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WTF Wednesday

I don't see this yet so...what's making you say WTF today?

Re: WTF Wednesday

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    My boss is driving me nuts. I asked for more work because it's been super slow lately and I hate just sitting here twiddling my thumbs.. she sent me one task that took all of 3 seconds. Ughhh only 6 hours to go before I can go home!

    Edit: WTF boss lady.
  • WTF trains. Monday- the conductor fell off the train in front of mine...causing a 45 min delay and me getting to daycare at close.  Tuesday- Mechnical failure and an hour delay in the turn around and just go home.  Today- Train in front of mine died this am.....we get to push said train the rest of the way to Boston causing a 45 min delay arrival.  Sigh.  I can't win this week #commuterlife
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  • @ekendall09 omg I saw that train conductor thing on the news! So weird and random! How does a conductor just fall off a train? 
  • @kmalls I have no idea!  They do tend to open the doors before the train has completely stopped at the stations
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  • WTF crazy pregnancy dreams.  I had a dream that I went through a drive thru on a bicycle and they would only let me order one thing and there were a lot of people inside working and I knew all of them.  They kept making me angry with how slow they were going and giving me very small portions of what I order but still making me pay full price.  

    I hate when that happens to me at work @peppersmith22 it gets so boring.  Also they give me stuff thinking it will take me the whole week to do, and it takes like 10 minutes.  I have given up begging for work I just read a book now.  I just bought a two year subscription to Kindle Unlimited so I guess I'll get good use out of it. LOL 


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  • WTF financial institutions. My credit card auto pay is going to overdraft my checking account but because it's pending still the bank can't stop it, so I'm stuck with dealing with the credit card company and a late payment or the bank and an overdraft charge. Meanwhile I have negative money. Ugh!
  • Wtf obgyn. I've been calling since yesterday to get my beta results. They keep telling me they're in but the doctor hasn't reviewed them yet so they can't give me the results. I was like okay when should I call back? They were so nasty on the phone and said, "the doctor is busy with patients." Ummm I'm an f***ing patient too! I'm going to call again at 4 and if they still give me the run around I'm going to lose it. 
  • @julzy I hate that! It took 3 days of calling for me to finally get a call from a midwife with my beta results
  • WTF self. I have almost told my boss I am pregnant multiple time this week! I am not ready to tell him yet, so hopefully I can keep my mouth shut. 
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  • @Loganswife I have had to watch myself SO many times to make sure I don't spill the beans to anyone. I talked to one of my best friends on the phone yesterday and she asked me "how things were going" (specifically about getting KU) and I wanted to tell her SO BAD but promised DH I wouldn't tell anyone. We are waiting until after our first appointment to say anything to close friends and family which is still 4 weeks from now!  :s
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  • @JJMNO1616 i'll be doing the same thing sunday.  my childhood BF who is also pregnant is stopping by and I know shes going to ask...I really wanted to wait until we'd had an US so it'll kill me to keep the secret!

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  • Wtf trainsssssss. Incident 4 of the week. Police are looking for a group of mischievous teenagers that are likely around the tracks and we have to stop. Cant a girl just have an uneventful ride!?!
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  • @JJMNO1616 it's so hard to keep it in!
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  • WTF morning sickness! I feed you, I don't feed you nothing matters!  What do you want from me?!
  • "What's wrong" If Hear that one more time tonight I might scream. I have told H about 100 times I am so bloated my body hurts and I am just irritable. Gah!

  • angiek1 said:
    "What's wrong" If Hear that one more time tonight I might scream. I have told H about 100 times I am so bloated my body hurts and I am just irritable. Gah!

    Oh god. And at my house it's usually followed with, "are you mad at me?" 

  • angiek1 said:
    "What's wrong" If Hear that one more time tonight I might scream. I have told H about 100 times I am so bloated my body hurts and I am just irritable. Gah!

    This usually results in WTF do you keep asking that!? Now stop
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  • @angiek1, @kmalls, both of you are DEAD ON. I appreciate that he cares, but can DH just please leave me alone. 

    The rest of my WTF is my husband knows I love wine and today he sent me a thing to a wine festival that's going on locally this weekend asking if me and the girls wanted to go.... to which I replied... "Yeah you remember I'm pregnant right? This spawn is half yours." 
  • Was having such a WTF day yesterday. Everyone is driving me up the wall lately, but FIL took the cake. They have always been very critical of me to MH, but I finally can't take it anymore. FIL sent a text demanding I call MIL in the middle of a crazy workday to talk about some nonsense. Then complained to MH that I never call them, not true BTW. I can only imagine how much worse this is going to get once we tell them we're expecting. MH decided to tell them he won't listen to it from them anymore, we'll see how that goes.
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