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  • I was thinking there wasn't anything that I haven't eaten while pregnant so I couldn't think of anything. BUT I just remembered!! I want a blended grapefruit rebel from Dutch Bros (a coffee stand). It's their version of a Red Bull with grapefruit syrup. It's  basically summer in  cup. It's a soo good!! I haven't limited my caffiene intake when it comes to coffee but I did stop having energy drinks. I can't wait! 
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  • After DD was born I was ravenous as well, but the hospital I went to and will be going to again has really good food so I think I'll just stick to that while I'm there.

    Otherwise I'm looking forward to sharing rum and coke with DH again and if I can swing it, I would love to go out to eat at a certain bacon bar as they have bacon wrapped chicken fried steak and fancy grapefruit beer on tap.
  • I didn't even think about the possibility of nothing being open when I'm allowed to eat again! BOO! Even Wal-Mart closes here!
  • absbubbs said:
    I didn't even think about the possibility of nothing being open when I'm allowed to eat again! BOO! Even Wal-Mart closes here!
    Actually this is a good point, I hadn't thought of that. Hopefully the hospital still supplies cold meats, cheese, spreads and bread etc in L&D :-/ I assume they would...
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  • The food at my hospital is dismal BUT it's just around the corner from a block or two of excellent restaurants and a Whole Foods so I should be able to get whatever deranged thing I demand after birth (hours permitting). Between regular pregnancy restrictions and gestational diabetes the candidate list is long, but I have no idea what I will neeeeeed on the spot. Sushi? Waffles? A giant bowl of carby pasta? Really, creepily, rare meat? Regardless, there will be wine!
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  • I have put in a special meal request with DH. A turkey and cheese bagel sandwich from Einstein's Bagels and a blizzard from Dairy Queen.  <3  :)

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  • I hadn't looked at this thread because I thought it was going to be about meal prep and I know I am too lazy for that, but now I am super hungry for all of the yummy things you all listed!!! Like others I really haven't given up much. Lunch meat and caffeine stuck around this time and I am not a seafood person, but I did give up black licorices and I want some bad! The food at the hospital is good, so I probably wont do anything special there, but I have been day dreaming about a Miller Lite on my parents back patio for a few months now. So glad to not miss patio beers like I did with DS (August baby). 
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  • Just copious amounts of food and diet pop...

    my hospital makes these wraps with peanut butter and strawberries.. I'm pretty sure they are for kids but they are so yummy. That was my first meal after I had my DS and it tasted so good I ordered one every day while I was there.

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