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I can't believe it's June already!

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  • I found it odd that at 5 months, The Bump newsletter is already putting weaning on their weekly checklist. Everyone weans at different times if they choose/are able to BF, but it seems early to include it as a 'things to do' at 22 weeks. 
  • I find that odd as well @chef'swife! Especially since the AAP recommends EBF for six months. My question is what would the recommendation be for transitioning? Babies that young still need breast milk/formula as majority of their nutrient intake. The whole thing just seems weird to me!
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  • Agreed it is weird since a lot of babies haven't even started solids yet. Obviously they need to eat something! 
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  • That's very strange. I've always been under the impression that babies should have Breast milk or formula until at least 12 months. Unless it's just suggesting to wean off the breast and move to bottles and sippy cups?? 

    At least they covered themselves by saying "If your both ready" lol
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    @chef'swife, I agree, really weird. The whole thing is. Because it's so realistic that anyone can get a night out on the town with a 5 month old. Hah. Maybe some can, good for them, I'm just jealous. Also, encourage crawling? Aren't most of them just attempting/mastering rolling over? How about try and make tummy time more appealing? Or encourage independent sitting? I thought that came before crawling. Could be wrong lol 

    @kswiger06 when do your kids usually start school, August? My son's last day is the 23rd, but they usually don't start until early September. That is crazy to think about the future and how different its realistically going to be versus how we thought it would be. Also crazy to think about the age gap between these babies and the older ones!
  • @jab3-2 yes my kids start school somewhere around the last week or two of August. They always get out the Thursday after memorial day. And the age gap didnt seem that big of a deal but it seems like something is constantly thrown out that makes me think holy crap!! Lol
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  • @kswiger06 We have a 7 year gap so it's crazy to think that my kids will never be in the same school building together. It feels like a good age difference for us but it's crazy big the difference feels sometimes. 
    @jab3-2  Yeah, the whole thing was pretty strange. My guy has no interest in rolling over, but tries to pull himself up into sitting position from his back and scoots around the playmat when on his tummy but it's definetly just from wriggling around and flailing his arms and legs. It was certainly not a very developmentally appropriate checklist. 
  • Anyone have any tips on how to combat baby colds? We've been to peds and they said it isn't anything serious - his throat, ears, and lungs all checked out okay. I've been doing the saline spray with the snot sucker, running the humidifier, having him slightly elevated while sleeping.... he just cant seem to kick this and it's sad to see him not feeling well for so long. Not to mention it's cutting into everyone's sleep.
  • It sounds to me like you're already doing everything you need to. Even when we get colds, we just take medicine to temporarily relieve symptoms, so I think it just has to ride out. I hope he starts to get cleared up soon though  :/
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  • kswiger06 said:
    It sounds to me like you're already doing everything you need to. Even when we get colds, we just take medicine to temporarily relieve symptoms, so I think it just has to ride out. I hope he starts to get cleared up soon though  :/

    Thanks! That's what the doctor said too... but he's been battling this thing for like 3 weeks now. He mentioned the possibility of allergies but since he's still so little, there's no way to tell. And even if there was, its not like we could give him meds haha. I just hope it clears up soon!
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    And on the weaning thing, I think they might mean the "starting solids" part of weaning, and not the "decreasing milk/formula" part. My doc was saying that the food recommendations are now starting to steer towards "between 4 and 6 months" for starting food, instead of "at 6 months" (I'm in Canada, so recommendations might be a bit different; and I don't think Health Canada has updated its recommendations yet, so not all docs are on the same page with this). It's supposed to be just for taste/texture and not really as a form of nutrition, and some babies are super not into it. We gave my LO a bit of avocado to try, and the look of horror and disgust on his face was pretty hilarious. Clearly, he's not interested in solids yet.

    ETA - lol, I just realized this is totally retreading ground that was covered over on that messy solids thread. Oh well. Disappointed I missed that.

  • We are glad to have you back @poetryandoceans! I hope your sleep situation continues to go well! 

