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UO 1/25

Any unpopular opinions today?

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  • @peppersmith22 there were no terrible twos for us either. Sure, a tantrum here and there, but nothing crazy. Nothing like what people described. Like @mikkimikey, age three was WAY worse. And now I have a 5 year old that's going on 15. -_- 
  • My two year old must be getting closer to 3 because his tantrums have started picking up. But he is also non verbal so he can't communicate why he is upset. Or maybe I am just saying no more because I can only play ring around the rosies twice before I am done.
  • Ugh I’m scared bc I think two Is tough. He’s now 2.5 and finally getting the concept of consequences which made things slightly Moreno manageable. But he’s so emotional and stubborn. I’m terrified for three!!
  • Ugh yea three has been way worse than two for me.  He is almost 4 and I am hoping 4 is better.
  • @kaymaroo :D:D
    I'll fully admit I've called this little boy an asshole multiple times already.  
  • 3's have totally been the terrible age in my house. 2's were a breeze and so much fun! 3 however... yikes, no thanks!
  • kmalls said:
    @mikkimikey YGPM. 
    @kmalls I just checked it today  <3
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