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Symptoms Week - 10/23

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Re: Symptoms Week - 10/23

  • Ok - 4 days of horrible round ligament pain. I'm week 21 tomorrow. Stretching, stabbing, horrible pains on both sides under the belly downwards towards groin. Where the top of your undies are and down a bit. Plus constipated and peeing often. Hard to walk. Feels like I did 500 sit ups and I'm paying for it. 

    Pain residing today.

    Although no bleeding, vomiting, or period pain feeling...4 days constant worried me. Went to check on baby last night and he's super cool in there playing around like I'm a silly mama worrying for nothing. Totally flipped his hand at me like...psssht mom, relax.

    Gonna increase my fiber, water, and walk a little more. Sent in a urine sample to check for urinary tract infection. 

    Upwards and onwards baby.
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  • @nancysimp, the RLP is legit this pregnancy! I don't remember having it at all with my son. I'm 18+1 and have been having it the last couple weeks. Combined that with Braxton hicks contractions and I'm like what the heck is happening to my body?
  • Braxton Hicks woke me up this morning. At 5 am. 

    The bump is definitely growing and it’s not necessarily comfortable. Ha. I had the absolute worst heartburn yesterday. Like couldn’t eat anything, almost threw up from acid reflux, couldn’t deal heartburn. I finally broke down and took a Prilosec because I had to use them with DS but I’m hoping that it can calm down until my appointment Thursday so I can see what the OB suggests. 
  • @nancysimp All of what you’re feeling, plus my pubic bone feeling like it’s going to bust in half at night. Ouuuuch 
  • @nancysimp All of what you’re feeling, plus my pubic bone feeling like it’s going to bust in half at night. Ouuuuch 
    yes - this! this is a new symptom for me this week and I only really notice it when I get into bed. it hurts! wth
  • Crazy weird, vivid dreams that seem really.  Last night I dreamed I had to go into the hospital to monitor my heart in the cardiac unit.  They released me, but had me come in again overnight for a test the following day.  

    Baby is low and generally stays super balled up, so when he/she moves it’s extreme pressure.  The baby protests the sect belt every time. 

  • bb3vj3n 

    yes, with the pelvis that feels broken, especially at night, esp laying on left side. Last night I propped myself up to sleep half sitting cause I can't lay on my side long. I woke up at one point because I heard a clunk in the back of my pelvis. Something shifted and I felt good for a few hours this morning.
    I posted about this last week and was trying to get PT. Midwife's office just never called me back...So now I'm thinking about changing providers but that makes me anxious... Found a chiropractor that is trained in pre-natal care so I guess I'll go that route. 

    I always have vivid dreams, but now they make no sense. :D 
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  • mdfarmchick Have you tried this? iMy yoga teacher gave me some to try. One sip and I felt better! 
    Organic Heartburn Tea for Occasional Pregnancy Heartburn 16 TeabagsBox pack of 3

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  • @fatstagnation let me know if you get an  answer about this - I don't see my OB again until Nov 17th!
  • @bb3vj3n @fatstagnation Okay, puts me a little more at ease that you ladies are noticing it at night, I didn’t know if it was normal that it was more painful at night because you’d think it would be better when resting and taking some weight off. Mine is definitely worse laying on my left side. So weird! 
  • @chasingroygbiv @bb3vj3n @fatstagnation

    Yup. We're on the same train. 

