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  • ebeth4056 said:
    Hi everyone! 

    I'm Elizabeth and I live in Cincinnati, OH.  My estimated due date is June 26th based on my LMP and I got the BFP on October 12th. I'm a FTM - DH and I are cautiously excited since it is early on and we weren't expecting to get pregnant the first time we started trying.  Can't wait to have the first visit to the doctor so it can begin feeling more real!

    Hi Elizabeth! We are due date twins and BFP day twins! I’m more of a lurker and I don’t post much but I just thought that was really cool! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months! 
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  • Yay @lrichhx05 so excited you’re here!

  • @galactickates Hi!!! Yay!! So glad you are here!!!! 
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  • @LaceyBee522 hi!!!!! Thanks! I am so happy I get to join you!!!!
    Me:33 & DH:35 - Married 
    TTC 1 since Aug17
    BFP 1- 10/20 ended with EP Lap and left tube removed on 11/20 at 9 weeks.

  • DD - August 2015
    TTC #2 - April 2017
    BFP May 13, 2017 - NMC June 5, 2017 (dx blighted ovum)
    BFP August 6, 2017- CP August 17, 2017
    BFP October 14, 2017 - NMC November 5, 2017
    BFP February 1, 2018 - CP February 3, 2018
    BFP May 25, 2018 - Due February 5, 2019

  • @galactickates yes fellow dachshund lover!
    Me: 30 // DH: 30
    TTC #1: July 2016
    BFP - Sept 2016 // MC - Sept 2016
    TTC #1 (version 2.0): May 2017
    BFP - Sept 2017 // EDD - June 2, 2018 // DD born June 6, 2018
  • hjungk84hjungk84 member
    edited October 2017

    @=caenis= Hello from another Feb 16 mama!! Congrats on your BFP!

    edited - cause I suck at working TB

  • @Lolalipsy - I recognize your name from May13.  Congrats on your BFP!  

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    First Son - born 2013
    Second Son - born 2014 - Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) and Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV).  First open heart surgery at 5 days old.  He's had 3 open heart surgeries and several other procedures and is currently doing amazing.
    Third Son - due June 9, 2018
  • @katelynrae86 We have a similar story: It took us a little while to conceive our first, so I was very shocked to get a BFP the first time we tried for a second. I will also have 2 under son is currently 9.5 months. :# There are definitely several of us in the same boat on this board!
    Me: 34 
    Husband: 35
    Married: June 2007
    Son Max born 1/10/17
    BFP #2: 10/5/17; EDD: 6/11/18
  • @heidi_17_10 I worked with children for several years too before I had my own. It's definitely different! Everything about that child will be on you to handle 24/7. Which might sound scary but honestly it's so worth it.
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