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  • @EErin86 that’s adorable!! 

  • @EErin86 That's adorable! I love it. 
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    All the tests. Everything normal except treated for ureaplasma and DH potentially has high DNAF.
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  • @EErin86 that is really cute! Your friend will love it! 
  • @EErin86 ::runs to Joanns for sushi fabric::

    That is so adorable!
  • I really want to go see the movie "Tully" when it comes out in a couple of weeks. 
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  • Msarah-ruby-21 said:

    PS I wasn't allowed to mow. My older brothers had that task. I was so jealous of this. Now I insist on mowing our 5 acres. It takes 2 hours or so and is super relaxing.

    Stuck in a box...this was the same in my family. Now I love to mow! My neighbors were trying to tell me not to mow (I push mow because I like the exercise) so I asked my Ob because I knew she would say it was fine. I was a little sad she confirmed I can’t mow our backyard because it is a huge slope. She said it was too much of a fall risk and the hill would be too much work and could make my heart work too hard. I will mow until my belly says no more! 
  • @sarah-ruby-21 this is one reason I'm glad it was just me and my sister. There weren't any "boy" chores or "girl" chores. Us girlies were it so we got to bake and clean with Mom and use tools with Dad, and mow and paint the fence etc. I had a friend in high school ask me why I had to paint the fence because that's not a girl thing to do, I told him well I don't have any brothers so I'm doing it (and I had gotten into a fender bender so this was how I was paying my parents back... White picket fence that was soooooo long)
  • @EErin86 That was exactly me mowing our yard growing up! I loved it. I also got paid $20 and found it really relaxing listening to my mix tapes working on my tan...

    @Wishilivedinflorida Totally agree with you about cooking skills. My Mom tried teaching me when I was older and I was never interested in learning. I now LOVE cooking and have started early with my 5 yo DD. She helps me wash and chop fruits and veggies every weekend and loves to bake. It is nice having her help and it is fun, quality time for us to spend together.
    Me: 32   DH: 32
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    BFP #2: 12/30/2017  DS: Due 9/10/2018  <3

  • @Lcardinal04 We're going to Hawaii in June - do it! I'm not looking forward to the flight, but at least I'm on the west coast so it's not as awful as it could be from elsewhere in the US. I'm totally looking forward to the vacation, salt water swims, relaxing, eating... all of it. I'll be right at the beginning of 3rd trimester, I think.

    2/13 Blighted ovum, D&C -- 6/13 MC -- 8/14 DD born -- 3/17 MC;
    Expecting another rainbow! EDD 9/2/18
  • @EErin86 sorry to be super late to this, but we planted 300 trees to form a natural barrier around two sides of our property three years ago. We did 2-3ft tall Norway spruce 16' apart staggered in two straight rows. There are places online to order bulk bare root trees if you're looking for something particular. They did not take forever to plant! 

     We mow about 5 acres of our property and let the rest go natural and it still takes 5-6 hours with a big fancy zero turn :persevere: the cost of gas for the mower was such an unexpected expense when we moved in here!!

  • @Patience7150 that may be horrible to mow, but I’m jealous of the amount of land! So much space to play with! 
  • @Patience7150 our trees come next week! And it's finally looking like spring might appear so hopefully the snow will be gone. We got 1-2 year old trees through the DNR so they will be tiny but not all that expensive
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