    @jlellis603 I agree it sounds like you are doing everything you can! Have you tried sitting in the bathroom with him while a hot shower is running? Some times the steam helps clear things up temporarily :) My DD has been congested the past few weeks but other than being congested and snotty she seems to be her normal happy self. I hope your LO feels better soon!
  • @ColeBug89 awe thank you, I hope your LO feels better and gets cleared up soon too! We have tried sitting with the shower running to get the steam and it does help a little. It seems like all of these are temporary fixes though. But same with my DS, other than his congestion, he seems like his normal happy self! He also has a cough that doesn't really sound like the cough from being congested and/or like post nasal drip but the doc said he was just fine so who knows what's going on!
  • @jlellis603 We have a long standing cold here too! Amelia is being seen by the doctor tomorrow just in case but we're doing all the things you listed and the nurse said that was basically everything correct to do. She got sick after her first week of daycare and the kid she got it from is still snotty as ever every day I go for pickup so not sure hers is going away anytime soon :(
  • How are our babies sick for so long?! Here's hoping yours gets better @lfrank12 and everyone else's too!
  • Suddenly Henry's sleep habits have changed. Google has led me to understand that babies sleep changes around 4 months. He doesn't quickly fall into R.E.M. Sleep and has some lighter cycles, like an adult. Also they advocate a much earlier bedtime (ex. 6pm). Right now Henry goes to bed at 10pm right before us. We're thinking of moving it a little earlier to 9pm to see if that helps with the sudden changes in waking at night and not napping like he used to.

    So quick poll, what time is LO's bedtime?
  • We've been putting Senna to bed at 8:30. I'd be really sad putting her to bed at 6pm since H doesn't get home from work until almost 7pm! :(
  • Ella goes to bed between 9-10 and she sleeps fine for the most part. @SawyerRichardson I would be sad putting Ella to bed at 6pm as well, my H works until 6:30pm!
  • We are in the 9-10 range as well. Harrison usually has a short nap after 7 then wakes for awhile before I nurse around 9.  He sleeps till 6 am most nights but wakes a few times per week still for a 3:30 snack. After his 6-7 am busing session he goes back to sleep for about an hour and then he's awake till lunchtime. 
  • Austin just started sleeping for 5 or 6 hour stretches, and it's been hard getting him to sleep until he's ready. We come upstairs around 8:30, but he will sometimes be content laying in his cradle awake until... well last night it was 1 am!! But usually he'll fall asleep around 11:30. Sometimes he falls asleep between 10 and 10:30. With my older 2, they fell into a routine, then I was able to adjust it, but with Austin he still hasn't got into any routine at all so it's tough trying to force one on him. He just won't sleep on cue for me lol.

    Also, I've never laid my kids down for bed at 6. That sounds ridiculous to me. Is 6 suggested due to both working parents? Maybe 6 is better when both parents work since they more than likely get up early, but I'm a SAHM so I don't want up at 5 or 6 am for no reason lol. But i do remember with one of my kids, they would nap around 6 pm and get up at 8 pm, then go back to bed for the night at 10... this was once they slept clear through the night and didn't wake until 8 am. 
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  • We just started using the Sleep Sense method, which I've found to be really effective to teach sleep skills while not leaving LO in the room to cry alone. They advocate for a floating bedtime based on a two hour wake period from the last nap, between 5:30 and 8. LO's latest bedtime since we started this has been 7, and he's been sleeping until 1-2 am, feeding for 20 minutes, and then sleeping until 6. 

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    I put Weston to bed at 8, but he also wants to go to bed at this time anyways, he cries until I swaddle him (he still likes to be swaddled). Then he falls right to sleep and doesn't wake up again until 4am.
  • Thanks for the replies. Glad to know we're not crazy for having a late bed time. @poetryandoceans that Sleep Sense idea is a pretty good one. I'll bring that up to my DH.
  • @purplewriter-2 The working parent/bedtime issue is a really tough one, I know. My husband hates it when kiddo goes down before he gets home (which has only happened a handful of times, but it sucks), but the Sleep Sense philosophy (which sounds a bit hokey) is "Honour their sleep, and they will honour you". He's been SO MUCH EASIER to deal with since we switched up how we handled his sleep. My husband spends time with the baby before he leaves for work, and it's actually enjoyable time instead of the kiddo being miserable. I hope you guys can find a time that works for everyone! :) 

