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  • So DS has voluntarily stayed up past from around 7-10pm in his room just messing around every day this week, except yesterday, when we went to MIL's house for dinner and didn't get home til 9, so he still didn't go to sleep until 10. He has also been waking up at 6-6:30. He is still asleep right now!  I have almost finished my last school assignment. 

    So yesterday at dinner, my FIL, who has been desperately ill with some unknown virus and JUST went back to work yesterday after 2-3 weeks out, came home drunk while we were there and continued to drink ( and told MIL he wasn't working today, which is a whole other issue. If DH told me he wasn't going to work because he didn't feel right due to being sick but was also ragingly drunk I would lose my shit. ANYWAY.). We started talking about the baby, and called him Bernie, and he was like, wait what is his name? And I was like, dude, Bernie, you knew this. And then he asked why, and I was like, after Bernie Sanders, which you also knew. And he proceded to rail on me for like, 20 minutes non stop about how dumb it is to name my kid after a "Socialist Marxist COmmunist" (wtf. those are not the same things) and that bringing your kid into politics is dumb (no. Not if its important to you),grilled me on why Bernie Sanders was "my ultimate hero" (he's not my "ultimate hero" but had a great impact on the way I view what to expect from life and politicians and my gov and I think that's a pretty effing solid reason to name your kid) and even went so far as to ask if we would consider a list of alternative names if he submitted them to us over the weekend. Now, he's lucky I was in a good mood because I was a good sport and eventually we moved on. But what the eff. Basically, during that, other family members were like, "We just are never calling him Bernie, we'll call him by his middle name." I know I am bringing my politics into my babies name but to have my family, who I guess largely have TOTALLY opposite views about what to expect from government, would be so upset about the name based on their own politics that they would refuse to use my child's given name is baffling. 

    Sorry for the book!
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  • wildtotwildtot member
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    @SmashJam ugh I’m so sorry for all the drama! Go with what ever name you want it doesn’t matter where it comes from. I think Bernie is a cute name regardless of the political attachment. My mom hasn’t responded to my own response on her not like the middle name and why we chose it.

    eta last night was the first night in a long time that i slept with hardly any discomfort. After icing my back before bed, eating a banana and taking Tylenol for the soreness I actually didn’t get that hip burning pain! So happy i finally decided to try a chiropractor! Looking forward to see how it goes!
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  • @zande2016 we are an Aldi family going on 2 years now and it's awesome!! LOVE aldi! We used to shop almost exclusively at Wegmans since they're also amazing and popular for a reason but our grocery bills were like yours. Aldi saves us at least 30% each trip if not more. I still have to go to wegmans for a few items Aldi just doesn't carry but I don't mind.

    @SmashJam ur FIL sounds like a peach! With all his bitching i would have brought up the fact that he was just ill, was somewhere else, got drunk, and drove home to be belligerent to his family and then ended the conversation there. I have no respect for that kind of behavior. Ur much nicer than me.

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
  • I'm procrastinating on packing as we leave Hawaii tonight...cue all the tears, I will miss this place!

    @SmashJam Bernie Sanders is my hero too so I applaud you. Regardless of that, Bernie is a really cute name and you name your child whatever you like! 

    There isn't an Aldi by me but I go to Grocery Outlet and it's awesome because they have lots of organic brands too and they cost a fraction of the regular price! The only thing is that the stock is limited and it changes all the time but lots of things end up coming back regularly. I am all about savings and I'll shop at 2-3 stores if necessary (might have to change when baby is here).

    So two nighs ago I had the worst indigestion/food poisoning ever. I don't know if it was food poisoning because hubby ate the same things and he was fine. I think I had been constipated for a day or so and my body just didn't take the big portion well. Started with heartburn and ended up throwing up and poopopo on and off all night. I was a zombie!!! Thankfully I rested a lot the next day -somehow snorkeling revived me and by the afternoon I was better but HOLY SHIT that was scary. I have not puked in like 3 years so solidarity to all of you mamas who had severe morning sickness during pregnancy. 

    Definitely sticking to small frequent meals now, I know I say it all the time but this was a wake up call...oh and did I mention that baby was moving around like crazy while I was puking and on the toilet??? I'm like wtf baby. Seems like he got excited about the new real estate freeing up in there lol
  • @SmashJam Wow! I don’t know how you had patience to sit through that! Submit names over the weekend? Smh...

