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  • Stinky armpits. Anyone else? I didn't have this with my first. I've showered, scrubbed, used deodorant, and changed my shirt. Nothing is fixing it. As if I didn't feel gross enough...
  • Anyone have a recommendation for severe headache?  Have had a headache for 24 hours now, all on left side of head.  Ear hurts too and nose getting stuffed.  Slept maybe a full 2 hours overnight.  Tylenol obviously not helping!
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  • @slr1229: Have you tried a pregnancy safe decongestant and/or caffeine? Sounds like it could be a sinus problem. Hope you feel better  :(

    Doee anyone else have insanely itchy armpits?? Mine itch so bad they wake me up st night! I’ve tried shaving, not shaving, lotion, deodorant, no deoderant, and now bio oil and nothing is helping! It’s driving me crazy. They aren’t red and no rash but the itch is so real. 

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  • @notthefather Not right now, but ALWAYS awhile nursing! Makes me crazy! 
  • @HappyMonkey817 it has gotten better but for a while I had armpits like a hormonal teenage boy! 
  • At 20 weeks, I'm showing pretty good and my back is sore on a regular basis. I already feel like I'm waddling everywhere, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to eat everything in site! I am finally starting to feel baby moving around on a regular basis. I was worried that it would take a much longer time because I have an anterior placenta. I sure am glad I can feel him rolling around. 
  • @notthefather I’m on tylenol sinus right now and they got me a z pack today but so far nothing.  This is the longessst I’ve had a headache for.  Missed work today and literally have been lying in bed all day.  Come on relief when are you coming?!?!?
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