    OB pressed on it for whatever reason...tears ran down my face instantly. Ouch.
  • Add me to the broken feeling pelvis list. Especially at night. I get up to pee and I feel like I can barely walk. :| I remember this when I was pregnant with DS but I feel like it wasn't until much later - late 3rd trimester maybe.
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  • k318 said:
    Pregnancy was definitely much easier when I was younger!! I’m just so tired all the time, thirsty and all these aches and pains already. I don’t remember feel like this until well into my third trimester the other times. 
    I have no energy to do my regular chores let alone fix up the new big kid room and prepare a nursery. 
    YES!  I keep comparing pregnancy at 29 to 37 and it's like night and day. I am right there with you.
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  • Not yet @fatstagnation. I guess it’s worth a shot. 
  • Reflux and exhaustion. I feel like I'm too old for this sometimes.
  • Exhaustion! I was talking to my mom about watching the kids Thursday night (DH and I are going to a hockey game-Go Pens!) and she said "ohhh you're going to be tired Friday!" I tried brushing it off saying the game started at 7 so we should be home and in bed before midnight but she said she could already hear in my voice that I was tired.  She also said "You have 2 kids, you're working full time, and you're older and pregnant" - I objected to that because I'm only 31 and reminded her that she was 33 when she was pregnant with my sister but she also reminded me that this was my third so my body has been through more.  After this whole long conversation with her I remembered that I have a dr apt at 8 AM on Friday morning which means, with traffic, I have to leave my house around 7:30 which means I have to get up by 6:30 to get ready after a long night out the day before, plus Friday is my "long day" at work where we're at work for over 9 hours FML
  • I started on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and now I have a yeast infection. :s Anyone have experience with them while pregnant? I’m waiting on a call back from my OB. Just wondering what others have treated it with in the past. 
  • @LaurenAnn0405 Doesn't it just suck when you realize that your mom is right?
  • RLP for sure, it feels like a charley horse sometimes. Evening sickness seems to be back. I'm rejecting milk for some reason. It takes forever to loosen up by the time I get to work, stiff tight muscles. Oh, zero movement felt by baby yet. Or I don't know what I'm supposed to be feeling. 

    Sounds like this is all normal!
    First time Momma praying for a safe and healthy arrival. 
  • @chasingroygbiv @bb3vj3nnancysimpashleyf911 

    A couple tips I learned online, that have helped me: 
    • Keep your knees together when you roll over in bed
    • Also knees together (awkward) when getting out of car, swing feet off bed, etc.
    • Use your arms to push you up or over
    • Sit with hips above knees 
    I bought this wedge to sit on for the last one from amazon.

    I called my dr to ask about PT and THEY NEVER CALLED ME BACK. I'm pissed and thinking about changing providers. But that gives me some anxiety - I feel like I'd be starting all over again. So next step is a chiropractor, which is covered by my insurance and I don't need a referral. Will report back! 
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  • kby721  Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time! 

    I had yeast infection 2 weeks ago. They recommended the 7 day monostat (or generic equivalent) treatment because it's the lowest dose and least likely to result in recurrence. They said it's totally safe. The box will say to check with your dr first. 
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  • fatstagnationfatstagnation
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    LaurenAnn0405 are you in the Pittsburgh area? I live in Erie and DH and I are Penguins fans. 

    edit cause i can't spell
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  • @fatstagnation thank you!! I’m hoping to hear from my doctor first thing in the morning but if I don’t I’ll be running to cvs to pick that up!
  • @kby721 I hope you find relief soon! I'm finishing antibiotics for a sinus infection now and that just sounds like more torture  :s
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  • @kby721 @cford08 take probiotics! I’ve used them regularly to prevent or treat YI (usually in concert with monistat, unless it’s mild) and found them to be so crucial. I recently checked with my midwife about taking one regularly to help with digestion/immunity and she said it’s very much safe. 
  • The exhaustion is so real, I was snoring on the couch at 8:30 last night, oops. I’m going to a concert tomorrow night and I’m afraid I may fall asleep on my feet. 
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  • gh515 said:
    I so deeply admire those of you who are as tired as I feel, but also have a couple kids at home to care for to boot! Between work and puppy and family obligations, I feel like I don't have anything left to give energy wise. Props to you who have all of that and toddlers!
    THIS. I don't know how the STM+ do it. I am exhausted when I get off work.
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  • Allergies. Holy crap on a cracker. Does anyone have a favorite remedy I could try?
  • @HappyMonkey817 I'm with you on the allergy train of doom! My doc said Claritin is fine to take, but I've been nervous about it... It's been so bad lately at night with drainage making me cough really hard, and if I don't brace myself, it gets really painful in the RLP areas of fun and excitement.  :s

  • OMG @mdfarmchick I am already mourning the sleep I won't get starting in March  :p
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  • @HappyMonkey817 I've been taking Zyrtec daily for months after my OB said it was safe. I typically take prescription allergy meds and get allergy shots but I'm off both for the duration of the pregnancy. My only real relative source of relief has been from Benadryl, but like @mdfarmchick said, I can only take it at night.  :'(

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