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  • question about PP skin care. Can we go back to our regular products after birth? I would assume yes, but didn't know what fun party tricks PP might have on skin. You know, to go along with the possible shedding, etc. My skin really hates that I'm pregnant and I break out all the time, I've tried everything and just hoping to get back to my regular products that I've avoided during pregnancy. Most of my products are natural, but a couple have salicylic acid in them which I've been avoiding. 
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  • @zande2016 I would do the same thing, press into my breast tissue to create a little indent if I felt my boob mass was too overwhelming with baby's nose pressed against it. I really wish there were good pictures of this online but nothing comes up on Google searches...and then I think about ALL the women who say breastfeeding hurts. There are even images of latches that look really horrible, like the baby is just on the nipple and this is part of a diagram showing "proper" latch!

    TBH, as baby grows they don't need their noses pressed into your boob as much...the change in head position will kind of transition naturally for both, ime.

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
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  • RE: Breastfeeding images. I like the three here. The actual image doesn't have the nose pressed against the breast but it does look like the woman in the photo is indenting her breast to pull it away from the nose. Side note related to that, make sure you're not putting too much pressure too often as I'm pretty sure this contributes to my clogged duct.
    (Sorry if photos are huge, mobile)

  • @noideawhatshesdoing i believe i did go back to my regular skin care routine. My face hates me during pregnancy too. I can’t imagine continuing not using my acne products while BFing. It’s safer at that point i want to say since baby is not in you depending to develop. 
  • @noideawhatshesdoing I asked my aesthetician (spelling?? Lol) about this, she said it's safe while BF. I also researched and it seems to be confirmed. Benzoyl is also safe. I've continued to use glycolic acid during pregnancy. My skin has been super clear and pregnancy actually helped my acne but Lord knows what will happen afterwards...
  • Thanks @wildtot @kissableviv ! My skin has been a disaster through this whole pregnancy. Cleared for a little bit then back to being a mess. It seriously hates me being pregnant and I can't wait to not look like I have the skin of a teenage old boy anymore!
  • Is there anything you wish you would have added to your baby registry the first time? Anything you added and you wish you wouldn't have?

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    S3cond what @tarheelgirl8 says about clothes and blankets! @zombiehoohaa
  • @tarheelgirl8 & @SmashJam thank you! I've literally been bugging over things on my registry. 

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  •  noideawhatshesdoing: I'm still laughing about it days later myself! :)
  • So baby is measuring huge and is in a frank breech presentation. He's already 4 lbs 4 oz at 30 weeks and I'm starting to get worried that he'll be too big for them to try turning if he doesn't turn on his own. Any STM's have any experience with baby being breech but turning in time on their own or with an ECV?
  • @carsonraynee I don't but try spinning babies! I think most of their exercises and stuff start at 30 weeks to help turn baby.
  • @carsonraynee I recently got paranoid about positioning and I'm seeing a Webster certified chiropractor once a week. They can help loosen you up and make sure baby's got enough room to move and position itself correctly. Also seconding the spinningbabies suggestion! My doula also mentioned acupuncture but I'm not sure of the science behind how that works for positioning.
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    @ckmb_knottie how many weeks are you? My chiro told me not to worry until at least 34-35. Babies can still turn, sometimes even close to birth depending on size. She won't do Webster until later on.
    My baby is 2.9 lbs and diagonal right now but head was down. I'm trying not to worry until later, and looking at stats breech babies are a small percentage!

