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  • @starla487 I am high risk due to blood clotting disorder and my OB said no air travel after 28 weeks (hence why my shower was so early) and no long car/train travel after 32. 

    @llamamama14 it is maternity, but there's nothing about it that makes it maternity only. I definitely could wear it post baby and probably will because I love it. 
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  • @llamamama14 I'm 5'10 and usually an 8 and my shower dress was a medium.  I ordered medium and largeand the large was way too big.
  • @starla487 In addition to some of the flying / lengthy travel restrictions others have mentioned, my OB recommended that I not travel to anywhere where I wouldn't be comfortable delivering the baby after 32 weeks. I.e., Major U.S. cities generally fine; think carefully about international travel or visiting more remote areas.
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  • @Amphibious22 @becca_123 Thanks. @krashke I didn't realize they offered tall options. I'll have to do another search later. I'm also working with 36DDDs so I'll have to see how the wrap style looks. I'm not looking at styles that are fitted/sheath over the bump so maybe that will help balance out the boobs. I do need it do be nursing friendly because a couple of the weddings will probably be post baby. 

  • @doxiemoxie212  I do like Emily's style better, but I’d likely end up going with Alexa considering the price difference.  If money is no object, go for it!!  I suppose I equate this to the fact that nearly every purchase I make I could find something crazy expensive that I like better, but more often than not I end up with something at a reasonable price point.  Love your Vera Wang analogy!

  • @buffalove1211 yeah, I really should behave that way more, but I tend to veer more toward "the best I want" or "not at all" instead of finding a middle ground #irresponsible. Ugh ugh ugh. Like, I've been freelancing way more the last two months so we have this money we didn't think we'd have, and the responsible thing to do would be to put it toward my student loans, but........tiny baby toes on camera! lol
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  •  @doxiemoxie212 girl, I KNOW. They are ridiculous at this point and I'm SMH at my former self that wanted big boobs. I am more pregnant in my boobs than my bump. 
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  • Has anyone used edge park for breast pump ordering?  My insurance said it was an in network med equipment company.   They are the only option I have to get Spectra S2 and have it covered by my inaurance.
    We are so excited to grow our family!
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  • @starla487 can you reach out to your new OB before you meet them to see if they can provide guidance?
  • @marcus7676 Hopefully yes. My referral was approved on Tuesday, so I was going to call tomorrow to follow up on my next appt. 

    @sabby2 I don’t personally use Edge Park, but I know several other people with Diabetes who order supplies from them. I haven’t heard anything horrible about them. They are all about the same, honestly. Like, I hate Bryam Healthcare’s customer service sometimes, and their billing dept is hella slow, but I get my supplies really quickly once approved.
  • Has anyone’s urinalysis come back with high proteins? I’m up for my usual 2 AM pregsomnia episode and my results came back into my patient portal from my appointment yesterday so naturally I looked. Both the urine protein and up/ucre ratios are above the “standard range”. I know I’ll be getting a call from/will be calling the doctor in the morning to get an explanation but was wondering if any other ladies have had this happen and what the next steps were. I’m fearing for a pre-e diagnosis even though the only symptom I’ve really had is headaches. 
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  • @aharv77 Yes, but not during pregnancy. (So irrelevant.)

    Was this from a spot urine check at your appointment or a 24 hour urine test? If the former, a 24 hour test is probably in your future. 
  • @starla487 It was a spot urine check at my appointment. My BP was slightly elevated from my "baseline" this pregnancy so she ordered some blood work as well that I'm waiting to come back. I called the doctor's office already this morning and they told me they can't really tell me anything until they see the blood work and get a full picture of what's going on. I'm guessing a 24 hour test is probably coming my way too.
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  • Well, I’ll hope it’s nothing/a fluke. 24 hour urine tests are a pain in the ass and kill a weekend. My only tip is to do it on a Sunday and then the coordinating blood work on Monday morning.
  • silvergreensilvergreen
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    Sleep is still bothering me with all the aches (especially hips). I'm starting to accept that I'll just have to suck it up until the baby is here. But I wake up this morning to see The Bump has posted an article stating it's not even safe to sleep on the right side now:

    "Sleeping on your right side can still compress the IVC and isn’t as safe as being on your left, but using pillows to prop up the uterus so it’s not sliding to the right side can sometimes be an option."

    Wtf? Please tell me this isn't true. If I have to sleep only on my left side then I won't be getting much sleep at all... I toss and turn between each side all night now due to each hip/leg starting to ache, and I know I won't be able to keep my stomach on a pillow all of the time if I'm on my right. Ugh, it's miserable enough already!

    ETA: correcting autocorrect's incorrect correction. 
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  • @doxiemoxie212 Thank you!! I was like, there's no way... How does everyone else do it?? I feel like sometimes this stuff is a little alarmist for no real reason. When I first got pregnant I read that either side is fine, with left being preferred.
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  • @silvergreen I'm with you! Both hips hurt while sleeping and I rotate between the two! 

