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PAIF (Pregnant after infertility) Support Thread w/o Jan. 29


Re: PAIF (Pregnant after infertility) Support Thread w/o Jan. 29

  • @SweetSweetTooth I have an ultrasound in an hour, so I'll let you know. I think they should def be able to tell you if the baby is doing well. I'm at 6 weeks, you?
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  • Symptoms keep vanishing, changing.... ugh! I am being so obsessive about things not being ok. Nausea today and some light headedness when standing. Sore breasts has almost gone away which I find weird. First appointment on the 12th and I am incredibly nervous. I keep worrying that if my symptoms vanish that something is wrong.... and I caught my co workers cold. 
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  • On an ultrasound what can the technician tell you and what are they not allowed to say? I go for my dating ultrasound Wed and I have never done a pregnancy ultrasound! I did a trasvaginal one to diagnose pcos. I am worried I will have false hope during the ultrasound or I will be lost knowing if we have a baby yet or not. 
    @SweetSweetTooth ultrasound dr did a transvaginal today (5 wks, 5 days they say). Saw a little blob with a dot in it, which was baby. Could see it fluttering a little bit with heartbeat. Told me minor spotting was ok, call if bleeding. Hopefully your dr will tell you everything is a-okay! I was nervous about loss b/c no symptoms really (before today). The time draaaagged until ultrasound. Keep your head up!
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  • @cirrra so they told you during the ultrasound that they could see the sac (?) and baby? Or was that just you noticing? I need to hear the words as I really have no clue what I am looking for lol and I don't want to wait for the official word AFTER the ultrasound. 

  • @SweetSweetTooth. Usually the ob/ provides does the ultrasound for these kind of spots.  not a tech (like a broken bone). so they are explaining to you in real time what they see on the screen. Are you going to an office different than your ob??  If not, you will see the provider if not for the ultrasound, before you leave.
  • I am going to a local clinic that the ob/midwife is not at. :/ that is how they scheduled it. 

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    @estellegetty phew, sigh of relief! did he give you an EDD? or figure out when you probably ovulated?

    @SweetSweetTooth if you're not seeing your normal doctor, then I'd try to work up the courage to just ask.  my experience is these docs/techs get in their head and make their notations without even thinking about your anxiety/questions... just ask in the moment... kinda like small talk -- "so what are you looking for today? or what are you hoping to see today? oh okay... do you see it?  oh! what's that little blob? is that it?"  the worst they could say is that they can't do live interpretations...

    @efavell02 i'm still on daily suppositories in the am and pm... and a PIO shot every thursday instead of suppositories.  i'm definitely glad to be on them b/c i know i had low progesterone in previous cycles post-O... but part of me also wonders about being able to tell if something has gone wrong if not on progesterone -- i.e., if bleeding started occuring.  said differently, you usually don't get your period if you're on progesterone... so if i'm on these drugs, would bleeding still occur in the event of a miscarriage?  pardon my ignorance if the answer is obvious.

    waves to @cirrra -- i'm 5w5d today too! feel like the days have been dragging lately... anxiously awaiting crossing over into week 6 bc then i only have one week left until my w7 u/s. :)

    edited to add:  thanks to the ladies who said they weren't having major symptoms. that's slightly reassuring... definitely feeling less nauseous these days and i should be thankful.  still pretty tired and nipples that feel like they're cutting glass so i'll try to keep those in the back of my mind before POAS again. haha 
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  • @northbeach3 no he didn’t give me a EDD, but I’m thinking if I’m only 4 weeks instead of 5 hen that should move my EDD to Oct. 19th. Hopefully I’ll find out more at my ultrasound on feb. 28!
  • Any of you PIO ladies have any tips for dealing with these lumps? I didn’t have them for th first few weeks but now they are here and kind of painful. It’s making it difficult to find a spot every night. I’ve tried a heating pad before and after and I always remind MH to inject slowly, but I don’t think it’s really helping. 
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  • When I did progesterone shots they drew on me where we could inject and told us to alternate hips moving in a clockwise motion. This did help with the pain and lumps a bit but if you do the shots long enough I found you simply run out of room for an area without a previous injection. 

    Oh also they told me to make sure I moved around a lot during the day to make sure it got absorbed better and we warmed the oil before injecting it. 
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    @SweetSweetTooth my scans are always with an u/s tech then about 30 min later I see the doctor. In my experience, the tech will tell you things like “here’s the sac, here’s your right ovary, here’s your left, here’s the baby, the HR is ___, the crown rump length is ___”. What they can’t say is whether it’s viable or not or what any of it means, but they are allowed to give you the straight facts. You’ll have a good idea how things are going just from that. If the tech doesn’t volunteer that information, just ask. TW: I’ve had bad ultrasounds too, and it was clear it was bad even though they couldn’t speak on the cause before the doctor reviewed. Hope that helps!
  • @koala1107 thank you!! Anxiously waiting for Wed! Not sure who they would have me talk with after the appointment as I don't think there are any obgyn Dr's where the ultrasound is happening but maybe I will be surprised! 

  • My progreserone level went from 6.2 on 3w5d to 18.7 on 5w1d. Super relieved to see that number go up!
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  • @sweetsweettooth Did you have your ultrasound? How did it go?
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  • @cirrra I am so sorry! I forgot to post! I am going with Pregnancy brain! Appointment went well, tech was awesome, started with abdominal u/s and saw the sac (one) but couldn't see anything else. Moved onto the trans-vaginal one and pop,there was baby! I totally thought I would cry during the appointment regardless of if we saw anything or not as I was thinking I may be to early to see, but I didn't cry at all. As far as I know DH didn't either I think we were just so enthralled watching it on the screen! Baby is measuring at 6w4d and original midwife thought I would have been 7w4d. We were able to see the flicker of the heartbeat but I have no clue what it was at. It was cool that she actually showed and told me which side I ovulated from! I had a little stomach ache/ovary pain after getting home so not sure if the wand upset my anatomy or if I just ate something wrong. Still a little weird this morning but seems to be getting better! Slowly starting our plan for telling our families in March :) 

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    Forgot to say that the tech pretty much told us everything we wanted to know so that made it easier as I was so worried about having to wait to get a call from a Dr! We will hopefully get to hear the heartbeat on the 26th!

  • @SweetSweetTooth Glad to hear! Good luck on the 26th!
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