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  • wildtot thanks! I have an appt Tuesday and am going to ask- I just thought it was weird being a FTM.  And its only when I sleep on that side, so strange.
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  • @babygagnon2018 I'm also a FTM and mine started doing that too, I had an appointment today and midwife didn't think it was unusual.
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  • Constipation finally hit me and i can’t figure out what I’m doing differently. Maybe just baby messing with my bowels. 
  • @wildtot same! It’s been 3 days for me. I’ve been very regular since. Since flying home and trying to get back into the swing of things, I realized we haven’t eaten anything healthy. So today is planned for a full day of fiber rich foods! And lots of water
  • Just felt baby up above my belly button, like halfway between my ribs, along with some rib pain at their lowest point. This is the first time I have felt the baby higher than my belly button, and at almost 28 weeks I was starting to wonder! I think he's been transverse plus with the marginal cord insertion he might be on the smaller side, but I was starting to think it was weird that I felt all my kicks super low on either side of the belly button and in the cervix and butt. 
  • wildtot said:
    @babygagnon2018 @amdftw my doctor said it’s normal especially for stm+. Mine have had the occasional crust or actual leaking since 24wks. Every doctor has said it’s fine. 
    Same here!  
    <3 Married 6.12.10 <3
    DS 11.8.12
     Baby GIRL! due 7.4.18
  • wildtot & rachelsogo  me too.  Its gotten so bad now that legit my intestines are pushing into my ribs causing a ton of pain on my right side ribs and back :( ughhhh.  eating and drinking the exact same too.
  • +1 for the constipation. I had some troubles back in Feb but that seemed to clear up, and how I'm stuck with it again. Couldn't do much this weekend because it just kills my back when I can't go, so I mostly just laid around all weekend which sucks because I have so much to do!
  • Constipation + baby movement at the same time is no fun. Not very reassuring i won’t poop him out (i know it’s not possible lol)
  • Seriously contemplating wearing adult diapers to bed so I don’t have to get up 5 times a night.
    Actually, I might as well wear them 24/7, I’ve started leaking a little after I go to the bathroom too. So glamorous. 
  • @acunamatada a coworker told me to lean forward after each potty trip to squeeze the bladder a bit more. It buys me a little bit of time between bathroom trips.
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