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  • @carsonraynee omg! Abusive bosses are the exception. my last boss was 100% abusive and a douche bag. I told him I was leaving for another job but would stay on for 2 weeks, he told me to go home and he’d let me know if he wanted me to come back. Then he sent me an email saying “you’re done, never come back here again.” My friend had to bring me my stuff,
    and I had to mail him my keys even though
    the office was 3 mins from my house! Then I had a two week gap before starting my new job, which financially sucked but was kind of nice because I had just found out I was pregnant with my son and got to sleep and lounge a lot. 
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  • @carsonraynee just WOW - totally agree that is a circumstance that getting out ASAP is best for everyone.  I guess I've been luckier than I thought with bosses! I love my current boss, he's why I stay despite being able to make 30% more elsewhere (with a demotion).  I know he's got my back, plus the flexibility to work remote on bad pain days, go to dr appointments as needed, and stay home with sick kids without fuss is worth more than extra income right now (as long as we can pay bills obviously).
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  • cseley321 coffee is the only way i can go lol
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