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  • Whoa, congrats!! Hope you get to take your baby girl soon!
  • @Mambo5 so happy to see a picture of you up and with Calla. She looks so good and I hope everything continues to progress well. Sending good vibes and lots of love.
  • There is so much love and support being sent your way from all of us <3 <3 <3 She's perfect, and you're doing great mama!
  • Oh I am so glad you meet her and touch her and that you are both getting some good reports. Continued thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated when you can.

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    So glad you got to see your sweet baby! I hope you both keep doing well.
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  • Congratulations! She's precious! So happy to hear you are both doing well. Continued prayers for your and Calla! 
  • @Mambo5 so happy y'all got to meet in the outside world :) keep us updated when you feel up to it! That's wonderful you both are doing well, she'll be a strong girl just like her Mama. 
  • @Mambo5 oh my goodness, I'm all teary! So happy you get to hold your girl!!!!!! 
  • Congratulations she's beautiful!!
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     The picture of you holding her up.made me all teary eyed. So happy for you mamma
  • @Mambo5 she's so gorgeous. So tiny and sweet. Sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way. 
  • Congratulations momma! She's so beautiful! Sending prayers to both of you!!
  • My hormones can't take the beautiful updated pictures. So happy for you!
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  • Congratulations! She's so precious and it's a relief to hear that you're both doing well! Sending lots of warm fuzzy thoughts. 
  • @Mambo5

    so glad you have been able to meet her and hold her! so precious!!

  • She is so sweet! Congratulations! I am so happy that she is doing well.


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  • @Mambo5  :heart: She looks great! 
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  • @Mambo5 Great picture!  How are you two doing?
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  • She's so pretty and I'm so glad you got to hold her. She looks perfect. 

  • OMG look how alert she is! How wonderful!
  • Omgsh she is so cute and thriving!! Thank you for all the picture updates! 

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  • @Mambo5 that is understandable, quite the emotional roller coaster! Hopefully, your BP will get stabilized soon. Sounds like you both are doing beautifully though, stay confident :) 
  • So happy to see good updates! Hopefully your emotions will level out soon and it won't take long before your beautiful girl goes home with you. 
  • These updates are so great. I'm so happy you're both doing well. She is adorable. 


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  • She is so so perfect ❤️ Congrats mama. So happy you are doing well 
  • You grew such a strong beautiful girl and she is in great hands. My hormones cannot deal with all of this.  It's been such a crazy ride for you. Glad to see all the great updates.  Your family is in our thoughts.   

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  • Look at those big beautiful eyes!  <3 So happy to hear she is doing well!
  • @mambo5 I love the photo you chose for your announcement! She is so adorable. I can't even imagine the pain you are feeling. I had a friend who gave birth early as well and had to leave her baby in the hospital, she had an older boy as well. It tore her up. I can't wait for the day you get to have all of your babies in your arms safe at home with you. I hope the nicu time flies by very uneventfully. Just know that you are not a bad mama because you have to leave her. Not at all. I'm sending you big giant squishy hugs <3
  • @Mambo5 will your nicu set you up with a special carrier to do some kangaroo care when you are there visiting? It might help with keeping you two close and connected. It allows the wires and tubing to be accessible so that nurses can do their thing, without you having to let go of baby.

    It is hard enough having a baby in nicu when you don't have any other children needing your time and attention. You are doing your very best and I'm sending you all the love, hugs and support. I hope your bp stabilizes soon and that you know you're an awesome mom, with great intuition for going in when things didn't feel right.
  • @Mambo5 Does your NICU have a webcam set up?  My niece was born at 28w last October, and their NICU actually had webcams for every baby.  It had a secure connection/ log in (you had to be 'invited' by the parents, via a list given to the hospital, so you could see it), but it was awesome because I could log in pretty much any time and creep on her.  It would be awesome if yours had it, too!
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  • @coloradohiker I wish. I so so wish. 

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