    @kissableviv That sucks. I was sick like that last week but I think it was a stomach virus I picked up from DS. I didn’t recover so quickly though and missed two days of work because I couldn’t stand up without feeling dizzy. My baby was moving all around too and it made me feel better to know she was okay. Maybe it was all the noise from the stomach gurgling.
  • @chaser61 definitely it was a blessing to feel him for the same reason, I always feel so bad for him when I'm sick. Sorry you had to miss work:( in my case it was partly self inflicted with too much splurging.
  • I wish I could shop Aldi - but can’t bring myself to do it. I have odd food issues. Part of it is trying “new” things aka- same food different label. Or I get anxious over the meat/dairy/veggies. I will have a panic attack when I go I. Because I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for ( aka it isn’t my normal grocery store) it’s crazy. One could call me stuck up because of it but that’s not the reason - I have no clue why I panic . I get anxious if I’m using a different grocery store than normal but they have all the same items as well.
  • @zande2016 I’ve had my H rub my butt before lol. Nothing weird just my tailbone or hips hurt and the pressure of his hands made it feel better. I say go for it!! I’m glad your h is busy at work (my h is self employed so we always say busy is a good thing) buttt I know how hard it is when the busy gets EXTRA busy and you never see them. Hopefully he won’t be too pooped when he gets home and he’ll want to snuggle or do something together (or rub your butt lol) 

  • Haha @hillbillywife the pain is reallllly bad in my butt. Like on my lower cheeks, and then  radiating into the tailbone, and then radiating down my legs. I started massaging my cheeks a little and felt some relief so I probably will ask him later. The things pregnancy makes us do...
    Thanks for the solidarity on busy husbands. It’s better than his last job when he was overworked but didn’t get any extra compensation out of it, at least now he gets more money for the business. My husbands always been in the restaurant industry and worked nights/weekends the whole time I’ve known him. Now he’s still in a restaurant but it’s a corporate role so I totally got spoiled by the 9-5. Now they launched a new food truck, which he’s kind of in charge of (and he gets a flat percentage of all sales), but he somehow hasn’t staffed it yet! I was so annoyed wen I found out. That means he has to Be hands on and work all these events until they staff it. I wouldn’t want him turning down events because it’s money in our pockets, but how hard could it be to find people willing and able to work a food truck?? Ugh. 
  • I have trouble figuring out what to buy at Aldi too. I guess I am too particular or use to my regular store. I signed up for a summer CSA. The first pickup is not until May 17th but I am looking forward to summer veggies and fruits. My chiropractor helps with burning in my hips (if we are talking about the same achey/ burn at the socket). I also find that I have to rotate the mattress more often. 
  • wildtotwildtot member
    @SmashJam my hip pain it’s partially due to existing sciatica issues and my herniated discs. The chiropractor will hopefully help align some stuff to relieve some of that pressure. 
    @zande2016 hope your sciatica feels better and i agree go for the butt massage! DH is always down for one lol i just give him warnings when there might be danger lol
  • @smashjam that’s completely ridiculous. No one, not even close family, should try to convince you to change the name you’ve chosen for your child. Asking to be able to submit a list of alternative names is insulting. If the parents of the child have chosen a name you keep your mouth shut and call the child that name! 

    @zande2016 it’s not weird at all! I’ve gotten and given butt rubs to my husband If one of us has had sore glutes. Go for it and I hope you get some relief! (Also, yay for extra commission!!)

    I’ve only ever been in Aldi once. I really do need to give it another try as it’s literally in the same huge parking lot as where I work. I’m a little intimidated by new brands as well though and I think that’s why I’ve shied away from it. 
  • Aldi has a lot of cheap organic options, I got a pound of organic grass fed beef for like $5....would’ve been at least 8 at the regular store. 

    Okay my husband was supposed to bring me
    home a burrito bowl from work and I’ve been fantasizing about it, and he just told me the line is too long and he’ll cook when he gets home. I may have burst Into tears. Non-GD me would just devour a delivery pizza but I can’t do that,
    and no offense to my husband but his cooking sucks. I am so over not being able to eat what I want. 
  • I worked at aldi for almost a year this past year so if anyone has questions ask away :) 

    @SmashJam so sorry for the drama ugh not cool.

    @kissableviv not fun! glad you are feeling better though! Sorry your trip is at an end though. 

    I have been a depressed emotional mess today. DD isn't feeling well and only wants my husband. Plus no position is comfortable at all today standing, laying or sitting. I think I actually had 2 real contractions but they were short lived but painful! definitely different than lightening crotch or rlp. 
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  • wildtotwildtot member
    @lindsayleigh1989 hope your DD feels better soon! Hope you can get some relief soon too! 
  • Sorry you’re struggling with the no position is comfortable thing today @lindsayleigh1989! I am right there with you. Also I think there’s a phase where kids tend to prefer their opposite sex parent. Im sure it’s got nothing to do with you at all, but of course I understand it hurting your feelings. Hugs! 

