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  • @legallykate I’d totally do a day trip if it’s 4hrs or less. And assuming there is either a Bucee’s or Czech bakery on the way, that makes the drive worth it. In Texas a 4hr drive is less than halfway across the state :P It’s nice that you have the option to stay the night, though.
    Haha yes we are planning to stop at both actually :)
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  • Yes to the generational thing I think....my dad was Navy and depending where we lived sometimes my mom was able to work and sometimes not.  She used to know the average price of like every item in the store.  She was really good at that game on the Price is Right as a result.  Now that my dad is at the NSA making significantly more, I don't think she looks at prices either LOL  But at the time, with two kids on an enlisted salary - she definitely was.

    I also would add that while I don't generally look at prices for groceries - there's a lot of other things I don't spend money on so I feel it's a good balance.
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  • Eh, I don’t see it as generational.  Budgeting is still something most families have to do these days.  People check prices and comparison shop all the time.  

    I want to clarify that I’m not judging how someone spends their money.  My grievance was with how it was worded.  It’s definitely privileged to speak that way and, from a community standpoint, I don’t know who is going through what IRL so I try to keep money-related comments considerate.  

    My family went through hard hard times growing up and the school I teach at is a low-income school.  Some of my students can only count on their lunch as one of their meals and it hurts to know people don’t have the means to do something so basic.  And that their parents stress about how to provide food. 

    Granted, my emotions are all over the place lately so I may be taking this too personally.  And I apologize if I went overboard.

  • @legallykate She's adorable!  And that's actually kinda cool.  I don't think I have any baby pictures of DH
  • LOL @legallykate I did this before we had DS and it looked nothing like him but it was fun!  
  • I don't pay TOO much attention to prices - but I will use coupons and prefer to buy stuff when it comes on sale. Although I will say that on Easter our  normal grocery was closed so we had to go somewhere else and the prices were WAY different. I refused to buy some of the stuff there because I knew I could get it cheaper at our normal grocery.

    @legallykate I HATE- like LOATHE - the drive to Dallas. Hate. It. It's so boring - the only decent thing is the Buc-ee's in Madisonville. Sadly, both H's and my family live there so we have to make the trek a few times a year. I can not WAIT until the bullet train goes in - if it ever does.  And that baby pic is so cute!! 

    I can be pretty judgy about baskets - but I try to catch myself when I do it and stop. It's hard though. 

  • I probably pay too much attention to how much things cost. I don't want to spend anymore than I have to on groceries. I buy generic, sales, coupons. DH and I both scour the circular before shopping. I probably could be on the price is right. 
  • I don’t pay too much attention to prices but that’s mainly because I always buy the same brand of certain products. Meat, seafood and produce I tend to look at and buy what’s on sale. I really should make more of an attempt to clip coupons though!
  • I refuse to buy certified organic anything on principle. I buy a ton of organic meat and produce from the farmer's market and buy beef/pork on the hoof, but almost all of it is from small family farms that don't have the size and scale to be certified. Mostly I see "organic" as a marketing buzzword, so unless I have a specific reason to buy a particular "organic" item I stick to the conventional variety. There just doesn't seem to be enough evidence that organic food is any safer/healthier/tastier than conventional, and until there is, I'll save my money. 
    There are companies that grow organic stuff but don't pay the fee to have it certified...I agree. 

  • thanks @lalala2004 My mom did the same.  I also (to my original point) feel like some of that is generational?  My mom talks to me about grocery prices when I'm the one buying the groceries.  I think they just think about it more than our faster-paced, too many things to do generation.
    I think there were more expectations to be a SAHM back then and it required sacrifices. My mom definitely wanted to be a SAHM. She would cloth diaper on occasion to afford more groceries, but she never stuck with it for long. I think people are less willing to give up their standard of living these days, which I don’t say as a negative thing at all, because I think it comes from a place of wanting to provide more for your kids. If I didn’t work some, we couldn’t afford his swimming lessons, for instance. We’d eat out less, and yeah, budget better, including groceries, but I work so we don’t have to worry about it. And I like working!
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  • @legallykate yasss, that makes the drive worth it right there.

    @hezzer78 don’t forget the Sam Houston statue ;) . I’d use that bullet train, too, though, I hope it’s able to proceed. It would help so many people. That drive is just a little too long for me. But nothing is worse than the stretch between Abilene and Lubbock. After doing that once I decided I would fly as much as possible. 
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  • When I moved from Vegas to Houston it was a 3 day drive and half of it was crossing Texas. God that is a boring state. 