  • Cora has a late bedtime, anywhere between 9-11pm depending on how the day has been, where we are, feed times etc. This is unlikely to change anytime soon given that my husband doesnt get in from work til near 7pm & when i go back to work i will only be collecting her from daycare at 6pm. 
    My nephew has a 7pm bedtime but my sister & her husband both are home by 4pm at the latest every day, that simply wouldnt work for us!
  • @poetryandoceans im so glad you have gotten some relief on the sleep front!
  • Rid starts nursing around 6:30-7 every night and nurses right until bed time between 8:30-9. It would be so hard to put him to bed at 6. DH leaves for work at 6 am and doesn't get home until 6-6:15. As it is he barely gets time with him during weekdays. I also don't think Rid will go to bed any earlier. He used to go to bed at 7:30-8 but once the 2 hr nursing started it got pushed later. We've tried cutting the nursing short (some of it is def comfort sucking rather than food) but just get tears until we let him finish his crazy long meal/comfort. 
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  • Ugh, Sam would totally go to bed at 6:30 if I let him. We're both working parents, and even with a 7:30 bedtime I sometimes have to wake him up for daycare (he's up in between a few times though, don't worry). I'm hoping he'll get better at napping soon so we can have more time together in the evenings. He is a catnapper and I think that's the root of the issue. As it is now, I don't even eat until after he's in bed so I can maximize my time with him. 

  • We start our bedtime routine (if you can call it that - new diaper, PJ's, nurse/bottle, swaddle) around 7:30pm, but he usually doesn't fall asleep until 8:30 or so. Sometimes he wakes up again not long after falling asleep and needs to be rocked back to sleep. He usually sleeps from 8:30 to somewhere between 2am and 4am, and then awake for the day between 6 and 7am, though lately he has been waking up at midnight and every two hours after and he won't fall back asleep without me nursing him. He's almost 4 months, so we are going to start sleep training soon, though not sure which method we should follow. Kid definitely needs to learn to self-soothe though.
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  • @Janefelicity So am I. We were definitely getting to a pretty desperate place. My husband and I actually get some time just the two of us now! I had started to give up on that....

  • Off of our current topic, but my daughter wants me to cut her hair up to her shoulders... I'm almost crying just thinking about it. It's hard to tell, but it goes down past her butt cheeks now when it's just naturally straight. I don't mind cutting off 8 inches or so, but we measured it and it's going to be a good 16 inches to donate, plus cleaning the cut up.  :'(

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  • @madamerwin Self soothing is a huge game changer. For us, being rocked to sleep was his sleep crutch. We did Sleep Sense (it's a pretty easy ebook download) after reading a LOT about different methods, so if you want to pick my brain, I'm here :)

    I know I've just showed up here after a month absence, so I don't want to yammer on about it too much lest y'all think I'm a bot playing a long con for a sleep method... but I do have a bit of the zeal of the convert when it comes to it. We were pretty bad off, so it was a life saver for us. 

  • @kswiger06 Oh, what a generous little girl you've raised! That's so thoughtful of her. It's going to be a huge change, but, yeah, she will make some other little girl so happy. I've donated once, and it was a big change, but it was also so much easier to manage, too :) 

  • @SawyerRichardson  @poetryandoceans She's always kept her hair long. She's gotten it cut up to mid back a few times, but this is much more dramatic. Its so sweet she's donating it, and it's going to be so much easier to take care of, (even though I absolutely love watching hair tutorials and doing them on her) but I now understand why my mom used to tell me that my hair was her hair until I was 18 lol.

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  • So Austin was up every 2 hours last night, then napped all day long  :| not cool little man
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  • @kswiger06 aww that is really sweet of her but it is beautiful so I get why it's hard. The nice thing about hair is it grows back though it'll take a while to get that long again!

    also I'm sorry Austin didn't sleep well, that stinks. At least he did nap though. Lately when when Rid has a bad night sleep, he also is a pain to put down for naps...

    i always think I want long hair, grow it out for a couple years get annoyed cut it off, wish it was long again, repeat lol. 
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  • @marriedhamstermom me too with the hair! Im currently in the "this feels too long I just want to cut it all off" stage. 

    He goes down at 7 and wakes up at 530 but he's experiencing the four month sleep regression and we've been having an additional wake up this week. Hope that's over soon! He's not a great napper (or I'm not good at getting him to nap) and so he's ready by 7 - and with bedtime for the other at 730 it works out nicely for us. Now ... if he'll just go back to sleeping through til 530 we'll be doing pretty good. 
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