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  • Thanks everyone :)
    Welcome @kiwielopingbride

    As disappointed as I am, time to get back on the horse. Letrozole again tomorrow morning, then starting monitoring again on CD12 - 1st of December :)
    Here's hoping for a lot of Christmas positives for everyone here!
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    I need your ladies help.
    I woke up this morning thinking "i'm pregnant feeling" so I took a test, well the cheapie was negative and this is what I have been using to test out the trigger shot, this morning definitely negative, but I also too a first response, well that one had a faint line. But since first response is sensitive, could it be picking up the trigger shot? What do you think?

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    Thank you all for your support!  <3  I made an appointment for a second opinion at the beginning of January. The RE looks great but unfortunately his clinic doesn’t take my insurance (although he does so I’m not sure how that works), so we are using this for information purposes only at this point (my insurance doesn’t cover IVF but does cover all of the monitoring, which it wouldn’t at his clinic so that would drive the cost up a lot). Mostly I’m interested in if he thinks there are things we should be doing differently or if he wouldn’t make any changes.

    @mac627 Nothing this cycle (which started today), just waiting to see my RE on Dec. 6 and then our second opinion on Jan. 3. Lots of waiting.

    Good luck with your transfer today!!

    @tops-2 Good luck this cycle!

    @kiwielopingbride Welcome! I believe your AMH is actually high, if I’m reading it correctly. I think anything over 4 is high and could indicate PCOS (along with other tests to confirm), rather than DOR. 
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  • @Bababatty waiting sucks but at least you have a plan!

    @kiwielopingbride welcome! Like the others said your AMH seems high!! Are you using the same unit of measurement as us?

    AFM transfer went smoothly today. Transferred one beautiful blast! Excited but nervous too because I’m putting a lot of hope into this. Good news is though that we should have some to freeze. We’ll find out tomorrow. 
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  • Thanks for all the welcomes ladies!

    @mac627 and @Bababatty the AMH level my specialist gave me was in pmol/l so that is probably why you are thinking it is high.  You may be thinking of ng as a unit of measure - I think it's the equivalent of roughly 1 ng/ml.  It's definitely in the low fertility/low reserve range.
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  • @tops-2 started my meds yesterday!  Won't be monitored this month but hoping the OPKs give us a good idea of when I'll be ovulating.  Having been through several cycles of monitoring it feels so weird to be going blind now!  I'm like - I need to know my follicle size!  Fingers crossed you get your Christmas positive test too!

    @Bababatty I'm glad you have a plan moving forward!  Just having more information will help with your decisions so thats a good thing!  Sucks that if you decide to switch it will be more expensive - I wish infertility wasn't something that is rarely covered by insurance - we would already have moved on to IVF at this point if it wasn't for the damn cost. 

    @mac627 ; Congrats on a smooth transfer!!!!!
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