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  • No. 1: I have yet to post a HDBD pic because I have yet to TAKE a bump pic. I am failing so bad at being pregnant this time around. 

    No. 2: I am at a conference, sitting in the back, Bumping, lol.In my defense, the research being presented is REALLY bad...

    No. 3: Today I slipped on a wet grate on the sidewalk and slipped and fell on my knees. I ripped a hole in my one nice pair of maternity dress pants and now I have to present my research in jeans. 

    Related to No.2: I have a beautiful full-length mirror in my hotel room, so maybe I'll take a pic while i'm here and save it for Wednesday!
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  • I pretty much only buy organic milk and that's only because I can taste a difference and I think it tastes better. 

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  • I’ve only recently started
    tryinf to pay attention to prices and buy inseason veggies and fruit. Before that I had no idea.

    I remember in high school buying a bag of grapes for a snack on a road trip to Seattle and being shocked at it being $8! I had no idea grapes could be so expensive. And this was before the Whole Foods of the world existed...

    My confesion: I play pokemon go lol

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  • @hfooter I play it, too!
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  • I buy organic milk and eggs. I try to get my eggs from the farmers market. Other than that I try to pay attention to the ingredients in snacks and buy things with not many ingredients. Like DS often eats a Lara bar for breakfast which I’m okay with, even though it’s from a package. I don’t think they’re organic but they only have like 7 ingredients at most and I know what they all are. 
  • @lalala2004 we were just in Vegas and it was amazing. So many stops and gyms! Lol 

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  • @hfooter @lalala2004 I also play. It super difficult around my house, but work isn't too bad of an area.

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  • @ashleyandjody you nailed mine! I have celiac (diagnosed by blood test, genetic test, and biopsy) so I do not have a choice to be gluten free. Half the crap they label GF is naturally GF, so therefore does not require a label! And wheat free and gluten free are not the same thing. I still check every label, regardless if it is stamped GF, to make sure. It’s nice that there are more options because it is such a fad, but it does discredit those of us that have no choice but to eat that way. 
  • I can't believe so many people don't notice what they pay for certain things! We live a comfortable life, we can afford for me to stay home, my husband never bats an eye at my credit card bills, but I sure do pay attention to what things cost.  There can be a HUGE difference from store to store, especially with things such as seasonal produce and store brand organic milk.  Even when I was working full time (which was overtime, every single week, my time was VALUEABLE) I decided how to spend my/our money.  I also pay attention to where I buy gas, when bills are due to avoid late fees, and wait for something pricey that I really want but don't NEED to go on sale.  I don't coupon, I'll use a taxi if it's more convenient at the time than walking, I'm not pinching my pennies.  But we're wise.  And you know what? It enables us to save.  We own a home. Our babies already have more saved for college than my parents gave me at 18.  I don't call it a waste of time, I call it being wise with your money.  
  • @princesslockness @lalala2004 we downloaded the app on DS1s iPad and have tried to go out and about with it but it’s so slow and lags so bad on our hot spot. I asked DH if he knew how much it’d cost to get a smart phone for DS just for Pokémon lol he looked at me like I was crazy.

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  • hfooterhfooter member
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    @mapleandbacon it may not be that extreme lol.

    I’ve always bought the knock off brand of certain things unless I know they don’t taste as well.

    My not knowing how much things typically cost is more around produce. Like I just found it that our local organic asparagus can be as expensive as $8 a bunch. Had no idea! 

    If anyone has thought about siging up for imperfect produce I do suggest it. It’s been great to get the majority of our produce delivered. Especially since our grocery shopping options are limited, we just have a Walmart (yuck) and a market of choice (holy high prices). So imperfect produce helps fill the gaps Costco can’t cover for us. Plus we get to try things we had never tried before like blood oranges!

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  • My mom went to Sam's Club yesterday. Clearly thinking I don't know how to feed myself or "her baby" she got me a literal fridge full of vegetables. I actually had to take the beer collection out of the garage fridge, just to fit it all in. She did the same thing last week, and with both of us being sick the entire week I didn't cook much so I still have like 2/3 of last week's left. I even told her before she went that I didn't need anything, we still had a bunch left from last week, so please don't get me anything. All the good that did.

    Anyone live near me and want some food?