    @carsonraynee I think he can still turn but I understand the concern as he is a bit bigger average at 30 weeks:) what's the percentile?
  • @kissableviv 65th I'm just worried because I was 10 lbs 12 oz DH was over 10 lbs the record in my family is 14 lbs. My OB mentioned that sometimes bigger babies don't have room to turn when they do an ECV so I've got that in my head now 
  • @carsonraynee - I agree with others - check out a Webster chiropractor and spinning babies.  True, you may start things now and he might keep flipping until he psychically can't any more, but you have no way of knowing when that is so I don't think it hurts to start early!  Plus, the adjustments will just help to keep you feeling better and keep your pelvis, etc. aligned any way.  Statistically most babies flip on their own, but I'm sure most of us know at least one person where it didn't happen.  My DH still likes to tease his brother about why he never took pictures of my SIL hanging upside down with her first (trying to get baby to flip).
  • @kissableviv I'm 29 weeks, but my chiropractor said 25-28 weeks is a great time to start. They don't do anything physically to turn a baby, its more about evening out pelvic alignment and loosening any tight areas you may have that could eventually affect baby's ability to turn/find an optimal position.
  • @carsonraynee my 1st wasn't breech but my girlfriend's baby was continuously breech from about 20 weeks on and didn't flip despite spinning babies, headstands, hot/cold tricks, and an ECV.  I don't think she was above average size though.  This LO has been routinely frank breech as well, from what reading I've done, although they don't know much about why breech happens, one theory is the rigidity/laxity of the abdominal muscles has to do with it too.  Too tight you can't turn (probably similar to size concern) too loose and they don't motivate/stay head down.  My GF was super in shape - running and doing yoga her whole pregnancy which could have meant she was too tight to turn.  She did end up having a CS which was the complete opposite of her birth plan, but she was very OK with the whole thing and went on to have a great birth experience and recovery.

    I've heard great things about spinning babies and webster technique! But even if you are in the small group that it doesn't work, you can still have a great birth experience and healthy baby.
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  • @gingerbride26 my muscles definitely aren't too tight! I always tell DH that I'm made out of cookie dough lol but it's comforting to hear that despite the birth not going how she envisioned that she ended up okay with how it went. My mom had 2 c sections and never got a chance to even try to labor as they were both scheduled so she feels kind of cheated of the experience and her first one was fairly traumatic so I've got that in my head and need to work on being okay with the potential of a CS. Still fx that he'll be head down at my next ultrasound!
  • @carsonraynee definitely medical history counts so I can totally understand your concerns! 
    My baby is in the 50th percentile and the reason why I don't want to worry too much about positioning now is that he is still small and even if he is heads down now he can easily turn again. I've been doing yoga throughout th8s pregnancy and made sure to do hip opening exercises but at some point I don't even know how much of all of this will matter. I'm counting on 3 generations of uncomplicated vaginal births and average baby sizes and hope for the best! 

    I've also seen a chiropractor once a month for 1.5 years so in terms of manipulation I'm hoping that will help too. Once we get to 33-34 weeks I'll start telling this baby he better turn! I know it depends on size but I've also heard of a lot of people with babies in great position and then bam, they turned again at 38 weeks. Just want to avoid being paranoid about this now when I already have so much on my mind. Fx all our babies get in position before go time!
  • @carsonraynee +1 here for cookie dough :-) i have hypermobility/flexibility/laxity so I'm on that too loose to force him into staying put side.  Honest confession - I've been scared of facing a CS this time but keep reminding myself to just roll with it and what will be will be.  I think planned vs emergency CS makes a HUGE difference too regarding experience!
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  • @gingerbride26 totally agree, I'd be really bummed about an emergency c section vs a planned one. Especially going through the pain of labor only to then having to go to the OR. But I know I need to be as open as possible to all outcomes.
  • Any Canadian STM+s who have experience with splitting parental leave benefits, or general knowledge even with the EI application process?  I'm so, so confused about the application process and would just love to hear your experience.  When do I apply? Do I have to apply twice (maternity leave, then parental leave? or just all together)?  Why does GOC make it so confusing (... a hypothetical question).  Any advice to keep me off the phone with Service Canada would be appreciated! 
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  • Any Canadian STM+s who have experience with splitting parental leave benefits, or general knowledge even with the EI application process?  I'm so, so confused about the application process and would just love to hear your experience.  When do I apply? Do I have to apply twice (maternity leave, then parental leave? or just all together)?  Why does GOC make it so confusing (... a hypothetical question).  Any advice to keep me off the phone with Service Canada would be appreciated! 
    I didn’t split, I took the whole leave myself but you only have to apply once, it’ll roll over into parental leave when your maternity benefits are done. You can apply any time within a certain number of weeks before birth if you want to start getting benefits ASAP or you can wait to apply until babe is born (there is a 2 week waiting period where you don’t get paid). 
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