available. I thought it would be a nice way to commemorate DS before baby. 
  • @lindsayleigh1989 I am looking at Groupon now!! Thanks for the reminder! 

    @SmashJam it is a rent and fix while we're there. My sil and her husband are reimbursing us for any work we do. They also are putting new flooring throughout the house and buying a new stove. My bil (who lives there now) said he is going to help. However his actions speak otherwise...

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  • @zombiehoohaa that's crazy that the move got brought up again. I understand it's a good move for the money so I am happy you guys are able to do it. However, I would lay down some very serious expectations with your bil given his track record. I don't know if it's possible, but I think it would be good to make things very clear from the beginning especially because you guys will have a newborn and life will be already hectic as is.

    Also check Amazon houselhold or something like that, basically Amazon is now offering cleaning services as well and you can get quick quotes based on rooms and square footage!
  • @kissableviv I wrote out 2 different rental agreements; 1 between myself, dh, and bil, then the other between myself, dh, bil, sil, and her husband. It lays everything out (rent, utilities, rules, etc). Everyone is signing them. I'm hoping this will also show bil that I'm not messing around. 

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  • Baby is transverse at 28 weeks . Doesn’t she realize head down is the way to go. Plus highly uncomfortable for mommy when she is in this position
  • Thanks everyone! He ended up being fairly busy before bed last night when he usually is awake (and we eat ice cream). And this morning he’s rolling away in there! 

  • @elizabethrn87 I'm pretty sure mine is transverse at 31 weeks! Ugh! I don't have a US until 2.5 weeks to confirm... we'll see if doctor will be able to tell next week.
  • @kissableviv the doctor should be able to tell by feeling your belly and by where they find the heartbeat on the doppler whether they suspect transverse. Only an ultrasound can confirm for sure of course. There's still plenty of time to turn though! 
  • @zande2016 great! I think he still has enough space so he is literally still twirling around in there :)
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