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Baby not moving anymore

I have been feeling jumps and wiggles since about week 8, and they became a daily and more regular at about week10. Here at week 16, I realized that I haven’t felt baby move in quite a while. 

Maybe im just not paying enough attention? Which is possible. My two year old keeps me plenty distracted, and so does our newly adopted dog.

Has this happened to anyone? Where you’ve felt your baby moving regularly, then one day you realize you haven’t felt anything in a while? What were your outcomes?

Re: Baby not moving anymore

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    THis is my second pregnancy and I’m positive I felt the first jump at 8 weeks. Unmistakable, in my opinion, and I felt the baby moving throughout the whole ultrasound at 10 weeks. ive been feeling the normal stretching and pulling that’s common for baby growth, too, but this week I haven’t really noticed anything.

    we also adopted a dog last weekend, so part of me thinks I’m just distracted. But I’m curious if anyone else has experienced early movement for weeks and then none for one week?
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  • It’s generally too early for lack of movement to mean much. If you’re concerned, certainly call your OB, but likely the baby just changed position.
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    Congratulations, you no longer have gas. 

    At 8w a fetus weighs about a thirtieth of an ounce and is the size of a kidney bean. It’s physically impossible to feel movement that early.

    Consistent movement isn’t expected until after 20 weeks typically and kick counts generally started until 24-28 weeks. 
    It actually is possible, it’s just uncommon. You’re welcome to ask your own OB/GYN to verify, or simply google search a reliable source. I encourage you to broaden your resources and do a little more learning on early fetal movement.

    While I initially took offense to your response, thinking it was rude for you to practically call me an idiot, I have come to realize that you may have just been misinformed and dont recognize that everyone’s anatomy is just a little different.
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