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  • @crossfitbabybump, oh I wish! But I know there are some ladies in here from my previous BMB. And DH is being very firm that NO ONE knows. Sigh. 
  • @justkeeptrying is it a secret until baby is born? Or just for a while? I would have such a hard time keeping it a secret! So excited for you though! 
  • @ShawnnaO, until baby is born!!! Eek!! It was his compromise since he really wanted to be team green. 
  • @justkeeptrying we thought about doing that with this baby! If we ever have a third, I think we’ll do that. Good luck! I’m sure once the “newness” wears off it’ll be easy peasy not to tell people. 
  • @justkeeptrying nooo! Lol. Congratulations either way!
  • @justkeeptrying - well darn it!!! I can't wait to see what he/she is then! :)
  • @day38, I’m not sure to be honest. However, I wouldn’t mind you making a new thread as they suspect that might be the case for me as well. They couldn’t see cord insertion, but from what they could see and the type of previa I have, I guess the chances are high. 
    I have another AS at 24 weeks with my MFM to hopefully find out for sure as well as rechecking the heart and previa. It would be great to have a thread I could go back to and ask questions or read responses instead of search an symptom thread 2 weeks later. 
  • @Cowboycorgi just made a new thread - tried to keep it more open than just Velamentous Cord Insertion

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  • @jessbruxanovaa omg did I know you were in this group too?? I was like “omg I’ve totally seen this pic already today!” And I was right  :D
  • @PixieMoxie - hoping my LO cooperates this time around, too! I want to see her facial features!! lol
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