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  • kswiger06 said:
    My husband works this weekend so we won't be doing much. I'm going to try to sneak out and buy him a lemon tree or lemon bush "from the kids" because he's been wanting one for a long time. We will do a cookout next weekend with my side.

    @ColeBug89 that snack box sounds fun!
    OMG that's a great idea, I may steal it! Though we live in the PNW, so we'd have to keep a lemon tree inside I guess...
    We will be keeping ours indoors too. I can't remember how big the trees get, that's why I might get a bush. Either way, it'll have lemons lol... I've also seen little lime trees and bushes in case that's an interest. :)
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  • We're going to grill at my parents' place tomorrow. Nice and low-key. I got H a couple of shirts from Patagonia as a gift. He loves the brand but we rarely get anything there because it's so $$$. 

  • DH is going kayaking with our DD during the day while LO and I are at our store. We will grill out at home in the evening. 
  • My husband is out of town this weekend for a work conference so he's not really going to see Amelia tomorrow except for like an hour after he gets home :( I did get him a card and a six pack of his favorite beer though 
  • @SawyerRichardson my husband isn't the greatest at most holiday stuff. They aren't a big deal to him if he gets acknowledgement so he doesn't ever think that maybe I'd still like something. This was the first year I got a mothers day card from the kids, but it was my 11th mothers day. It's a bummer to not get something, hopefully your husband will make up for it after he gets the card. If not, and hes like my husband who cant take a hint even if you tell him directly, just remember that most teachers have the kids make a craft or bring home a flower for mothers day lol but ill be looking forward to you letting us know he felt badly about it.  ;)
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  • @SawyerRichardson Don't feel bad, my husband didn't do anything for Mother's Day either. So I basically said what I wanted us to do for the day. I would have appreciated a card though!
  • ColeBug89 said:
    @madamerwin We will probably go to dinner sans baby as well...last year was our 1st year anniversary so we went all out and got tickets to a concert, but honestly,  if he hadn't mentioned wanting the Snack Crate I probably wouldn't have gotten him anything. *FFFC* I also partially got the Crate so I could try some snacks too since we are both foodies lol
    It's our two year anniversary as well, so we got married on the same day! We decided not to exchange gifts - instead I told H to just get a nice bottle of bourbon when he was out yesterday that we can use for a toast.
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  • jab3-2jab3-2
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    That's too funny, I love that! Look at her little face! You have beautiful hair by the way!! I was showing my older kids all the babies pictures and they love them, they're like "aw look at this one smile!" Or "look at the cute little clothes on that one!" When I showed them this pic of Senna (who's same exact age as Evie I told them) they were like "wow, mom she has WAAAAYY more hair than our baby."
  • @jab3-2 That's too funny. The best part is that Senna lost most of her hair since birth so she's really almost bald! 
  • As much as I think it's weird to still get random people posting their birth announcement, I can't help but give it a love-it because their baby is so stinking cute.
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  • @kswiger06 I never posted mine or my labor story. I was thinking about it the other day but didn't know if it would be weird, lol
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  • @kswiger06 I never posted mine or my labor story. I was thinking about it the other day but didn't know if it would be weird, lol
    No, I remember you, I meant more the people who never posted in here at all. Like I never posted in baby center, so why would I go into that site now just to post my birth story lol. There's actually a few regulars or at least people who were regulars that never posted their story and I still think it would be nice to hear their stories, (and maybe see their LOs  ;) )
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  • I posted my story but never put it in the official thread for posterity. Oops! 

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