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What is a Good middle name for Max?

Also what is a good way to spell Mia (My-a) without it being pronounced (me-a)?

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  • I'd spell if Maya or Mya for that pronunciation.

    For Max's full name I prefer Maxwell.  Thomas is a nice middle.
  • For Max I like Maddox as the full name and like Maddox James for the mn. And i agree with PP, it should be spelled like Mya or Maya for it to get pronounced the way you'd like.
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  • Maya.

    I've seen Mya pronounced Mia so either spelling for My-a would be confusing.

    James is a good, solid middle. 

    Maddox Robert
    Maddox Thomas
    Maddox William
    Maddox Gabriel
    Maddox Vincent
  • I don't think Maddox leads to Max easily honestly. Of the Maddox's I know I have never heard the Max nn most don't use a nn expect one who uses Dox. 

    Maxwell is my favorite full name for Max. 

    Maxwell Thomas
    Maxwell Reid
    Maxwell Anthony
    Maxwell Andrew
    Maxwell Patrick

    I would do Maya

  • Maxwell as the full name for nn Max.

    Spell it Maya for the pronunciation you want
  • For Max, either Maxwell or Maksim (I prefer this spelling to Maxim). 

    Maya is the spelling I’d use
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