  • @lindsayleigh1989 I'm sorry you aren't comfortable! And boo to the real contractions...I'm glad they subsided! I haven't dealt with the screaming "NO I WANT DADA!" yet but I definitely get told I'm not allowed to come do things with them, and it sucks. 

    @zande2016 I am so sorry about the burrito bowl! I would have been like, WHY DIDN"T YOU PUT IN MY ORDER IN ADVANCE. I'm sorry the GD diet is making you crazy.

    This is the first time I have sat down all day, I swear. We were without power all day, so I couldn't do any of my regular indoor cleaning but got all but one of my garden beds ready for planting. I was gonna plant my beans, peas, and corn but lost motivation. Anyway, I left to go figure out when we would get power back by going to a local farm and using their wifi to check the website, and ended up buying $50 worth of flowers for my memorial gardens.

    TW Child and parent loss

    My mom died about 3 years ago and she always bought basic impatiens and pansies and stuff for the garden around the front of the house, so I bought some of those for her memorial garden, and I actually managed to find yellow daisies for Lorelei's (my DD) garden. I dont' know if anyone watches Gilmore Girls but when Lorelei gets proposed to by Max over the phone she yells at him and says that a proposal shouldn't be over the phone that there should be "1000 yellow daisies" (her favorite flower). Since Lorelei Gilmore is Lorelei's namesake, I thought that was a good flower for her.  And discovered that these particular daisies (maybe all daisies) are perennials, which is good because they were $9 each lol and that's a lot. 

    End TW

    Anyway, such a productive day but the inside of my house was neglected and I don't have any energy left so there it sits. Maybe I'll unload the dishwasher and reload it so I feel better, lol.
  • Feeling pretty proud of myself for finishing up my freezer meals this weekend! Got breakfast lunches and dinners covered for at least a good month if not more. It will just depend how many meals people bring after delivery and how spread out those are!
  • So we have a small dog and we put him out on a lead in our backyard to do his business (our yard isn’t fenced in). He only stays out for a few mins at a time and we always stay on the deck or close by right inside. Well today he had been out for less than 5 mins and my husband happened to see a man coming up our driveway going toward the side of the house and backyard. We immediately went to get our dog and before we even got inside the man had turned around and was across the street. No clue what his intentions were but I would think if he were concerned about our dog or bothered by barks he would come to our door. It really freaked me out and shook me up a bit.
  • @ashbub714 so scary! 
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  • @ashbub714 so creepy! Glad you noticed and got your dog in!

    Just got all my homework finished for the last class I'm taking until next spring, when I finish my program all together. Which is good, because I was starting to suffer from lack of give a shit, like others have mentioned with their jobs.

    Leaves me time to get other things done today while DH takes DS up to his grandma's to hang out. I feel bad I never come with them but I love the time alone to get things done!
  • wildtotwildtot member
    @ashbub714 super scary! Hope he doesn’t come back.

    Yesterday was such a nice day we did some yard work and now my back is feeling it. Today is cleaning day so let’s see if DH sticks to his word. I officially had to move the unfolded laundry to the guest bedroom because we were running out of couch space. Yes it’s that bad. But i finally got my clean out kit from ThredUP and looking forward to get ride of some clothes. I finally made an appointment to get waxed this afternoon so hopefully bikini and and underarms won’t be to bad  :#
  • Well, back to reality at dawn! Alaska airlines freaking rocks, 4.5 hours to get back to LA and we got seats in the 5th row. Got luggage right away and we're in the Uber now and almost home. What a difference from United!

    @wildtot good luck with laundry! I wanna order the clean out kit from thread up too, please report back!

    @ashbub714 super scary and creepy. Wondering what that was all about, hopefully he never comes back!

    @SmashJam cheers to motivation! @kbernal2021 great work!

    Sorry for all you ladies not feeling comfortable in any position:( nothing like not being able to find relief.
  • @wildtot I didn't know how easy it was to get donation and clean out kits from Thred Up! Just ordered one of each finish my purging, lol. Now I don't have to find and go into a thrift store to donate things, AND I might get money back for some! Awesome. 
  • I was up until 3 am last night moving my desk and other office crap. We are turning our old office into the nursery and tbh it's making me a little sad to downgrade to such a small space. I still have to figure out what to do with my file cabinets.... my house is a good size (2500 sq ft), but I swear I have no room because of the layout

