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  • @mytinc you could ask your OB to restrict your travel sooner. Mine was more than willing to write up a restriction if I wanted to stop traveling sooner. 
  • @silvergreen The general consensus when DD was in utero was that cord banking for your own personal use was a scam. Basically, the chance of you or your family being able to use your specific stem cells would be slim. So it’s a lot of money for possibly a lot of nothing. Cord blood donation, however, may be more useful and would be used quicker. (And it’s free.)

    The Hospital that we delivered DD at was DCC friendly, but I had an ECS. So, I think that request flew out the window. But, the collection agency said it was a good sample to donate. Just filled out some paperwork, answered a questionnaire, and had some blood work done. Easy.
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  • silvergreensilvergreen
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    @doxiemoxie212 @starla487 I actually had no idea it wasn't for personal use... I just did some Googling and am pretty surprised/disappointed. I think donating to a public bank seems like the more reasonable choice at the moment.
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  • @sabby2 - answering your question about using Edgepark - I used them for my pump when I was pregnant with DS and I plan to use them again this time around. 
  • @silvergreen: We filled out paperwork to donate, but I wanted the cord to stop pulsing before it was cut. So the baby could get as much of that precious blood as possible. There wasn't anything left to donate in the end; my son got it all. :) 

    About sleeping on the left side...if anything it sounds like the "most ideal" sleeping position based on what we know, but it's a real stretch to say other positions are unsafe IMO. Like...what? What do they mean by "unsafe" then? A super small statistical chance that something could go wrong? Because that's just life...
  • For other STMs - - I never lost my mucus plug with DS.  I think I just lost a chunk of mine now (since what other mucusy discharge is there?).  Do I call the doctor? I'm super crampy, but I've had a lot of SPD paid / soreness the past few days so I thought it was related.
  • @doxiemoxie212 I wouldn't be nervous about it, but for the crampiness.  I called my OB to see what they say (I'm hoping they aren't concerned simply because I don't want to make the walk!).

  • @marcus7676 I hope everything is business as usual with you and baby but I think a call to your OB was definitely warranted.

    I lost mine a night or 2 before I went onto labor with DS at 37 weeks. With DD I never lost it.

    If it were me I would definitely want to check in with my doc and let them examine me if they feel it's important to rule out risk of pre-term labor. (Since there are things they can do to intervene if you are at risk.)

    Don't want to be alarmist but if I were you I'd err on the side of caution. Also just pay attention to your body. 

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    @marcus7676 I don't have much to add as I'm a FTM, but given that if I were you I'd definitely run it past my OB.  Let them be the judge if you should be checked out, or insist on an exam if you are concerned.  But given you are cramping (whether it is round ligament or more) I'd want to be proactive!  Hopefully it is nothing, good luck!
  • @marcus7676 ~ If it were just mucus plug, I wouldn’t really think twice. It can be lost and regenerate multiple times during pregnancy. On its own, loosing your plug is really no indication of when you will go into labor. 

    But since you are also crampy, I would have called my health care provider too. Hoping all is well! 

  • @marcus7676 if it wasn't bloody, maybe it wasn't your plug? Just normal pregnancy discharge? TMI warning but mine was clearly my bloody show when it came.

  • FFMC? I'm just blindly ignoring any and all information on mucus plugs and bloody show, etc. I am probably going to regret this move in a few weeks, but alas, I'm sticking my head in the sand and leaving it there. 
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  • @LaceyBee522 They sound worse than they really are. Can't blame you for not wanting to know more, though.
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  • The only time I lost my mucous plug last pregnancy was the first time they tried to induce me, which was unsuccessful. When I got home I passed the mucous plug either later that day or the following morning. Not sure which. Mine was bloody too, but I wasn't sure if it was bloody just as is or from their attempts to induce me. I was bleeding a lot from the frequent cervix checks even before I left the hospital. Even after I lost it though (36 weeks) and a couple of applications of that cervidil stuff, my body still wasn't interested in dilating or laboring. I was crampy, bleeding, lost a mucous plug after that and still had to be induced a week later. 

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  • @LaceyBee522 What @kfren said. It's an icky name for something that's actually fairly tame/not scary when it happens.

  • Fun fact I did not know before our birth class last week: bloody show and mucous plugs are entirely different things.
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  • I lost my mucus plug in labor last time and it wasn’t bloody - it was just basically a big chunk of snot. 
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