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  • knottie19500b357fe4c642 I can't wait to check out the ramzi method on wednesday! I didn't know about it when I was pregnant with DS, but I'm going to ask about location and then compare to his scan for kicks and giggles 
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  • I know I could have ovulated later but finding out at 2w6d is what's really throwing me. That's both HCG draw and HPT. Who ever heard of getting a positive test (either one) at 6 or 7dpo? I really hope the US is off. My other babies were and are small kids. I'm trying really hard to just think of that. 

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  • I had my first u/s today which left me a little frustrated. I measured 5w3d but thought I was 6w. The tech didn't even give me pictures cause there 'wasn't much to see' as she put it. I'm not schedules to return for my second until 12w. 
  • @bumpemma At 5 weeks 3days I only had the beginning of a yolk sac....at 7 weeks I was measuring ahead, don't fret.

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