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  • @JJMNO1616 @irenejean @frenchiekinplusone
    Same, ads either lock up the app or bog it down quite often. Super annoying. 
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  • @JJMNO1616 @irenejean @frenchiekinplusone
    Same, ads either lock up the app or bog it down quite often. Super annoying. 
    Also the ads are bogging me Down. Sometimes, they look like gif's at and I think that's a weird soggy. But just for a second. 

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  • @bchalm I'm also getting those which are super annoying, but the ones really pissing me off are these full-page Amazon pop-ups saying I won a prize or something. I'll be reading a thread and it will pop up in front of the entire page with no way to close it unless I go back to the main A18 page or close the app and open it again. Made me think my phone was infected and it's driving me insaneeee
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  • @frenchiekinplusone THAT'S THE ONE I'm talking about!!! It wouldn't even let me off the page at all. I had to delete the app and re download because that damn Amazon prize thing would not go away! 
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  • I don't know if any of you guys are religious at all, so not trying to start anything.  I am not super religious, but would say I am somewhat.  Do you ever feel like you just keep getting a message that you need to do something?
  • Oh man, DD just puked in her car seat. She only just turned 1 and I had no idea babies could puke like that. It was awful. I guess I should consider myself lucky that this was the first instance of car seat puke (DS has thankfully never done it) but GROSS. It's taking all my willpower not to just throw it out and buy a new one (car seat, not baby). Ughghghghgh. 
  • lindsye said:
    @sparklingdiamond I am also not religious per se, but I am spiritual and try hard to keep myself open to spiritual experiences in life. It's funny you say that, because this is basically how I felt about having this 4th child. My husband and my parents both thought it was a crazy idea - because trust me, I have my hands full as it is - but I felt strongly that we have another member of our family and that it was something we needed to do. So here I am. People ask me regularly how I'm going to do it, and I tell them honestly I don't know, but I do have some odd "faith" that it will all work out because I feel like it's the right thing for us.
    My biggest thing is I want to be in control of everything.  I hate when I feel powerless and can't be in control.  But the more I try to be in control and control the situation, the more I learn that truly, I have control over nothing!  I HATE that.  So going a bit religious, but I have had three different people tell me that they felt compelled to tell me something and it all had to do with having faith and reconnecting with God.  Like I said, I am not super religious, but I do believe in God.  I have been very angry with him because of my infertility issues, failed treatments, chemical pregnancy, miscarriage, and now the worry with this baby.  So it's just weird that I have had three people tell me the same thing in a different way.  It's just hard for me to have complete faith that it will all be okay because I want it to be okay the way I want (which is the doctor being wrong and her being completely healthy).  Sorry, that got a bit long.
  • @kmalls ugh, car puke is the absolute WORST. I hope the cover to your seat is at least removable; when it last happened to me, it wasn't and cleaning it up was so disgusting!!!

    @sparklingdiamond that is really interesting. I definitely know what you mean about wanting things to be okay the way you want; that is a really good way to put it. Finding some measure of peace amidst all the uncertainty is so hard.
  • @sparklingdiamond thinking of you and if you ever need anyone to eat the popcorn jellybeans, I'm your girl! 
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  • @peppersmith22 Eww you love that kind? :smile:  I have found that most people who like the pear (like me) hate the popcorn and those who like popcorn hate the pear kind.  Do you like the pear ones?
  • @ngolimento lol well yes I do agree with your last statement.  But these are friends that aren't like that.  One even said she hasn't tried to talk to me about anything religious since she knows I've been so angry about things the past couple of years.  Normally the religion talk annoys me, but it's resonating with me this time.
  • So, part of our office is in transition in moving floors.  I am part of the group moving, but our space isn't ready yet.  However, the other part staying has been hiring and because we will be moving, I had to move out of my office into my boss's for the next few weeks.  I'm literally working from a small round table and out of boxes.  It has been sooooo annoying and frustrating.  I'm already misplacing things which means I have to dig through each stacked box looking for what I need. 

    Not to mention, my boss hates, loathes and despises this guy in our office (mostly because he has a good relationship with our big boss, they get along really great) and my boss, who has been working for the big boss for the last 13 years really doesn't.  Its her fault bc she has a stick up her a$$ all the time.  Anyway, she and this guy she despises have been having to work together on a project lately where she ultimately is his boss and she treats him like trash straight to his face and makes it well known to everyone here.  Yesterday morning for the first hour and a half, all she did was trash talk this guy to me.  I'm so over it.  He's a little ditzy, but he is good at his job and never did anything to her.  I feel for the kid and her talking like this is really getting to me. Jealous people are ugly!!! That is all, haha. 
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  • So Thursday's are my big meeting days.  I have a lot of meeting today usually they don't last very long but today MAN they have been dragging.  People just go on and on circling around issues and even arguing.  It has been very hard to stay focused because it's making me want to take a nap.  Also I'm kind of hungry and really just want to get some cheese fries.  


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  • @sparklingdiamond I consider myself religious and definitely spiritual. I believe there is a higher power (God? Allah? universe? whatever it is) out there and definitely believe 'signs' direct me down certain paths. I'm one of those people that takes comfort in the everything happens for a reason, I just may not know the reason right now. Despite this giving the appearance of me believing in destiny and predetermination, that's not wholly true. I think there is a design and a plan (by some entity) and that we have every right in the world to F*ck it up or chose our own way lol.

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  • @sparklingdiamond that is me!! The Juicy Pear is my all time fave flavor and I shun people who like the popcorn one. Ok fine not shun but close. 

    More importantly I just caught up a bit and wanted to tell you I'm thinking of you and hoping for good news. 

    In other random things I got my flu shot today at my monthly OB Appt and my arm is achingggg. I hate that freaking shot. 
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  • @ladythrice I agree, I do believe things happen for a reason.  Sometimes I just really don't know what that reason is.
  • @sparklingdiamond Yes! I hate popcorn and love pear!
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  • MAN! I can't even read all these I'm so behind. I was also unable to post :( I don't even use mobile, I was on the website and i couldn't do anything or know when posts were updated. So IM BACK TOO :)

  • also, anyone interested or have started a VBAC discussion?

  • can't a girl just like juicy pear and buttered popcorn jelly beans!
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  • @itsrandiyo Count me in on a VBAC discussion!

  • Slowly catching up on these threads!

    @sparklingdiamond sending T&P your way. I'm so sorry you're in limbo.

    @ngolimento good luck on your interview Monday! 

    Also, I am a Jelly Belly popcorn lover. The pear tastes funky to me. 
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  • So I just read the box and happened to discover that there are only 160 calories in 3 oreos (I know, I know - I should be eating kale). I feel like this is dangerous information....  :o
  • @ngolimento - Good luck with the interview Monday! FX!

    @sparklingdiamond - I believed in God before, but after my son passed away, my faith grew. I couldn’t make sense of it, and made the analogy that I don’t understand a lot of things, but others do. I figured God knew why, even though I didn’t. Everyone is different in their faith, just as they are in losses and disappointment in their lives. I hope something good is in the works for you! 
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  • Lol @kaymaroo. I'm sure it's not dead - just napping until the end of pregnancy (or until he learns to operate the tablet well enough to order his own soda).  :D
  • @g_amoss, I am so sorry for your loss. I literally can't imagine the loss of a child and am so sorry you have been through it.
  • @lindsye I think I startled him enough with that confession that we won't make that mistake again. 
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  • I am another that was locked out from here, but both on phone and computer. It killed me and I emailed the customer support haha!!

  • I'm game for a vbac discussion. 

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