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  • @jenkar01 technically it's totally fine at this age! But if weight gain is an issue and overall daily intake is slipping, I'd prbly wake to feed. Will he "dreamfeed"? Where he doesn't completely wake and just latches on?
  • He does from time to time. He ended up eating a bunch during the day I think to make up for that missed feeding. Think it may have been a fluke but we shall see how the rest of the night goes. I don't mind getting up to feed him since it is only the one time during the night.
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  • @jellybiehn Mine has outgrown the parakeet stage, and I'm wondering if it's because he's a swing napper. We do have a muslin cover that goes over our car seat, but it's white and thin so perhaps too much light gets in. It may be worth looking into getting something that would make it darker. 
  • Well Friday night was a fluke lol. Fine by me because I didn't ​sleep well with him sleeping through the night. Kept getting up to make sure he was okay. And transitioning to sleeping flat has gone great. He rolls over to his belly and sleeps like that now. He actually sleeps better and longer stretches doing that, something I'll have to get use to. Crazy how much they keep changing and learning.
  • Are you bathing LO every night? I only bathe my twice a week right now unless he has a blow out. He's 6.5 months. He used to STTN and now he is only sleeping from about 9:30pm-645am and he wakes up to eat at 2am and 5am. I breastfeed him to sleep at 9:30 and I'm wondering if I should move bedtime up by soothing him with a bath each night and feeding him a big bottle instead of nursing. Maybe that will keep him asleep longer. 
  • X gets a bath every three days. I just time it for when I wash my hair. Even on nights when he gets his bath, a bottle, and rice cereal he still wakes up once during the night to eat. But I have found that giving him a bottle before bed he sleeps longer than if I breastfeed before bed.
  • We do a bath like once/wk unless there's a horrifying blowout or messy dinner. Sometimes I think baths make her sleep better, but then sometimes it doesn't matter. So it's probably a fluke when it does :)
  • Thanks, ladies! I gave him a bath and bottle tonight. We shall see! I think the real problem is that I'm a SAHM and I don't have a strict schedule with him and whenever we get in the car he falls right asleep which can mess with his nap schedule. He also has 3 teeth and may be getting another. Who knows! 
  • Ellie is still waking every 2 to 3 hours at night so I am not one to give any advice but I'll take some, ha ha.
  • All of a sudden my LO is constantly flipping from back to belly in his crib and is doing his crawling moves. Anyone also experiencing this. I have to keep going in there to flip him back over. I would let him just try and sleep on his belly but he whines while doing this. Not sure if he's doing this on purpose or why he won't flip himself back.
  • We just started with baths every night to try to create a stronger bedtime routine when LO stopped STTN. She is doing a little better now. Always gets a bottle as she wasn't STTN after just nursing her. Switching her solid meals from breakfast and dinner to breakfast and lunch with a small snack in the evening seems to have helped also for some reason. Naps get messed up too some days and some days she has to go down earlier, which sucks cause then my husband doesn't get to see her at all as he usually does the nighttime feed when he gets home from work. 

    @BabyBoyH92016 My LO prefers to sleep on her tummy right now, but she did most of her crawling practice in the crib. She has been doing it more on the floor finally too but will still get frustrated and cry as if she is stuck on her belly flapping her little arms and legs off the ground until I come sit her up. I keep reminding her that she knows how to roll over but she doesn't listen.
  • He slept through the night! 7-7! May be a fluke, but I will definitely be trying again tonight!
     He wakes up on his stomach so upset and acts like he can't roll over too! I wonder what that's about. 
  • Luke gets a bath every night because it seems to make him relax and get sleepy. Then we lotion him up and put on a nice warm footed PJ and he's usually out within a few minutes. I have been a SAHM since he was born but we don't have a routine because he seems to run his own show. We did go through a bit of sleep training early on but once we got that under control he is good at letting me know when he's tired or hungry. Not to say that will work with others but we have an on demand schedule now that we have an understanding ;-) 

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