  • I’m having a bad morning. Everything’s just going wrong or setting me off. It’s raining and I’m still in pain so we can’t go to the book festival I wanted to go to. The house is a mess but I know if I start cleaning I’ll be in pain, and of course my husband is just a useless lump on the couch glued to his phone. My son has this new thing where every time I go into the kitchen or sit on the toilet, he’s right there crying and whining until I pick him up. I’m starving and I literally juat want to cry over breakfast every single day because I can’t stand eggs anymore and it’s the only thing I can eat for breakfast. My husband suggested I have waffles for breakfast and I almost choked him. Now the espresso machine isn’t working and the thought of having to get up from work tomorrow knowing there’s no espresso just makes me want to cry even more. I just vowed not to spend money so I can’t even buy coffee on my way to work. After choking my eggs down I’m still hungry and there’s just nothing I can eat that won’t spike my blood sugar. None of this is that serious but I’m hormonal and I really juat want to lie in bed and cry and feel sorry for myself. 
  • millpemillpe member
    @zande2016 I'm so sorry you are having a rough morning. I have nothing to say that will help, just that I feel for you. 
    Me: 31 DH: 34 :heart: Married: April 2016
    TTC December 2016
    BFP 2/28/17 // CP 3/1/17
    MFI Diagnosis: Aug 2017
    BFP 11/1/17 // DS born 6/18
    TTC January 2019
    BFP 3/21/19 // D&C (MMC) 5/8/19
  • wildtotwildtot member
    @zande2016 I’m sorry to hear your having a bad morning and still in pain. DS is going through this mama stage where I’m all he wants and comes whining to me even from across the room. Hope your day gets better! 

    @SmashJam a lot of my clothes doesn’t match the description of what they want (brands mostly) but hey what ever credit i get and a clean closet is what matters. 
  • @ashbub714 our yard is only partially fenced so we have a runner for our dog and what you described is literally my worst fear! We're normally outside with her but sometimes I'll run in to pee or get a glass of water or whatever and I'm so afraid of someone stealing her. She's a pure bred wheaten terrier and they're pricier dogs (we had to get this breed because of my allergies) and so I'm always nervous that if she gets out or something that she won't be returned
  • Sending positive vibes for everyone who's feeling icky. 

    Supposed to be going to one of my niece's birthday parties today. It's supposed to be in the 80's today. They have a pool however I feel too pregnant to even try to find a swim suit. So I'll just soak my feet. 
    Also, I bought granny panties for pp and decided to try them out today. Well...HELLOOOOO comfort!! These bad boys support my big old booty and are extremely comfortable. I may go buy more just because they are THAT comfortable and idgaf at this point of how they look. Only down side is semi-panty line. However, still dgaf! Ha!

    Drama city in spoiler

    I wrote a while back about my brother in law and possibly moving in with him. Well, he ended up asking his on/off gf to move in with him instead. Fast forward to end of April and he texts dh asking if we still want to move in. He begs to have us hear him out about it all. So we go to brunch, listen to what he has to say. He tells us the gd decided not to move in because her daughter doesn't want to change schools. He proceeds to tell us he asked her because he was hurt we went to my sil first (she is the owner of the house). We discuss why we did and how he was supposed to be there yet he flaked. He tried to play victim however I told him it goes both ways. We told him what our plan would be if we were to move into the house and how we would take over full responsibility of the house. He agreed to it and says this will help him get back on his feet and he can go to school. We tell him we need to think about it all because everything that has happened. A week goes by and we decide we will move in by June 9th. So yesterday, dh, myself, my sil and her husband go to the house to meet with flooring company. My bill took off because he didnt want to hear about how shitty he has kept this house. Let me tell you, the cleanfreak in me flipped the fuck out!!! We have a lot of work to do before we move in. My sil husband is livid about how bad the house is. Dh and I are now wondering if this is a good idea. Worried of the amount of work it needs in the short time we have before moving in. I am pretty much helpless because of being pregnant. If i weren't pregnant. I'd be over there today, cleaning the shit out of that place. Ugh...not sure what to do. This would REALLY save us money. 

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  • Thanks all, my day got much better since my caffeine deprived hungry tantrum this morning lol. I really think I haven’t been eating enough and it’s making me cranky. We went to the children’s museum and all my son wanted to do was go down this one slide over and over and over. Then we had lunch at a burger place and now we’re relaxing at home (should be cleaning). 

    @zombiehoohaa yessssa I’m team grannie panties all the way. 

    @lindsayleigh1989 I hope they go away! maybe resting on your side for a while with tons of water will help. 
  • wildtotwildtot member
    Nearly done with laundry (i hope) but DH is trying hard not to do any by doing other stuff. He cleaned the oven and now we are trapped in one bedroom because the house stinks. 
  • @zombiehoohaa oh no! That sucks he has done such a bad job keeping it up. I hope your SIL reems him out for it. Could you find a groupon for some cleaning services to help for now? 
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