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Monday Moans 4/23 (Gladly accepting your complaints all week long)


Re: Monday Moans 4/23 (Gladly accepting your complaints all week long)

  • Nada, sorry. Since the last website and app BS I can't edit or check my inbox or love tit at all. 
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  • I'm beyond exhausted and completely annoyed with my husband... we own a business (a bar) and work together everyday, and I feel like he's forgetting that I'm pregnant. It really worries me that I had to ask 3 times for help with weekend prep. I think he's off helping the bartenders because we were busy, but then I see him just sitting down drinking with friends! So the 4th time of me asking for help is really me telling him WTF, I could have packaged it better so now he's mad at me! I've just bee  feeling so sad and alone. Physically I feel pretty good, and I'm able to work, but that won't be the case forever. I'm so worried he won't be there for me to help and support me when I'm not as mobile. He also has not cut back on drinking and i just am so over being around him when he drinks... ugh just need a little rant... 
  • @pourmeamocktail so sorry about your pup! Hope it heels up nicely!
  • We had a super fun family day on Thursday, but somehow, I ate something bad and spent the entire night losing it from both ends (simultaneously...eeewwww). I’ve never had food poisoning before and I’ve also never felt so much like I was dying. Thankfully, hubby was home Friday to take care of the girls and fetch me some Phenergan - that knocked me out and I slept for most of the next 24 hours.

    Im still feeling crummy today, but I’m alive, and I was able to parent (sub-parly), so I’m calling it a win.

    I’m pretty sure a cucumber gave me this nastiness, too, and I think that makes it the most boring food to get poisoned off of ever!

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