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The Happy Place

I complain too much.... sooo, however big or however small... what has made you smile recently? 

Re: The Happy Place

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  • Also, I love this thread idea. 
  • @ShawnnaO I am so envious of your productivity! I find I get more cleaning etc when H isn't around. He gets in my way Hahaha
  • So what made me smile last night actually was, while my husband and I were sharing a nice sweet moment (it was our anniversary) I felt the baby move multiple times!  Normally I only feel small flutters and they're very sporadic but there was definite movement so even though it sounds cheesy it was like the baby was celebrating with us.

    Today what's making me smile is the bag of Pepperidge Farm Chessmen I'm working my way through...

  • Not sure if this is happy because it's a confliction of feelings.. I got a spot booked at a very nice daycare for my daughter now after searching for months. Part of me is sad because I wish I could be a stay at home mom but we just can't afford to. The other half of me is relieved because I prayed hard for this day to come and it's here. The anxiety is gone.. for now. So I'm trying to smile about it. I know she will be in great hands where she's going, too!
  • @syssa-o, this was a great idea!

    Yesterday, I finally broke down and bought a heartbeat monitor - and it actually worked!  My husband and I found baby girl's heartbeat pretty quickly and my worry went way, way down!
  • @justkeeptrying - I had banana bread with chocolate chips in it.. oh my gosh HEAVEN! I never liked banana bread until this pregnancy either, so score! lol
  • Today I just actually feel decent. I’ve had a little heart burn but the tums actually took care of it this time, I’m on my third load of laundry, I completely picked up and cleaned the family room, actually cleaned the spots off the couch and the cream carpet, vacuumed and started moving furniture around in the next area of my house. After being sick all day yesterday, it’s nice to feel productive. 
  • I also love feeling little kicks all day finally! Makes me smile!

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