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  • I know we’ve talked about the mom postpartum meme show thing before...I generally agree with aspects of everything that’s been posted, just wanted to add, for many women those depictions are just reality from what they’ve experienced and people like to watch shows/movies that they can identify with. Tully obviously takes it to a dinferent level with its mistreatment of mental health issues, but what I liked in the few episodes I watched of let down is it does show both sides...there are moms on that show that have it together and others who don’t, and it shows the joys and difficulties Of motherhood with some humor. But again I’ve only watched a few episodes.
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  • morethanamamamorethanamama member
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    @owl_momma thankfully we're in Maui! So werew good but it would be awesome if our flight got cancelled on Sunday hehe
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  • wildtotwildtot member
    That Alice the Camel song came on and DH said “mama has humps” while grabbing my boobs   >:)
  • DD favors her dad over me and while I am
    happy about it, it just about breaks my heart. When she doesnt want me when she is upset I just feel like a terrible mother and it makes me scared to add another one now... pregnancy hormones suck and my husband sucks for his snarky rude comments like why don't you just comfort her... I am dickhead she won't let me.... 
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  • @lindsayleigh1989 I can totally relate to this. And I feel like a crappy mom every time too. I feel like all I do is yell at my kids and correct them and I don’t even know how to be chill anymore. Then DH comes home for the weekend and all of a sudden they get to do fun things with him and I’m still over here trying to raise them. It’s exhausting and hard. BUT you’re not a bad mom and even if the days are hard and it seems like she only wants Dad, she still loves you and loves the time the two of you are together. She’s with you mostly, right? It might be that dad is kind of a novelty because she’s with you all day. 

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