    I have: 2 bags of asparagus, 2 bags brussel sprouts, 2 big bags of pre-cut broccoli, 3 boxes of salad mix, 2 boxes of baby spinach, 2 bags of honeycrisp apples, 2 watermelons, 2 cantaloupe, 2 honeydew, an entire box of mangoes, 2 bags of avocados, 2 bags of baby carrots, 6 hearts of celery, 2 bags of sugar snap peas, 2 boxes of baby bella mushrooms, 2 boxes of turkey lunch meat, a package of catfish filets, 3 ribeyes, a 5lb bag of shrimp, and a bag of scallops. 

    While I appreciate the gesture, it's so frustrating that she never fucking listens to me even still. And unlike her I'm frugal and I hate wasting food. There's no way we can eat all of this before it goes bad, and it makes me ragey. *makes air stabby motions*
  • @hfooter I used to play, but our cell data is soon expensive here in Canada and I was going over every month so had to cut it out :( (speaking of budgeting!)
  • I also am terrible at noticing prices. I usually just get everything at Meijer, but if I’m feeling extra productive, I’ll hit up Aldi first. If it comes down to two different brands and one is on sale, I definitely choose that one, but I don’t really budget. We try to buy 1/4 of a local cow when we need meat and we do a summer vegetable farm share, but that’s been because we know we need to eat more veggies (esp since having DS). Again, I try to balance it all out, but food is definitely an area I’d focus on if we needed to cut costs. 
  • @neeraja_k omg that's a lot of food. I loathe wasting food too. Can you make soups or other frozen stuff to save and have easy meals when baby comes?
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    Hello from Detroit!

  • @hannerbananers man that sucks! I had no idea cell service was so expensive up there.

    @neeraja_k ummm what? just for you and your husband? Has she ever shopped before?! That's an insane amount of produce.

    If you have time you could put together a bunch of frozen crockpot meals? Those are actually super helpful after birth. But time consuming to do them all at once like you'd have to!

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  • @neeraja_k are your mom and my MIL the same person? That totally sounds like something she would do. I’ve already asked her to please hold off on buying stuff for the baby because the nursery isn’t done and we just don’t have space to store things and she bought her a ton of stuff for Easter and has already talked about stocking up on diapers. I get that she wants to help and I appreciate that, but just please listen to me! I don’t have the space right now and I will get things as I need them! 

    She never listens to what we say and to her spending money is how she shows she cares. If we talk to her about any type of bill or whatever, she immediately says she’ll pay for it. No! We don’t want your money, we’re adults and can handle things on our own, we’re just trying to have a simple conversation with you! 
  • @mrs_drc_rn I think we must be related! My mom is incapable of showing...compassion, love, understanding. But she thinks that spending money on me is the only way to get me to like her. Uh, no. I want a damn mom! I've never had one. She thinks spending exorbitant amounts of money to please me is how it works, and I could care less about materialistic things. I just want to be able to have an adult conversation and have you see me as the adult woman I've grown into, and listen to me when I tell you things. When I tell you something, I'm not going to lie about it. Sigh. 

    Owing to low blood sugar issues, laziness, and a generalized feeling of "fuck it", I steamed and we ate an entire bag of broccoli last night with grilled cheese sandwiches. lol
  • @neeraja_k omg I absolutely hate wasting food too, just reading all that produce for two people gives me anxiety. Hopefully you can freeze a good amount or incorporate them into meals you make this week that you can double and freeze. 
  • @neeraja_k man I wish I did live near you that is a ton of produce for 2 people for 1 week!!
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  • @LC12261012 Totally! I had a small bit of a panic attack putting stuff away and thinking of it going bad and having to pitch it before we could eat it all. My mom wastes food like no one's business, and the amount of compostable material she just throws in the trash instead of a separate compost bin just makes me twitch. And she lives in the country, so there's no reason to pitch it. Compost is life for us and our garden.  

    @melissaf22 I wish you did too! I'd totally share this haul with anyone willing, who I know would enjoy it!

    I purposefully got a smaller deep freeze, not the square shaped ones, it's rectangular, but not one the biggest ones. My mom has a big one crammed to the gills with shit she'll never eat and just buys so she can throw it out in 3 years when she runs out of room to fit newer stuff. I didn't want to end up like that, with that urge to fill it up, so I intentionally got a smaller one. So with the two deer, freezer jams, and other miscellaneous necessities in there taking up room there isn't much room in there for pre-made meals or other things. Plus we've been slowly trying to whittle down the amount of non-vacuum packed food in the freezer to help for our move later, so I'd hate to add to it.

    At this rate I'm going to turn vegetarian with as much as we're eating before it goes bad. Dinner 3x this week has been: "Grilled cheese sandwich and random vegetable/salad", which has been great for my blood sugar readings! 
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