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Weekly Symptoms Thread: 6/24-6/30


Re: Weekly Symptoms Thread: 6/24-6/30

  • @ryannenikole I think blood sugar drop is what started my headache saga. I threw up yesterday around lunch right after I realized I needed to eat. So I already had an empty stomach, then after throwing up I took awhile to eat again, queue the headache a short while later. 
  • @trudytudy I think I'm sensitive to big blood sugar shifts as well. Before I got pregnant I worked with a doctor who checked out my digestion and went through this big long questionairre about how I felt day to day and told me that I wasn't digesting fats very well, that I had some adrenal fatigue and that I had inflammation in my body. So I supplemented and cleaned up my diet (I was largely dairy, grain, legume, seed, nightshade and sugar free for 10 weeks) and oh my did I feel so much better! I realized how food made me feel in ways I hadn't before and how important it is for me to eat every 3 hours or so to avoid spikes and crashes. I'm trying to take those lessons with me in pregnancy but the first tri has made it hard. 
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  • I'm seriously jealous of those of you that can get rid of your headache with tylenol. I feel like it does zero for me so I just don't bother. Wish I could have Excedrin
  • Peppermint essential oil on my temples will knock out a headache! Worth a try!

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  • So VERY rarely (once at night at most and if sick) DD still nurses. I'm 90% sure there isn't milk and it's all comfort... well, it REALLY started hurting last week and my boobs are visibly bigger. Why so early, body? It makes sports bras confusing... mediums feel tight but larges are huge. Blah. Huge problem, I know!

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  • @EmilyLove25 I hear you girl. It's so hard to breath when I put on my sports bras. They are smashed to the max.
  • @ryannenikole this first tri has made my diet so bad I'm embarrassed by it.  Not to mention my stomach is really getting flabby already. I promise once I don't hate all food anymore I will eat vegetables and cook again! 
    @burnsmommy27 yes Tylenol usually is worthless for me too but I've been without my headache since this morning thankfully it is gone for awhile! 
  • Woke up this morning without a headache for the first time in two days. Hallelujah!

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  • Was feeling pretty good and then bam! These past two days I have been on the struggle bus hardcoreeeee! I'll be 14 weeks on Monday, so I go to bed dreaming of the supposed "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy lol. 

  • I know that a new thread will be posted tomorrow, but does anyone suffer from really bad digestive issues? I'm on my third pregnancy and I've never lived this. It's so gross that I go from constipated to diarrhea within minutes. I'm so discouraged and I always need to be close to a washroom. :( Any advice will be much appreciated. 
  • @chadyse I have IBS and have continued my supplements while pregnant and have been doing good. I take a probiotic with both lactobacilious and bifidus cultures (for good bacteria and digestion), and 400mg of magnesium (for constipation) and 1000mg of calcium (for diarrhea). Has worked well for me for years. Just make sure you let your OBGYN know or check with him/ her first. 
  • @chadyse my stomach is a mess! Of course I am nauseated all the time but my bowels go from not moving at all to urgent. I also feel hungry and queasy at the same time. Also the bloat and gas (that just stays inside) is really rough, especially at night time. This is also my third pregnancy and I had similar issues the first two times too. I think I got some relief as my pregnancy progressed. 
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