    AFM- has anyone's little one moved in such a way that there's like vibrations in the stomach? It's happens pretty frequently and it's like my belly becomes a bowl of jello. I chalk it up to movement is movement but it's a weird sensation and I wish I knew what it meant he was doing!
  • @stephcat421 all the time. It feels like a spasm or like someone blowing a raspberry inside my uterus? Lol
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  • @stephcat421 yes! it happened with DS all the time and is happening again. With DS I was convinced they were seizures (DO NOT GOOGLE). They weren't.  Totally normal. 
  • stephcat421stephcat421
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    @marcus7676 @doxiemoxie212 yes! That's exactly the sensation! Glad to know it is seemingly normal :|
  • @stephcat421 I've had that sensation pretty much since I started feeling noticeable movements. It usually occurs really low, right at the bottom where my belly meets my lady parts. It reminds me of the vibrations of muscles when stretching. It only seems to happen down there; the rest of my tummy gets the strong boops. No sign of anything disturbing my ribs (yet), so I must carry low.
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  • @stephcat421 count me in! I've been tempted to google.... but decided I probably wouldn't want to her the crap they tell me lol
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  • @stephcat421 yes weird vibration-movements happen to me too! 
    It's a girl! 
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  • @krashke That's reassuring! Thank you!

    @elsie42 Yep! I would say they feel like shivers or something similar. I never got what I would call flutters, so I wonder if this is the equivalent. My first baby sensations felt more like tiny muscle twitches. :)
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  • starla487starla487
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    Flutters here too. 

    And to limit a pregnant woman to ONE safe sleeping position is ridiculous. I never saw anything about sleeping on the right side in pregnancy 1. My hips are sore overnight as well, so I either sleep on my right side or I don’t sleep at all. I’ll risk the right side.

    However, it’s probably time to schedule another Prenatal Massage.
  • Yeah, I think TB can be sensational and jump onboard with every study/new idea that pops up to the point of excess. They had an article demonizing Tylenol last week. Last night baby was super crammed in my left side and it wasn't comfortable at all to be laying that way because it felt like I was on the baby. By their suggestion should I have gotten up and just not slept at all? No thanks.  
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  • If anyone cares about a follow up to my previous question, my boss made the decision today to not have me travel (and work a conference) at nearly 32 weeks. Moot question.
  • Is sounds like you are a disappointed that it wasn't your call on the travel, and the decision was made unilaterally... I would be pissed too, if they were asking my opinion on how I personally felt, and then made a swooping decision before I could weigh in.

    However, I think it is a wise decision @starla487 in my STM opinion... travelling is stressful for mind and body, and undue delays are annoying at the best of times. And if you are working a conference, does that mean you are on your feet a lot?  Some people may be okay at 32 weeks... I know lots of women who felt great right up to and beyond 40 weeks!

    I happened to start having Liver issues at 33 weeks, so perhaps I am not the right person to consider... 
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    3rd IVF w PGS resulted in 3! perfect embys. 1st transfer - Sep 2017 2 more on ice. 
  • @rnielsen321 It’s more of my stubborn work ethic. I’m a meeting planner for this group and I don’t want to burden my colleagues if I can manage it. However, I was at another conference for a different client a couple weeks ago and was falling asleep on my feet by end of day 2. I think I just wanted to blame a doctor as a backup. 

    But trust me, they didn’t have to twist my arm very much.
  • I read that bump article too. I feel like I started sleep on my side tol early. I feel like I started around week 12, but apparently your uterus isn’t actually heavy enough to effect blood flow until 5 or 6 months. Wish I could get some of those weeks back my hips have been since Christmas.  
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  • @ffw0617 For real?? I started as soon as I found out I was KU, lol. :/ I only started having aches maybe 2-3 weeks ago, though.
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  • mytincmytinc
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    I had my last scheduled trip via flight this week (28 weeks).  I asked my doctor about road trips as I often travel to another branch office 5.5 hours away.  I was surprised she approved those trips through 36 weeks (May 12), especially as I have a history of pre-e and being induced around week 37.

    I wanted her to tell me to stop traveling all together by May 1.  

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  • silvergreensilvergreen
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    Out of curiosity, has anyone pursued cord blood banking? Are any FTM's planning to? Interested to see people's thoughts, and preferably who you went with (and any reason why that particular company) if you did/do want to do it.
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  • @silvergreen I felt like the argument in Expecting Better was reasonably convincing, and we want to prioritize delayed cord clamping, so we may donate our cord blood but we won’t be banking it. 
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    BFP - Sept 2016 // MC - Sept 2016
    TTC #1 (version 2.0): May 2017
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  • All of a sudden my right breast hurts really bad!! I’m thinking this could be my milk production coming in but I’m also feeling more achy and tired and praying I don’t have the Flu. Any STM producing more than just a little colostrum yet? 
  • llamamama14llamamama14
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    @katie121209 I don't know that it's milk coming in (since that takes a few days after birth to happen) but I've been having tingly, twitchy, prickly pain in both boobs. It's the same feeling I get between nursing sessions when actively breastfeeding. I think it has something to do with my body/milk ducts gearing up for what's coming.

    eta: If I weren't lazy I'd google this... maybe someone else knows the boob/milk preparation timeline leading up to birth.

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